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The best-selling party game that supports up to 75 players, with more than 40 unique roles!
The best-selling party game that supports up to 75 players, with more than 40 unique roles!
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ArtPack #15 - Doris Matthäus

Posted by Bezier Games (Creator)

The Missing ArtPack!

Doris Matthäus, the illustrator of dozens of boardgames, from Carcassonne to Tigris and Euphrates, has delivered her artwork, and it's great! Doris's strength has always been animals and creatures, so her "extra" cards reflect this:

 I love the blob (anyone who is a fan of Doris's will recognize the hedgehog behind "eaten" by the blob. :)

Surveys won't be sent until closer to product availability

Surveys will not be sent out for a while, so please be patient. I'm going to wait as long as possible for that, so that there are less changes with backers moving, etc. Also, if you want to add-on to or upgrade your backing level, you'll be able to do that when the surveys are sent out.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      @Kevin I wouldn't expect the survey till May

    2. Kevin Cartlidge on

      Can we get an estimate of when the survey will be sent? like what time frame are we looking at?

    3. Ezekiel Zhong-Han Azib

      @ Jarrah. The Chupacabra is mainly an independent werewolf killer. Which is good in a Village vs werewolf game but if vampires are included they just kill anyone after wiping out the werewolves.

    4. Cuturcu River on

      The Blob art is the best. XD

    5. Missing avatar


      Hi Ted,

      Regarding address changes, Kickstarter rolled out a new feature recently allowing us to change our address even after the survey was submitted:

      Might be worthwile to check out.

    6. Jarrah on

      I don't understand that Chupacabra card. Does what they do have a purpose? How do they win? Do they know who the werewolves are? Are they trying to get rid of anyone in particular?

    7. Hockey Mask on

      Ha! This was worth the wait!

    8. Jason on

      Once we're sorting out the survey, will it be possible to ad more orders, ie get more copies of the game if u want?