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Terra Incognita is a retro inspired, turn based, Role playing game for Windows. If stretch goals are met Mac/Linux/Android/Ouya & WiiU
Terra Incognita is a retro inspired, turn based, Role playing game for Windows. If stretch goals are met Mac/Linux/Android/Ouya & WiiU
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    1. Daryl Putman on

      Non-Steam release?

    2. Missing avatar

      David Dayton on

      Soooo... any update on the Wii U version?

    3. Missing avatar

      J on

      Haven't gotten anything either.

    4. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Hey Darren,

      Steam keys are mostly out. Can you drop me a message?

    5. Missing avatar

      Darren Goodair on

      So when do we get the Steam keys? Looks like it's been dead for a year

    6. Missing avatar

      Isla Jean Livingstone on

      Where is a working download link for the game? All of the links 404.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Dayton on

      I'll just wait for the Wii U port... in... 2015, I hope.

    8. Carlos Enrique Uribe on

      I can't beta test (I'm planning to buy a Windows PC soon but I'm currently on a Mac) so is the game fun?

    9. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Hello chaps, yeah, I'm really sorry about this.
      I pulled it, with the intention of wacking a fixed build back up in a couple of hours.
      I ended up getting a fantastic response overall, but loads of collision detection issues (somehow I missed....)
      So, a new build will be available, exclusively to Kickstarter backers very soon, I promise!
      Thanks for being patient folks :):):):)

    10. Missing avatar

      HUmarMasta on

      Same here, still getting a 404. Dan, will the alpha be available again soon?

    11. Daniel

      still getting a 404 on the alpha download :-/

    12. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      Remember Pokemon?

      That's a way you could merge the ideas, maybe?

    13. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      @Kenny. I'm thinking of a way to maybe try and merge the two ideas.
      @World. The alpha build is down for the minute, fixing a few things, then it'll be back up.
      Cheers guys�

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    15. Kenny

      With regards to the recent update, I'm a much bigger fan of world maps than the way recent FF games have handled things. But if you think it'll work well with your project, then that's the way you should go with it.

    16. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Thanks Daniel :)
      It's also worth mentioning, those of you that are interested in testing the beta version, updated builds more regularly etc
      I would be more than happy to reward you with a npc based on you or your ideas. I have never wanted to add too much user created content but the odd npc here or there, decor for houses etc would be cool!
      Cheers again :)

    17. Daniel

      I liked the looks of the teaser video. Rain atmosphere worked nicely, imo :)

    18. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      David David David, thanks for commenting!
      I'm here, I'm always here.
      The Tumblr is gone....for the minute. Please check the back to basics Facebook.
      If you don't use Facebook, ill be here for any questions.
      The Wii u build is on hold. Only because the pc/mac/linux/ builds are so time consuming.
      The demo is coming very soon, I'll need three or four people to play test the alpha version, full game. Varying system specs.
      Email me at to apply, thanks �

    19. Missing avatar

      David Dayton on

      Soooo.... the Tumblr site is dead.

      What's the status of this project? I was rather hoping for the Wii U port sometime in 2014, but I'm starting to think that's rather unlikely.

    20. Doozerpindan on

      Ah, fair enough. Well, I cannot offer help with the programming, sadly, but if you need a writer/proofreader to help you along then I'm your guy :)

      I'd love to try out my hand at level design as well, to be honest.

    21. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Hey Doozer,
      I am aware of the massive release delay and except all critique, people being upset with the delay. I have always been a one man team, but I hired a second programmer for Terra and when he left it has caused a much bigger slow down than I had foresaw.
      Sadly, he was the expert, I was and still am an amateur programmer. So, I am working every day on Terra as well as holding down a 45+ hour a week job.

      I have released a couple of game-play videos that demonstrate the battle system/game mechanics and showcase Terra a little, not the initial Kickstarter video, way after, showing the updates made to the game engine.

      It has been seriously hard work to get the game up to this point, with the simple mechanics not breaking every 20 seconds and I have been up front and honest at every point. Updates come less now than they have done before, as little visual progress is made.

      Thanks for the comment Doozerpindan and I hope when you play Terra you will enjoy it and appreciate all the time and effort I have and will continue to put into it.

      Thanks for the continued messages, feel free to comment here folks, any questions though, message me.
      Cheers :)

    22. Doozerpindan on

      This is getting stupid now, you said the game would be released almost a year ago, and yet all we have are screenshots that prove nothing.

    23. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Hi Barry, thanks for your comment. Please check the Tumblr, Facebook as well as the Kickstarter page for content, giveaways etc.
      I'm working every night on Terra, playtesting hours after hours at the moment.
      Take care and keep posted, playable demo is coming very soon. �

    24. Missing avatar

      Barry Justin Livingstone on

      Any news about this? we have been left without a word on this project for quite some time now.

