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Two volumes covering 400 comics of the beloved board game comic strip, Board2Pieces.
Two volumes covering 400 comics of the beloved board game comic strip, Board2Pieces.
103 backers pledged $4,990 to help bring this project to life.

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Mutant Meeples is now on Kickstarter!

This new strategy puzzle game from Bezier games has you assembling the finest team of super-powered Mutant Meeples possible while preventing crimes in the city of Meeptropolis. Check it out at

Books are at the Printer!


This morning I sent in the PDFs for book 2: Something Smells Gamey, so the printer has them now. I should be getting a proof within a week or so, and will post images of that. Until then, here's a look at some of the finished pages:

Thank you, backers!!!

Funding Successful!

Huge thanks to the 100+ backers for turning this project into a reality. At $4990, this project ended up coming in at over 400% of the original goal!

The books are almost finished, and will be off to the printer by the end of this week. I'm expecting delivery of them by early November at the very latest, so be sure to fill out the survey I sent out earlier today to ensure you get your books right away!

On a Kickstarter-related note, there's a project you might be interested in...The guys who do "The Spiel" podcast are raising money to do video interviews at Essen (in just a few weeks) and a behind-the-scenes look at LudoFact, the giant boardgame manufacturer in Germany. I visited LudoFact several years ago, and it was incredible. They're not quite at their goal yet, but they're really really close, and I'd encourage you to back them at The Essen stuff will be good (what they did at GenCon was really great...a lot of small publishers were interviewed that I had never heard of before), but the LudoFact thing will be awesome!

Don't forget to keep reading the latest Board 2 Pieces comics each week at Opinionated Gamers (

Thanks again for your support!


While the backing for this project has definitely exceeded my expectations, I've been surprised that *no one* has backed the project at the Bert's Buds level, which includes a character hat, TWO copies of each book (one set would make a great Christmas present for a gaming friend!), and an oversized print. It's not too late to upgrade to this level, and to entire you further, here's an image of four of the character hats (these were made for Bezier Games' booth monkeys at the upcoming Essen Spiel):

If you'd like to upgrade your pledge from whatever it is right now to Bert's Buds, it's pretty easy: Click the big blue Manage Your Pledge button, change your amount to match the new level, and choose the Bert's Buds level.

There are only 66 hours left in this project, so I'd encourage everyone to take out a giant full page ad for this project in your local newspaper...after all, there won't be newspapers anymore in a few years, but this way you'll be able to say that it wasn't your fault!

4 More Days...Pick your Comic!

There are only four more days left...that's four days that you can spend dialing random numbers, like I'm doing all day and night, asking for people to back this project.

When you're taking a break from cold calling, please head on over to and figure out which comic you'd like as your signed print. I'll be sending a survey out immediately following the conclusion of the project to get this information from you, but if you'd like to get this done ahead of time, there are two pieces of information I'll need from you:

1) The URL from the B2P site of the comic. So for instance, if you wanted this comic:

the URL would be

2) The first two words of the comic. This will ensure that you receive the correct comic. For the above strip that will be "Provost I've."

Please don't send any information to me now, but just have it on hand so you can respond to the upcoming survey quickly.

A huge thanks to everyone who has backed these books so far; we're at the 300% mark, which is fantastic!