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A re-imagining of the best-selling werewolf game: a new design, dozens of roles, and a brand new expansion for up to 75 players.
The best-selling party game that supports up to 75 players, with more than 40 unique roles!
The best-selling party game that supports up to 75 players, with more than 40 unique roles!
2,350 backers pledged $137,973 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cate D on

      Never received my cards here either. Whats the status? Supposedly these were shipping in 2014?!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ciara O'Reilly on

      I've still not recieved my reward guys?...Any update?...I'm based in Ireland...Thanks Ciara

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Need the scenarios for a Werewolf session on Saturday, someone please upload them, the dropbox links are still dead.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brandon Neff on

      After a HD crash I came to get the scenarios again and the links are!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Same as Vance, I came to download my scenarios for the first time only to find the link has been deleted...

    6. Vance VanGogh

      The scenario links on DropBox are broken, and I never downloaded them earlier. Anyway I can still get them?

    7. Missing avatar

      Luke Anderson Patton on

      What have other people done with their blank cards? I need some ideas.

    8. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      Is there any chance you can upload the scenarios again? they seem to have broken in the last couple of days :(

    9. Missing avatar

      Ciara O'Reilly on

      Hello, still waiting for my Wolf! ETA?..I'm in Ireland...Thanks

    10. calledgestewdent on

      Kickstarter Edition has been approved on BGG if you want to add it to your "collection."

    11. Al Moataz Rizk on

      I still haven't received mine :(
      And I'm moving soon. Can anyone help?

    12. Ian Harvey on

      My beautiful package arrived on 1 August (Cairns, Australia)!

    13. Gemini on

      Just received, and it is awesome, thank you - beautiful artwork and real fun, family enjoying it a lot!

    14. Ezekiel Zhong-Han Azib

      The t-shirt did not arrive with the games and playmat

    15. James Williams on

      Is there any way to buy artpacks now? I didn't have the money at the time of the kickstarter.

    16. Craig Dunglison on

      Rockhampton Australia - the wolf arrived yesterday - 29/07/14 - to the table this Thursday Night

    17. Philipp Winter

      Help! I have to pay for custom charges, but in order to do so I need a bill, just a screenshot of the kickstarter page is not enough, what ahould I do?

    18. Paul Leins on

      Touchdown in Canberra, Australia.

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Wood

      Australia Calling. Arrived today. 28/07/14

    20. wolfkin on

      Toronto checking in. arrived 3 days ago.

    21. Eugene Png

      For those in Singapore, I got my package yesterday 25/7/2014. Hope everyone got theirs.

    22. Eugene Png

      Fot those in Singapore, I got my package yesterday 25/7/2014. Hope everyone got theirs.

    23. Missing avatar


      I just fetched my Everything Werewolf package from the Post Office. I had to pay 23 EUR of customs charges (13 EUR of handling fees, 10 EUR of customs), but am glad to have received the package. Thanks for a well-run campaign!

    24. Emanuele Lillo

      Received my copy during the week, but the t-shirt I added to the pledge was missing. Emailed Bezier games and they shipped it immediately. Fantastic customer support.

      The game is the greatest incarnation of the Ultimate Werewolf we all love.

      Is it me or is there a typo on the Troublemaker card? The card itself reads "One night per game, stir up trouble by calling for players to be eliminated the following day". Shouldn't it read "by calling for 2 players to be eliminated etc." like in the manual?

    25. Sean Sullivan!

      I was going through my cards from the old set and the new kickstarter set. Was just wondering on the background of changing the tanner from being +1 to -2 in terms of balance. Also Why was "The Drunk" changed from -3 to +4?

    26. Bezier Games 13-time creator on

      Phil/Stephen/C: Kickstarter roles and scenarios are PDF only.

    27. Missing avatar

      C Demange on

      I got my package today, in Canada: Ultimate Werewolf, Artifacts expansion, 5 art packs, One Night Ultimate Werewolf. I'm happy to see the boxes are small and easy to move and don't take much space later in the closet. The Artifacts expansion fits in the box of Ultimate Werewolf so I put it there and kicked the Artifacts box in the recycling. Like the others, I wonder what happened to the scenarios, and no rules for the extra kickstarter cards. I'm also relieved I had no extra duty charges to pay when I got the package.

    28. Stephen Zammit on

      Got mine yesterday in Australia. Looks really good! But i second Phil re: no rules for the kickstarter cards. Came here just to look up some of them as it was a bit unclear from the cards themselves.

    29. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Just got mine in Canada. Love it except I'm a little disappointed there's no rule booklet for the kickstarter cards and the 2 scenarios weren't there. Am I missing something or are we suppose to print these from the update the other day?

    30. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bobridge on

      Like James Nielsen, I am in the same place and got my copy yesterday. Really happy. :)

    31. Eugene Png

      Hmmm... Still no sight of it in Singapore. Any Singaporeans received theirs. :X

    32. Missing avatar

      Bradley Galbraith on

      @Phil no extra charges

    33. James Nielsen on

      My copy arrived today Perth, Australia!!
      Thanks heaps

    34. Ty Cole on

      Got mine in Canada.

    35. Richard Would on

      Mine arrived today in the UK, normal postage method and no duty charges :) Cheers for a well run kickstarter; after my nightmares with Bones (still not got my models although that is not down to Reaper!) and Up Front ('nuff said...) it is great to have a successful project turn up...

    36. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      @bradley did you have any duty charges?

    37. Missing avatar

      Bradley Galbraith on

      Everything arrived here in Nova Scotia, Canada, on my birthday! ... Last Thursday... I was a little too busy to post :P If anyone in Canada is still waiting, then let it be known it has arrived to at least one of us!

      Everything arrived in awesome shape and looks great! Can't wait to host a werewolf night >:D

    38. Eugene Png

      @Kui Siang Lim Oh? Hmmm... Looks like we should be receiving them soon then.

    39. Eugene Png

      @Mervyn Koh Weng Onn Wow! That's great news, considering Malaysia and Singapore are close, I am looking forward to receiving mine soon!

    40. Kui Siang Lim on

      Post office has mine! Can't wait to get it!

    41. Mervyn Koh on

      Got mine today, from Malaysia :) Awesome stuff altogether :)

    42. Marc Williams on

      Just got the cards in the uk!!! Everything looks great, brill job, thanks!!!

    43. Kraven Nightangel on

      Recieved. Bada$$!! Great job!

    44. Alexia Almy on

      Everything arrived over the weekend, while I was away on vacation. Everything looks great. Thank you.

    45. Sean Sullivan!

      Received my package yesterday. Love the artwork, however a few of the bonus packs were slightly warped. I can work with all that, Just wanted to give Bezier a heads up in case they make another batch!

    46. Eugene Png

      Anyone other than those from US or UK who received the package? Still waiting eagerly for mine to appear. :X

    47. Missing avatar

      Ryan Inman on

      Got it here in Colorado yesterday. Already sleeved up. I'm very happy with the purchase and I can't wait to use it at my birthday party! Bravo, Bezier Games.

    48. Jithy on

      Received Werewolves and Artifacts yesterday in Hawaii. Very impressed with the production quality of everything.

    49. Tanawat Chiewhawan on

      Where can i find the rule for amulet of protection?

      BTW , really great work thanks!

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