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Handmade clothing created for young women to dress effortlessly and bring style no matter what the occasion.

Firstly, I want to thank all of you for checking out my kickstarter! You have already contributed to the project just by visiting my page.

VIVID Blueprint is a current line of handmade women's clothing and accessories created by myself...I love to explore the use of color, texture and patterns to create beautifully handmade garments. Each garment is unique and has imperfections which is all apart of its beauty and character. My collection can transition with ease from a day at the beach to a night of cocktails. I create the designs and patterns all on my own, as well as do all the sewing with the help of my fabulous mama bear. All the products are %100 made in my studio (AKA my basement) on long Island, NY.

My goal is to create a finished clothing line that is accessible to the world! I would love to print my own fabrics, learn unusual dying techniques, and to continue  sewing everything myself because of the unique aspect each piece has, and because  of the love I have for each design. Up-to-date I have funded everything on my own, and I am now ready to share my project with the world. I would love your support to help my idea grow!


  • Purchasing textiles and sewing notions.
  • Creating Labels (name,size and care)
  •  Hang tags to create a perfectly finished garment
  • A photo shoot, and awesome Lookbook. WOOHOO!
  • Maintenance of my 50 machines... Just kidding I only have 5, and YES I work on all 5 of them :)
  • Purchasing a full size industrial machine. Ooh lala...
  •  Kickstarter, Amazon fees, and shipping costs. Boring, but still important. 

Sadly, If I don't reach my goal... I wont get any funds :(  Ooh, the rules of Kickstarter....

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? The perfect gift of knowing that you put a smile on my face... and some super dooper awesome rewards of course! Pretty much all of the rewards are in my collection, and when you make a pledge you get the chance to own something I have put my time and love into. These rewards also make a unique and fun gift. OOOOH AHHH... you can make two people happy by pledging! ** To see rewards check out my video if you haven't already!

You are now apart of something special whether you like it or not. Even if you can't pledge please pass on my kickstarter page to all of your friends and family... Your mail man might want to check it out too!

  • Thanks.
  • Thanks a lot.
  • Thank you so much.
  • Thank you kindly.
  • I don't know how to thank you.
  • I can't thank you enough...Thanks again for all your help, I am forever grateful!

Peace, Love, Art  and Fashion



Key chains



Bodycon skirt -comes in two styles (with twist and without twist)


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    -A personal hand written note (delivered by snail mail) I have terrible hand writing but I promise I'll make your card as beautiful as possible! I am truly grateful for every dollar and appreciate your support!

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    A special handmade key chain. Made with gorgeous glass beads from India. Wear it on your bag, on your jeans, or... tag them along with your keys. * Check out the video to see rewards if you haven't ready.

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    A beautiful surprise printed/color scarf. Perfect for a summer evening. Handmade of course...

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    A printed unisex v-neck T-shirt with an amazing design by my sister.

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    A surprise printed/color body con skirt. *Please note: this reward is a one size fits most. It's a super easy piece to create an effortless outfit.

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    Your choice of a Handcrafted canvas & leather clutch (Perfect for the days you don't want to carry a big bulky bag!) or a canvas tote

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    -Your choice of a Handcrafted canvas & leather clutch with key chain or a canvas tote with key chain. -A beautiful scarf. -Printed T-shirt. -Limited edition handmade passport holder.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE... which includes: Hand written note. Handcrafted canvas & leather clutch with key chain Bodycon skirt Canvas tote Scarf Printed t-shirt Limited edition handmade passport holder. Your choice of any dress from the collection. *Visit our website to view dresses @

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