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castAR: bridging the physical world with the virtual worlds; 3D holographic like projections in AR, fully immersive environments in VR
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Posted by Technical Illusions (Creator)

After doing the Game Jam this weekend and several live Q & A sessions, we decided to record a quick video detailing the hardware and features.

 Also, we are pleased to announce that we have gotten castAR integrated into Vireio Perception 2.x drivers. This will provide you with a great library of games working with VR to run on your castAR. Skyrim looks incredible with these drivers! Here’s some additional info on Vireio:

We added a new stretch goal recently at $700,000 which will allow you to play your videos on VLC with castAR. This will give you a very cinematic experience when using the AR/VR Clip-ons as well as projecting it out to a surface.  

We will also be releasing a video of the game we created with the Game Jam soon. We are just working on final polish and tweaks. Thanks for everyone who participated and gave us company during the jam.

Finally, we will be at the Seattle Indies on the evening of Wednesday, October 30th.

We will also have a booth at GDC Next and demoing castAR, which is November 5th - 7th.

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    1. Thomas on

      Well, we don't actually know the FOV of the castAR yet.

    2. Heri Sim

      For such a wide field of view, that virieo video must be from an oculus rift.

    3. Raz on

      Skyrim and L4D are cool, but, can it run Crysis? Old joke i know, but really, can it run crysis? Assuming the computer itself can, would the glasses themselves have high enough resolution/specs to view Crysis in all of its fabled beautiful glory?

    4. WizDish Ltd. on

      We've invented lots of cool stuff in GB too (including red hair!)

    5. WizDish Ltd. on

      The versatility is the most impressive part of this (and there are lots of impressive parts!). We don't want to buy 3 different pairs of high tech glasses for watching 3D movies, AR and VR. It's both immersive and social and provides a huge screen in the smallest apartment. I believe your claims and if they are true then this will be an incredibly disruptive technology. Please come and demo it in the UK!

    6. Meeee on

      Great short video. I liked the last few seconds at the end the best. I cant wait to try and make a simple invisibility cloak.

      The Vireio project sounds great.

    7. SMasterson on

      It's best to ask the folks directly using the "Contact Me" towards the top right of this screen (under the manage your pledge button).

    8. Tisham Dhar on

      Will a stereo movie be rendered as such ? I am not familiar with VLC's stereo movie format support. I have only used Nvidia 3D vision kit and nvidia play back software for them.

    9. System//99 Softworks (Richard Balkins) on

      I suppose it is potentially possible for that. This really boils down to software and how a particular software will be programmed. If you are using the head tracking, and say the big RR screen... it would just be kind of the matter of rendering your view perspective of say a virtual silver screen modeled at a certain virtual distance based on distance you are to the IR LED. Say... model a virtual silver screen 32" x 64" in which your movie is played... Lets say it is modeled to be a certain distance behind the IR LED module. Then you place the 1m x 2m RR screen at that appropriate position behind the IR LED. Now, both of you can watch your movies at the same virtual location at the same time OR view the same movie at the same time from your own sitting position angle.


      You can be in VR mode with the clip on and have your own entire display unto itself. This also depends on your core computer hardware as well.

      Your core system will have to be something reasonably decent not something totally in the mud and outdated and really not up to it.

      The PC graphics card and overall system needs to be up to it. Don't expect your 286 PC to magically do all this. Point being, don't expect a computer only able to output one display with a cheap video graphics to magically do stuff you'd expect on say a high end graphics card. There are limits of the core computer so they will be limiting factors to contend with.

    10. Thomas on

      Question: Will two people be able to watch the same movie on the same computer if they have two glasses?