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Two volumes covering 400 comics of the beloved board game comic strip, Board2Pieces.
103 backers pledged $4,990 to help bring this project to life.

4 More Days...Pick your Comic!

Posted by Bezier Games (Creator)

There are only four more days left...that's four days that you can spend dialing random numbers, like I'm doing all day and night, asking for people to back this project.

When you're taking a break from cold calling, please head on over to and figure out which comic you'd like as your signed print. I'll be sending a survey out immediately following the conclusion of the project to get this information from you, but if you'd like to get this done ahead of time, there are two pieces of information I'll need from you:

1) The URL from the B2P site of the comic. So for instance, if you wanted this comic:

the URL would be

2) The first two words of the comic. This will ensure that you receive the correct comic. For the above strip that will be "Provost I've."

Please don't send any information to me now, but just have it on hand so you can respond to the upcoming survey quickly.

A huge thanks to everyone who has backed these books so far; we're at the 300% mark, which is fantastic!


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    1. Bezier Games 14-time creator on

      Yeah, it's sort of a chicken and egg thing... :)

      If you post the sort of thing you're looking for, I can put up a few ideas for you.

    2. Bezier Games 14-time creator on

      My favorite Tichu comic is this one:

    3. Buddah on

      I was looking for an index or something as well, I haven't read them all so don't know which would be the best to get printed, that's why I'm getting the books! ;)

    4. J D Sterling Babcock on

      Is there anywhere where people are discussing the comic they are getting? There are so many to choose from. Heck if I went through them all online to decide which one I wanted . . There would be no reason to get the book! I am looking for something classy and Tichu-ish. Perhaps a discussion thread?