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Two volumes covering 400 comics of the beloved board game comic strip, Board2Pieces.
103 backers pledged $4,990 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Bezier Games (Creator)

While the backing for this project has definitely exceeded my expectations, I've been surprised that *no one* has backed the project at the Bert's Buds level, which includes a character hat, TWO copies of each book (one set would make a great Christmas present for a gaming friend!), and an oversized print. It's not too late to upgrade to this level, and to entire you further, here's an image of four of the character hats (these were made for Bezier Games' booth monkeys at the upcoming Essen Spiel):

If you'd like to upgrade your pledge from whatever it is right now to Bert's Buds, it's pretty easy: Click the big blue Manage Your Pledge button, change your amount to match the new level, and choose the Bert's Buds level.

There are only 66 hours left in this project, so I'd encourage everyone to take out a giant full page ad for this project in your local newspaper...after all, there won't be newspapers anymore in a few years, but this way you'll be able to say that it wasn't your fault!


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    1. Martin Grider on

      D'oh! I didn't see your reply until after the project ended. Doesn't look like anyone else took advantage of the price lowering either. Still, thanks for this! I am very excited to get these compendiums!

    2. Bezier Games 14-time creator on

      Okay, Martin, your uber math skills have convinced me...sort of. Due to the costs involved with shipping (I can use media mail for the books, but not the cap), I can't provide it at the lower tier, but I did make it the numbers work a little better: Now it is $85, but the reward itself is unchanged.

    3. Martin Grider on

      That pledge level just doesn't make economic sense. It's $50 for a signed set with the 33" print, add in another $25 for an additional set of books, and that means those hats cost $25 each! (FWIW, I would bump my pledge from $25 to $35 if it included a hat.)