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Ortus is a massive story-focused RPG, based in a world where every choice you make results in your own unique path in the game!
Ortus is a massive story-focused RPG, based in a world where every choice you make results in your own unique path in the game!
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Ortus: March Update

G'day G'day!

Jazza here, and since the last update we made a lot of progress! I'm sure I sound like a broken record saying that with every update, as if to just keep you guys happy, but when game development often comes in ebbs and flows, and having been through over a year and a half of development full time on this game, I can confidently say these have been our most productive months so far!

So straight to the point, I'll give you the usual per-person update, and at the end up updates from now on, we'll share a screenshot and quest blurb sharing some of the work we've done implementing the quests/characters that kickstarter backers have influenced! (We figure since they'll be interacted with by thousands of people when the game is released, it's no biggie if we give you guys a sneak peek first).

MOONKEY: In the last month this bad-ass has created a massive loot-pool system, whereby we can create groups of loot, setting guidelines for gold, randomized pickups and rare items and the percentage at which they spawn. We can make as many of these pools as we want, and essentially, very quickly, populate the entire game with massive amounts of loot in a very short time. Aside from that, the biggest thing is the creation of a system to place and rig 'generic NPCs', which means setting up animals, guards, and rigging dungeons and combat encounters. This is a big milestone and has taken a long time to get to. Good work Moonkey!

ZEEDOX: Has been hard at work on Kickstarter rewards, namely the unique locations for the $300+ backers. These are individually modelled buildings and props to make the NPC's and quests that much more enriching, and I can assure you they are looking mighty fine!

ADAM: Has been slaving away over kickstarter chain-quests and has almost finished the ones with unique locations. I can personally say I'm excited as to how much he's made them fit into our world and have a great deal of depth and character. Luckily we've been given some great material to work with, so thanks ya'll!

I (Jazza): Have reached the goal I set myself on the last update. The games main story (keep in mind the main story is very un-linear and there are LOTS of difficult things to rig) is playable without any admin controls, meaning the main plot of the game is pretty much set and ready to work in other areas with (namely loot, dungeons, enemies etc). The goal I set myself for the next month is to have Loot and Items finished and implemented in game. This is a big task, but once done the game will be that much richer, and I can move on to enemy rigging.

That's where we are at with dev progress currently, and working very hard as always. Thanks for all your support and input!

For fun we'll share a chain quest blurb and a little screenshot of it's initial location, this ones a lighter-hearted one :)

Near the skirts of Barlett's Field on the lush edges of the Wartorn Lands, a simple farmer is tasked with a solemn duty. The duty of protecting the land of Candor from a dire threat; one that is ignored by the population at large. The threat of `Demonic Were-Chickens'. Now released upon Candor's unsuspecting populace, the farmer tasks you with reigning in these hell-poultry by any means neccesary. Failure ends in one way only; the whole of Candor will be clucked. Locate chickens by their noise and footprints across Candor, spread across maps and hidden behind unassuming objects! Collect them all to learn the terrible truth behind demonic were-chicken kind, betrayal awaits!

Stay cool, until next time!


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Ortus: February Update

Hey ya'll!

First things first, backers who haven't filled in their survey information, THIS IS THE LAST CALL! We're already creating the content for backers, yes, right now, and we can't get it done without this information, anyone who has not done so before the 10th of March (yes, we've made a deadline for you!), we will assume does not want their rewards and we will proceed without creating the content, there is no other way we can keep momentum without holding back the process even longer.

Also, a note about these updates, as mentioned in the January update they will take place every month (without fail), but I have the preference to make them after the half-way mark of the month, so I can report on what has progressed, and goals for the rest of the month.

Lots of exciting things have been happening, so as usual I'll update based on some of our main focuses/workers!

MOONKEY (Matthew): Has tripled the efficiency of memory usage in the game, along with coding better map loading, sound integration for NPC dialogue, and implementing creature avatars for NPCs, meaning we can make arrays of talking creatures, cows, cats, and cucumbers to our hearts desires. Next comes using this to implement enemy spawns and behaviors, so we can make some nice juicy encounters/dungeons for you.

