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The best-selling party game that supports up to 75 players, with more than 40 unique roles!
The best-selling party game that supports up to 75 players, with more than 40 unique roles!
2,350 backers pledged $137,973 to help bring this project to life.

One Night Ultimate Alien - the last week!

Posted by Bezier Games (Creator)
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We're in the final week for One Night Ultimate Alien, which has been doing great, and has tons of stretch goals unlocked, with a bunch more on the way.

 There are all sorts of great rewards in it in addition to the game: gorgeous plastic tokens for all the One Night games, a full color hard-cover compendium that has strategy and backgrounds for all of the roles in the games, a wood collector's box, and a whole lot more.

Back it at

You also might be interested in another project we've backed: Word Domination, which is in its final hours! They've also unlocked a whole bunch of great stretch goals, and will likely unlock the last looks to be an awesome twist on word games!

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      I'd love to back this game, but being in Australia and looking at nearly double the cost in shipping, I really don't see how I can. Frustratingly, I can't even back at a level that still gives me access to the app controls if I chose to purchase the game at a local store later (where it would cost less than 2/3 of the cost to back the project) which feels like something of a slap in the face when I've backed every other werewolf campaign so far, including backing ONUV at a level that replaced my original copies of ONUW and Daybreak with the numbered collectors edition boxes (and then needing to try and recoup some of that money by selling my original copies). I know this issue has been raised on the campaign and it's basically been answered that USPS costs have gone up, so that's why costs have gone up here, but when I'm backing other campaigns with similar sized product who have shipping costs of half or less, perhaps it would have been worth investigating some other option? Or if that's really not possible (which I don't believe but I guess I have to respect your choice to not investigate for a better option), making some kind of digital-only level where backers still get access to the app controls if they chose to purchase later. It's disappointing that there really doesn't seem to be any viable option for international backers who would like to support the project and get some access to kickstarter exclusives but without paying huge amounts of shipping.