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Steller sea lion print!

Posted by T Edward Bak (Creator)

Hi, everyone! Thanks for taking the time to circulate the "WILD MAN" drawing expedition link among your contacts. We're almost at the halfway point, and still going stong, but I felt like it was time for a new update, so today I've posted one of the reward prints to my blog (where you can read an excerpted preview of "Wild Man" episodes, btw) at the link here:
I've had the very good fortune of seeing hundreds of Steller sea lions in the animal's natural habitat at a haul-out in the mouth of the Inside Passage's Icy Strait (and while kayaking in Glacier Bay a couple of years ago, several curious ones got very up-close and personal!) There is no word in the English language to describe the magnificent beauty of this ancient sirenian. But the Tlingit people of southeast Alaska (relying upon this creature whom they refer to as "taan" for sustenance) use "latseen" to describe a sense of power and strength. And it is this "latseen" which I believe adequately conveys the profound might and energy I found myself in awe of upon observing this incredible "Beast of the Sea" in its environment.
Anyhow, friends, thanks again for all your support! Let's see if we can overtake the halfway point this weekend!


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