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The best-selling party game that supports up to 75 players, with more than 40 unique roles!
The best-selling party game that supports up to 75 players, with more than 40 unique roles!
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Shipments complete by the end of this week; last day for Start Player Express, next KS hint

Posted by Bezier Games (Creator)

The majority of the shipments have gone out to backers, and the rest will go out before the end of this week. For those of you who have received your game, don't forget to rate it on BGG:

US recipients should receive their package no later than the end of next week, while International recipients should receive their packages by mid-August at the latest. If you don't receive your package by then, please feel free to contact me, and we'll figure out what's going on for you.

If you are interested in purchasing additional copies of Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition (the non-Kickstarter kind), as well as the new Artifacts and all the other expansions, you can do so at:

Final Day for Start Player Express

Today is your last chance to get on board the Start Player Express custom dice train, as it won't be available via retail after the KS campaign is over. Start Player Express is a set of custom dice that allows you to pick the start player for any game. It's fun and fast and incredibly portable.

The next KS campaign from Bezier Games will be a doozy

Anyone who knows me knows I don't use the word "doozy" unless it is entirely warranted. I'm not going to spill the beans here, because talking about the sequel to One Night Ultimate Werewolf before it is announced would cause way too much speculation. But I will tell you that we've been closing our eyes, day after day, in preparation...

Look for an announcement this fall - follow @beziergames on twitter!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dennis S. on

      Anyone else missing an artpack? I was only suppose to get one. Looks like it wasn't packed in.

    2. Daniel Nóbrega on

      Brazilians' waiting the next full moon.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      Got mine Wednesday night! In Australia. Yaaaay.

    4. Bee- Order Of The Goat $7.77 on

      Very happy :)
      Received in Australia

    5. Daniel Nóbrega on

      I don't received my tracking number.

    6. Missing avatar

      Harry Dean

      Update to my most recent post - user error and it's already been sorted by Bezier! Thanks again!

    7. Missing avatar

      Harry Dean

      Arrived here in the UK today - but no sign of artifacts! Are these being sent separately?

    8. Tsjok-Wing Man on

      My copy arrived yesterday (Netherlands) !!!

      Very nice box and cards. Took ages to unwrap all the cards though. And wrapping the wrapped cards and the expansion liner in a plastic wrap... wasn't that a bit overkill? :)

    9. Matthew Soffen

      Our copy arrived a few days ago (In Mass)

    10. Robert Mills

      My copy arrived today - so ill be having a peek a bit later on

    11. Bradley Zakany on

      Arrived in Florida Friday.

    12. Daniel Nóbrega on

      When will you send the tracking number? Thx.

    13. wolfkin on

      somebody check his hips.... his hips don't lie.

    14. Missing avatar

      Harry Stuart on

      So if we look at the strecth goals, the bodygaurd is actually a ONUW card... :)

    15. ChildBearingHips on

      With the exception of one or two small grammatical errors in the 'rulebook', great work. Love the full package

    16. Robert Mills

      Watching door like a hawk - friends copy arrived on Saturday - here I am on Monday still waiting :(

    17. Charles Etheridge-Nunn

      I received my copy here in the UK this past weekend! It looks magnificent. Hopefully I'll get to test it this week.

    18. Urutsini

      Gosh darn it, if I'd known there was going to be a One Night sequel, I wouldn't have purchased it through this campaign :(

    19. Marcos Bolton on

      Still waiting for a tracking number.

    20. Ogre

      Received! (UK)