ZEEDOX (greg): Has, as always, produced some stunning buildings for us this month, he has finished all of the epic castle buildings (minus one we need done much later), as well as other unique shop buildings, caves/mines, and is going to be working on the unique location buildings for kickstarter backers! We have some cool stuff coming with that! including the twisted tower of a mad Jester, a dark mansion deep in a secluded forest, and many more.

ADAM (adam): Has been his usual busy self, matching up hundreds of story flags with the immense dialogue trees he's built, as well as lining up some deep story bases for some pretty cool mechanics to be built, and is now ready to charge headfirst into the kickstarter rewards to be made. We've gone through quite a few of these together, and you guys have some great imaginations! they're gonna be a treat to have in the game. We've loved these so much we're sparing no expense to fit them into our world as nicely as possible.

I (Jos/Jazza): Have been all over the shop as usual (since I have rather many bases to cover), including things like gathering over 400 NPC dialogue lines (voicing a few of them), writing a theme song, creating several new town maps and many others along the way, and rigging the games main story. My goal until the next update, is to have the entire main game's story/plot fully rigged and playable, including maps and random encounter locations, and getting a start on some more dungeons. Don't worry, we're all just directly injecting the caffeine into our veins.

a BIG round of applause to our talented contributors this month, especially voice actors who have begun the long process of getting the dialogue in game. They're gonna be a real trial to get done and dusted, but will add a LOT to the play experience.

Finally, thank you all once again for your patience and faith. I've said it from the beginning and I'll keep saying it, we're working our guts out on this and are more emotionally invested in it than I can express, it's the biggest task any of us have ever undertaken, but it's our passion, and we WILL deliver, in large part thanks to you guys! 

Also, check out a screenshot of Silverton, Capital of the Northern Lands!

Until next time, stay classy San Diego!

-Elvidian Out

Ortus: January Update

Hey all!

Lots of exciting things to announce and progress to share so I'll divide this update (and probably future updates) into a few main points.

- New Developer (but not really)
- Kickstarter Rewards
- Game Progress

Don't be scared by this, the game is being created in exactly the same way it always has been and by the same people, we're just changing our group name! The developer was previously 'Jazza Studios' (operated by me, Jazza), but Ortus has become so large and the group so vital (and we work together so much anyway) that we decided to create an identity together to release Ortus under, and create future games as! 'Elvidian Entertainment'!

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(To kickstarter backers only) I've sent out surveys to collect a majority of the information needed to create your in-game rewards. We are not implementing them YET (we need EVERYONES information first) so make sure you go fill in your survey if you haven't, to the best of your ability, and message me if you have any requests or comments!

It's a brand new year and we're getting the motor started on Ortus. We received our funding from kickstarter, it has been divided and rests in our bank accounts paying our bills away as we wrestle with the mighty task of making the best RPG we can! We are extremely grateful for the help you guys have given us.

ZEEDOX has been modelling and texturing some awesome castle models for the game, giving it that ever-so-epic feel as the bulk of the game is being rigged continually.

MOONKEY has recently finished the back-end code and editor functions for us to rig companion NPC's to allow for rich stories to unfold with them as you play the game, approached, brawls, and much more awesome stuff.

ADAM has been writing some incredible companion NPC's, each with a unique story and personality, there will be a minimum of 15 in the game, and that is a LOT as you will see when you get the opportunity to see how jam-packed with personality and fun they are!

I (JAZZA) have been rigging the game. This is a long arduous process is it involves creating map environments (forests, dungeons, houses, cities etc) and placing events and NPC's to react with you every time you play (things like approaches, cutscenes, area transitions, etc). The first half of the game has been rigged quite extensively and is playable, and my task is now to do the same for the second half.

Kamikaye has been creating awesome environment images as usual, some of the newer ones are of capital cities but we'll hold them back so we don't give all the cool stuff away too soon!

That's it for now ladies and gentlemen, we're working hard and can promise you your faith in us is not misplaces. There will be an extensive update every month so you know our challenges and triumphs, all the way up until you can join us for Beta Testing Time!

Until next time-

-Josiah Brooks and the Elvidian Crew!

Thank you!!


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