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Cover travel costs for independent cartoonist/war correspondent to travel and live with Afghans. He report from Afghanistan and write a book.
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Ted Rall

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Writing Away

Hi! I wanted to let you know the status of the book project.

The "Afghan Notebook" book for Farrar, Straus & Giroux is moving along nicely. It's going to be a fairly long (about 350 pp.) collection of prose, photos and cartoons about the trip to Afghanistan, framing it as one more example of US foreign policy running amok. Why do we always get ourselves into these quagmires?

The title was always a working title. Now I'm leaning more toward "The Beginning of the End: The US War in Afghanistan in Words and Pictures" or somesuch. If you have a better idea, now would be the time to speak up.

I've written the prose. I owe the publisher captions for the photos and then a 30-page comix-format history of the war from 2001 to 2011. That should all be done within two months. We're looking at a pub date of Spring 2012, partly because it is felt that Afghanistan may be a topic of discussion during the presidential primaries.

In related news, I'm also considering doing a series of documentaries and books about revolutions in practice on the ground, beginning with the Naxalite movement in Nepal and the Niger Delta insurgency.


    1. Creator Michael Carens-Nedelsky on April 13, 2011

      Also not a fan of the title, my 12 bucks (I think) going along way. I actually like Afghan Notebook. Of the above, Wasted is good, or Wasteland, playing on the above - maybe Wastedland?

      Also, because Afghanistan was the "good" war, maybe "This Is What Freedom Looks Like"? or "This Is What Victory Looks Like"

    2. Creator Lhotze on April 5, 2011

      Great...did you ever get to SE Afghanistan?

    3. Creator William Brown on April 5, 2011

      As a major backer of this project, I feel my $20 investment entitles (heh) me to an opinion about the title. It IS a bit dry. How about something like: "Drive or DIE! An Excursion in War-Torn Afghanistan." Or - "Beards, Bombs, and Bullets." How about "Wasted" - which sums up the war - waste of lives, money, effort, etc. Remember, the point of a title isn't to give an overview of the book, it's to get people to pick it up.