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An iPhone stand that doubles as a grip.

Do not use the Backbone if you like to drop your iPhone on your face.

The Backbone is an iPhone stand that doubles as grip. While on the table, enjoy a comfortable viewing angle. While in your hand, avoid dropping your iPhone. No need to dock or un-dock, just pick up your phone.

Check the time without lifting your head from the pillow. Send a text message from bed without dropping your iPhone on your face. View alerts as they come in without picking up your phone. Take a photo with one hand. Maintain a firm grip in precarious photo or video situations. Easily position your iPhone for a FaceTime or conference call. Comfortably watch a video with your phone resting on the table.

View alerts easily.
View alerts easily.
Text without dropping your iPhone on your face.
Text without dropping your iPhone on your face.
Convenient clock view.
Convenient clock view.
Watch a video hands free.
Watch a video hands free.
Precarious over-water photo.
Precarious over-water photo.

May I see a 3D rotation? Yes!

Mosey on over to for a 3D rotation that you can zoom and spin yourself.

What if I like to travel light?

It's easy, station a Backbone Mobile Stand in each location where you will use it.  Our pockets are full too. We designed the Backbone so that you can take it with you, but priced it so that you can afford more than one.

Our favorite locations are on desks, tables, and nightstands, but any horizontal surface works just fine. Quick, simple attaching and detaching allows for easy setup, while allowing you to avoid unnecessary bulk when you are on the move.

Will it work with my device?

The suction cup will attach securely to any clean, smooth, flat surface. Smooth, glossy, rigid phones or cases work great, and hold for days.  What if my phone has an uneven, seriously scratched, or textured back?  We recommend finding a smooth, glossy, rigid case that will compliment your phone.  

When attaching the Backbone, wipe the business end of the suction cup and the surface of the phone to remove lint, debris, dried drool, ear grease, or other foreign matter. This will allow you to use the Backbone with ease.

What if my fingers are quite large?

The handle loop openings are .8125 inches across at the most narrow point.  Most finger tips fit quite nicely. The overall dimensions of the handle are 1.875 x .3125 x 1.3125 inches. The diameter of the suction cup when attached to a device is 1.25 inches.

Where is it made?

The Backbone will be made of glossy injection molded plastic right here in the Pacific Northwest.

When will I get mine?

The SLS prototypes will ship around the second week of December.

For the production injection molded version, we have listed the estimated delivery date as March 2013 in an effort to under-promise and over-deliver.  Our manufacturing lead time is 5-6 weeks for mold production. With the funding period ending near the beginning of December, this will give us a couple extra months to solve any problems that arise.


We look forward to getting your Backbone Mobile Stands to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your support! 

For convenient updates check us on Facebook and Twitter!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The greatest challenge for this project was finding a local manufacturer. While not critical, we preferred to use a manufacturer in our area that we could work closely with, and that we may visit regularly if necessary. Many that we approached did not have the capability to make the handle out of a single piece, did not have the capacity to help us within a short time period, or were priced too high to make the project feasible.

Since Dean works with these companies and others like them on a regular basis he was in a unique position to help us find a company that could meet our needs.

This process delayed the start of our project, but we were able to find a manufacturer (and a backup manufacturer) who could meet all of our requirements, plus could potentially help out in other areas such as assembly and packaging.

The main risk, though small, is that our agreement/quote for mold creation and production will change due to unforeseen circumstances making it cost prohibitive. In that scenario, we will either find another manufacturer, or make the handle out of two pieces to lower the cost of the mold at the expense of increasing assembly costs.

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