Temperament is a one of a kind mythological spell-casting game we've been developing for about 6 months.  

It's set in a medieval era where two races fight for power of the kingdom. The first is a group of highly skilled human spell casters. 


The spell casters have decent contacts and power within the established society but with a certain rebellious instinct with how things done.

 Although they're spell casters at heart they have learnt the way to become almost rogue-like at times with their powers of invisibility. 

Their passive is Invisibility that has some excellent gameplay consequences when going against the true enemy; The Demons.

The Demons are ruthless and all they care about is hunting humans. Demons can run faster than humans and they can even see heat through walls. 

Both races have the ability to cast fire. This where we come to our first unique game mechanic.

Right click fires an instant fire ball, however if you hold it down you charge up the fire energy. 

Once you release it after a couple of seconds you do more damage, You can also critical hit spells for even more damage. 

The secondary ability the demons have is a lunge melee attack that interrupts a humans spell cast. 

The mages secondary ability is a brief stun, this combined with their power of invisibility enables them to venture into the demon land. 

Although this is a PvP multiplayer game there's so much we'd like to develop. For example we'd like to introduce competitive PvE instances where you play as a human spell caster with friends and get scored and timed against others on how well you complete the instance. 

As for the multiplayer PvP we want to introduce, Team Death Match where you respawn and where you play best of 11 rounds but we've also thought a unique game mode. 

5 mages go against 5 demons, at the start of the game each player receives a gem, gems boost your stats. If you die your killer steals your gem(s). The idea of the game is for one side to return all 10 gems to their spawn point. 

We plan on making a fully working beta version of the game within a year where we can go through a testing phase with a small group of people to calibrate gameplay, add features and find a balance between the two races. 

We hope you look forward to playing Temperament.

Risks and challenges

Making this game is our passion and we're extremely dedicated to overcome any obstacle.

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