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In May, Ten Year Vamp will release highly anticipated 5 song CD as a follow up to their award winning album Don’t Act Like You Know Me

"Our last album was named Best Indie album of 2009 and received 2 awards from Billboard Magazine among others. Now we're finally ready to release some new stuff! This release will contain 3 brand new songs - we feel each one is better than anything on the last album. One of the other tracks is a hard rockin' tune that didn't make the cut of the last album. The final track is a new and updated version of a Ten Year Vamp favorite, Don't Be Alone With Me. These tracks will be produced by our own Andy Foster with help from Rich Liegey (from the band Weatus with hit song, Teenage Dirtbag) who produced our last CD. We need help with the funding for this release but we're not looking for a hand-out. We've come up with a few incentives and perks in hopes that you'd be interested in pre-purchasing the CD. In addition to releasing the CD, we'll be making a new music video to go along with the release."


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    NEW! Anyone who supports the new CD will be invited to a PRIVATE party at Jillian's in Albany on May 21st at 8pm. We will have a private room at Jillian's with some drinks and snacks and we'll preview the new CD. The party will be followed by our regular show at Jillian's at 10pm. Please come hang out with us!

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    A free signed CD and poster... and a few postcards, stickers and stuff like that. :)

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    All the $25 perks and an exclusive T-Shirt.

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    All the $50 perks plus your name credited on the CD and free download of 2 exclusive 10YV unreleased demo tracks.

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    All the $100 perks plus we'll record a Ten Year Vamp song personally for you. Yup. Send us an email, or we'll email you to get more info, and we'll record a short personal greeting and then play any Ten Year Vamp song of your choice, recorded "unplugged" style specifically for you. This is also great for a gift, so we can make the greeting to someone else other than yourself.

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    All the $250 perks plus a free party at your house! Includes a special 30 minute intimate "unplugged" concert (you pick the set list) and we'll buy the pizza and soda/beer. Great for Birthdays and Graduations. The $1000 does not include travel expenses - you pay for that if you live far from us. And be careful... if we're having a good time, we're crashing at your place! Of course, your show will have to fit into our current schedule.

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    All the other perks plus some other stuff we come up with. :)

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