    25. DeafTard on

      Dan delivered as promised with the monthly update! Check yer emails or the recent update folks! Dan just sent out a HUGE update in my opinion.

    26. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      I am doing an update a month at the moment folks, check both projects. The main Terra and the Bearkin add on Terra.
      I have updated both at the same time.

    27. Doozerpindan on

      Is this game still a thing? Should I give up waiting or what? The Terra site is still down, and still no further updates.

    28. Missing avatar

      Barry Justin Livingstone on

      Update us please Dan, it seems like the project has died......

    29. Missing avatar

      Ryen on

      I am always all about taking the time necessary to complete a game, not rush it into release.
      I fully support you taking the time you need to make the game you want to.
      I've seen only good things so far and I look forward to the final product. Keep it up!

    30. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Hey guys,
      sorry about the confusion. I posted the same update on the terra and terra deluxe,terra fiends kickstarter pages. For some reason kickstarter didn't want me to repost the update and so i guess they removed it.
      please see here.

    31. DeafTard on

      I feel the same way and we may have to file a complaint sooner or later BUT I want to see if the project leader of terra will :explain himself and the game as well. It's possible that he may be working on it but has come across a problem and doesn't want to explain what it is until he sorts it out? Who knows but I think we should decide when to take action after another month or less? I'm going to send him a message and I think everyone else should do the same as well, if you already have done it then let's try one last push to get through this project leader.

    32. Missing avatar

      Barry Justin Livingstone on

      Any update about the game Dan?

    33. Doozerpindan on

      Not a single word on here in over three months, the website is gone, and the facebook page has been abandoned. I am having my doubts about the game and its developer(s) now, cos this is ridiculous.

    34. DeafTard on

      yeah I am wondering if it will still be released this month but I doubt it since 90% of kickstarter projects NEVER make the actual estimated delivery date BUT since this is video games I am ok with that because delays are actually a blessing for small studios or 2-3 person team, etc. Delays for big corporate smelly video game companies can be a good or mostly bad thing. Well either way I hope we get some news soon!

    35. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Hey Dan, any news to report this month? Thanks

    36. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Thanks again for the update buddy.

    37. Missing avatar

      ClassicGMR on



      [echo... echo... echo...]

      Hello? :)

    38. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Thanks guys, and that is how I feel Kenny, spot on.
      At first I felt like I should be posting tons of progress updates, but in a few months it has been bug city, a team member has been away from the workstation and although much progress has been made, its fairly boring stuff. The trailer has been delayed, but please rest assured that I am working hard.

    39. Kenny

      Actually, a finished game is the "minimum acceptable effort". Wasting time with arbitrary updates just takes time that could be spent working on the game.

    40. S.D. on

      Please do not rely on Facebook. Many of us do not use it. A simple, short & sweet update on Kickstarter, once per month, is the minimum acceptable effort.

    41. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      @Dan Yeah, I'd been wondering too. ;-) re; Updates, when you have that next one ready, can you please do so via KS - even if it's just a link to a page, etc. It's pretty hard keeping track of various projects after you back more than a dozen or so and I am very interested in this one. :D

    42. Doozerpindan on

      Fair enough, was just wondering cos I'm really looking forward to the game. Is it still going to be a December release for PC?

    43. Riggo on

      Thanks for the update Dan,

    44. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Hey guys, yeah, I'm working hard. Lots of progress with some of the battle system mechanics.
      Chris currently on a study holiday. But we have had a huge overhaul of the menu system. Which took a while, as for some reason it was killing the Wii u build.
      We plan to finish Windows before looking at the state of console builds, as it is too time consuming at the moment.
      The lack of updates is simply because I want to show a trailer before any more game announcements and its not quite finished yet.

      Soon, we will push all updates over to our Facebook, as our web host (no names mentioned) is really poor and looses service every other day.


      Dan S

    45. Doozerpindan on

      Is this game still happening? I only ask cos there's been no word on Kickstarter, the site, or on Facebook in well over a month now.

    46. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      @Dan the Man. ;-) Looking forward to that next update. No rush though.

    47. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      Hello World :)

      Yeah, I have a big update coming soon, it will show new gameplay mechanics as well as the final designs for a large amount of main characters. The complete battle system, some cheeky sneak peaks at items, magic etc

      Thanks :)

    48. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    49. Dan Steer 4-time creator on

      It'll be open for the near future, we are hoping to hit the stretch goal for Mac/Linux.
      Thanks everyone.

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