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STUDIO Mag is a monthly e-magazine dedicated to marketing the local artist. Read more

Denver, CO Periodicals
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STUDIO Mag is a monthly e-magazine dedicated to marketing the local artist.

Denver, CO Periodicals
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Hopefully you got from the video! 

To reiterate : STUDIO Mag (as I'm tentatively calling it until you help me choose!) is a singularly published (I do the work myself) digital magazine dedicated to the topic of marketing the local artist. It aim's to provide education, resources, insight, tools and inspiration to artists at all points in the life of their art business. 

STUDIO is my soul child and I'm passionate and confident about running it as a solo project with collaborative efforts, for now. 

If you're interested in knowing more about me and this project's inception, I'd love to share it with you! Please visit my current homepage (thanks a million for helping me improve this!) under the tab STUDIO Magazine. There, I have laid out all I will tell you here + my personal Backstory.

I'll be posting very regularly here on the project site, but if you'd like to keep up with my blog, please visit and comment!

I'm VERY eager to hear your questions and allow them to influence my work on this project - don't hesitate to contact me via the question links at the bottom! 

Or, email me here :


+   I plan to make money from the magazine. 

I'm allowing free access to the work through only social payment (or an optional payment) for the first month. After the first month, for the February edition, an open-ended subscription will cost $12 a month. 

Two reasons I am charging for the magazine : 

1. In keeping with the focus of the magazine, my goal is to make a living with my art. 

2. Charging a small and reasonable price for the work fosters both an appreciation of value as well as draws a commitment from the artist to their own work and goals. 

+   I can do this the minimal way (meaning I do most of the design/layout/production/video/editing for the magazine with only the tools I have available and my limited expertise —but it will still be ROCKIN’) or the more professional way (meaning the fabulous web designer I’m working with to do the site will also handle these slightly intensive tasks so that I can focus on producing the content). 

Which way I go depends on whether or not I EXCEED the funding goal. 

I want you to know this because in order to at least make enough to fund the site creation, I have set the goal lower than what I need to create as fantastic a resource as I possibly can. 

I’ve included all the details in the FUNDING section of the project description. 

+   Also, the sooner I know how much funding I can count on, the sooner I can give my web designer, Tre (check him out at, the go ahead and I can begin promotion for the magazine via the sparkly new website!


[The money raised within the goals laid out will ONLY be going toward the digital creation of the project. ]


[As I mentioned in the backstory, this is my dream. I DO want THIS project to be what starts me on the path to my dream of making a living through my art. 

In addition, any money raised above the goals I’ve set will indeed be used to buy artists and myself coffee when I interview them, and write/research/create my ASS OFF before January 18 (my 30th birthday) when the first edition launches.] 


It’s MY dream. It’s MY vision. It’s MY ART!  My personal inspiration comes from the stories of these artists, and it will fuel every interview, resource highlighted, artist interview, video (all of which I’ll post clips of as progress is made, and before the funding date hits).

Part of what makes this task a challenge is accessing the right people. I’m quite good at that. [If you have any contacts you think would be perfect to interview, please message me!]

I’ve done the work. I’ve worked for months to learn what it takes to build and create a brand online and to market/launch the hell out of an amazing product. If TALENT // STUDIO  doesn’t go big, full stop.


There ISN”T ANOTHER RESOURCE LIKE THIS OUT THERE! I’ve looked. It’s been waiting for just the right human to do it (that’s me : right human).


This is a DIGITAL publication, not for print. Therefore, it will include multimedia as much as possible, namely video // interactivity // links // LIMITED advertising (as in 1-2 “pages” per edition).


 I’d LOVE to hear them! This project is an evolving one : it will take the shape of the ones who need it. If you have an idea for an included section, a feature, an edition topic, mediums or creative marketing/production ideas, I’m ALL EARS! Email me!


$3,300 < Goes to web design / magazine layout & design / AWeber email marketing campaign / logo / rewards fulfillment

< $3,300 < Goes to printing for flyers and other creative marketing campaigns for the magazine, to local travel and to supporting work necessary to craft an outstanding work and resource



Here are the names I’ve chosen for the magazine (1. Talent 2.Studio 3. Talent Studio) If you back $99+ you get to vote once on the name. If you back $499+ you get to vote twice on the name. If you back $999+ you get to vote THREE TIMES on the naaaammmeee!!!!! (This is a big deal!)

I would love nothing more than to have the people who believe in this project enough to support it be the biggest part in choosing it’s name. 

I’m not accepting new name suggestions just because I would be too difficult to collect re-votes later. 

Sample Edition Topics and (tentative) article/interview pieces :


January :: I Have Talent : The Artist Issue

This issue will serve as the foundation for future issues

■ Artists and their dreams 

■ Unknown artists and their talents

■ Artists and self-descovery

■ Artists and their biggest questions

Possible regularly included sections : 

■ Featured artist story of month

■ Featured digital resource of month 

■ Local Denver focus

Ideas for other regular sections :

■ Creative writing section

■ My art

February :: Where Do I Start? : The Organization Issue

Topics :

■ Online vs. Local Marketing 

■ Networking focus

■ Artistic direction

■ Art as business

■ Practical steps to getting organized

March :: What Resources Are There? :: The Resource Issue (currently thinking up a less boring name for this issue)

Topics :

■ Exploring your local art scene

■ Coaching

■ New trends in network consulting

■ Web communities and selling options (Etsy/Goodsie for eg.)

■ Tools for learning the technology

April :: How Do I Make My Art Known and Loved? :: The Marketing Issue

Topics :

■ Importance of PRESENCE

■ Digital networking at it’s finest for artists

■ Trends in local artist networking

■ Outsourcing Networking

■ Networking psycology

May :: The Local Issue

Topics : 

■ Digging into your community

■ Your local resources

■ Figuring out where your art fits (outsourcing this)


■ Challenging your Locality habits

June :: The Online Issue

Topics : 

■ Do I have to make prints to make $ online as a visual artist?

■ The options for art mediums in selling online

■ Digging deeper into online tools

■ Artists and social media (which may be a significantly different landscape by then)

■ Artist Blogger highlights

■ Your website as art

■ Making it personal in cyberspace

July :: What is the ‘Target Market’ For My Art? : The Marketing Issue


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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