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Terra Incognita is a retro inspired, turn based, Role playing game for Windows. If stretch goals are met Mac/Linux/Android/Ouya & WiiU
327 backers pledged £3,630 to help bring this project to life.

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Terra update 1.2.4

Posted by Dan Steer (Creator)
Hi everyone!

Terra beta 1.2.4 just went live on Steam.

The website has had yet another overhaul, please check it out and follow my blog here:

Also, I have had the odd message about keys and I've been waiting for the update to go live before I sent them out. If you enjoy Terra, please don't forget to leave a review on the Steam store page.
If you require a drm free version of Terra, please let me know.
Here are the patch notes.

Terra on Steam. Dev Blog #1 is up on the website!

Posted by Dan Steer (Creator)

Hi guys, so Terra is just into it's second month on Steam, feedback has been awesome!

Check it out here:

Also, the Terra Dev Blog #1 is up on the website here:!dev-blog/c1pji

It's only a small post, but I'm going to be making an effort to post more.

And finally, Terra 1.2.4 will be going live to the Steam and DRM-Free builds soon, very very soon. Loads of fixes going in, sped up battle system, invisible collision fixes, grammar fixes. 

Thank you so much for all your support :)


Steam achievements and trading cards! +Paypal late pledges

Posted by Dan Steer (Creator)
The latest version of Terra on Steam has achievements and trading cards!

I have received more questions about upgrading pledges after the project ended on Kickstarter.
This is fine, only up until the end of March.

If you wish to upgrade, please mail me at ~


1.2.3 Update + Some eye candy!

Posted by Dan Steer (Creator)
Update 1.2.3 is available now on Steam, if you still haven't had a Steam key, please message me, if you'd like one!

If you are enjoying Terra, please drop a review on the Steam store page, if you have a spare few minutes.

Other cool stuff

Indie Smash - Indie smash is a small section on the Back To Basics Gaming website, I write little articles/reviews on Indie games I like. If you'd be interested in writing a small article on an indie game, hit me up with a message.!indie-smash-home/c1lfn

Check out some official Terra artwork, thanks to Dennis Saputra, my portrait artist :)

beta version 1.2.3

Posted by Dan Steer (Creator)

Here is the list of updates/fixes for Terra beta 1.2.3 

The Kickstarter backer report/list has been playing up, I've emailed Kickstarter about it. In the mean time, please email me for a Steam key.

There are just 65 hours left on the new Terra KS campaign in case anyone would like to drop some last minute support. I love you all, thanks a million.