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Use your Mutant Meeples' unique superpowers to get to the crime scene first in this strategy puzzle boardgame!

...several meeples on a camping trip are attacked by a swarm of giant radioactive butterflies. As a result, they all gain super speed and one other unique superpower, turning them into...Mutant Meeples!

The city of Meeptropolis has long been in decay, with crimes happening one after the other all over the city. The city council has asked YOU to put together the best possible team of Mutant Meeples to serve as protectors for their fine city.

Mutant Meeples is a pathfinding puzzle game, where players are looking to find the shortest “path” to get their meeples to the scene of the crime before any of the other players, using a clever combination of Mutant Meeples and their unique superpowers and super speed. If you’re the fastest to the scene of the crime, you add a meeple to your super team; the first player to fill their super team with Mutant Meeples wins!

But there’s a catch. Once one of your meeples has reached the scene of the crime, he no longer participates (after all, he’s already “made the team”). This gives players who have fewer meeples on their super teams more options, and provides an additional challenge to players whose super team is almost full.

A huge 18x18 grid represents Meeptropolis. Eight super-powered meeples are placed on the board. A crime is reported at certain coordinates, and each player tries to figure out how to get a Mutant Meeple to the scene of the crime the fastest, by using their super speed and unique super powers in the right combination.

Each meeple can move up to 10 times, with a few limitations. Because these mutant meeples are just learning how to use their new powers, they haven't quite figured out how to turn their super speed off, so they only stop moving when they hit a building or another meeple. If you've played pathfinding puzzle games like Ricochet Robots, you'll have a feel for the types of movements the meeples can make using their super speed.

And while each of them has a unique super power (shown below), they can only use that super power one time each turn.

Once you've figured out how to get a meeple to the scene of the crime using any combination of meeples working together, you display the results on your player board and then take a number marker indicating how many moves you can do it in, and then start the timer. The other players now have 30 seconds to see if they can come up with a better way to get there.

When the timer runs out, the player with the lowest number marker demonstrates how they were able to get one of their Mutant Meeples to the scene so quickly, then they take their marker for the meeple that reached the scene and flip him over...he's joined their super team! If the player made a mistake, the player with the next highest number demonstrates his solution.

On the next turn, the player who reached the scene of the crime first now has one less Mutant Meeple to use, effectively creating a great "balancing" mechanism to prevent any one player from getting too far ahead!

The first player to get six of their Mutant Meeples onto a team wins!

The game is complete, and the final rules are being edited. The box is being designed, and the final artwork is being updated. The Sidekick expansion is being polished. This Kickstarter project is to fund the production of the game!

The game Mutant Meeples contains a whole bunch of stuff:

Box: It's packaged in a beautiful full color "standard" square box, the same size as Ticket To Ride.

Board: A giant 23" quad-fold board that has a map of Meeptropolis on one side and a tougher, more challenging map of Meepville on the other side.

Rules: Full color rules, including a variant to help new players play against more experienced players that's still fun for everyone.

Meeples: 8 extra large (larger than the ones shown in the "gameplay" section of the video) custom painted meeples in 8 base colors, similar to the ones pictured above.

Lots and lots of cardboard tiles: 54 for the meeples (one set for each player as well as a special set for the board), one set of numbers for players to grab when they have a solution, one set of letters that determine the crime scene and a target tile to place on the crime scene.

Player mats: For placing the Mutant Meeple tiles to show how you reached your destination.

Timer: A 30 second sand timer.

The Mutant Meeples game: Hot off the presses, you'll get yours first, before anyone else! Free shipping to all US locations. International destinations, please include $20 for shipping.

The Sidekick Expansion, including Nacho Fast & SwapMeet: This expansion includes two new mutant meeples and allows for a 7th player.

Nacho Fast doesn't have Super Speed like his fellow mutants, and as a retired Mexican Wrestler he's easily winded, so he can only move once per turn. But his power is still incredibly useful: he can move any number of spaces horizontally or vertically. Once. And then he's done for the turn. Use Nacho Fast in place of any other Mutant Meeple to change up the game!

SwapMeet has the power to swap locations with any other meeple, even ones that are already on your super team (and would otherwise be out of play). SwapMeet can be used in place of any other Mutant Meeple in order to give your games a new twist.

A Meeptropolis or Meepville street or avenue on the game board named after you: This limited reward means that the name of your choosing (your first or last name, a place or even a company) will appear directly on the game board! When players are looking up the street that begins with "J", they'll see right on the board that it's named "Jack Street". If your name isn't Jack, we'll work something out. If you choose this reward, send a note right away with your letter of choice (see details below). The available letters will be shown at the bottom of the project description. All suggested names are subject to approval.

Bezier Games has been around since 2006, and is the publisher of many games, including the wildly popular Ultimate Werewolf games. Mutant Meeples is the first "big box" game from Bezier Games.

Letters are first come, first served. After choosing a reward that contains a letter, click the "Send Message" link at the top of this page with your letter request. This area will be updated as often as possible, so if you see a letter here, it's most likely still available.

$200 Level (includes 1 copy of the game and expansion)

Meeptropolis Street Letters available: A C D G H I J K L N O P Q

Meepville Street Letters available: A B C D F G H I J K L M N O P Q R

$260 Level (includes TWO copies of the game and expansion)

Meeptropolis Avenue Letters available: A D E F G H I J K L M N O Q R

Meepville Avenue Letters available: A C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R


  • While Mutant Meeples shares a similar "slide" mechanic, the games are very different. Because each meeple has a superpower, the ways you use meeples to get to a location is unique and much more interesting. In addition, the "catchup" mechanism makes Mutant Meeples much more of a game than just a puzzle, and provides a lot more interaction between players.

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