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Guide your tribe in its struggles to survive and prosper! A strategy board game with variable tech tree and quick turns.
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As promised!

Posted by Tea Time Productions (Creator)
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    1. Christian Stadegaart on

      Awesome! So happy to see you unbox the very first print. Thank you so much for sharing and I'm looking forward to receiving my own copy.

    2. Martok on

      Looks great, can't wait to receive it and start playing! :-)

    3. Martok on

      Looks great, can't wait to receive it and start playing! :-)

    4. Tea Time Productions Creator on

      Zio : I clearly love wooden components and plastic is not really my thing :)


    5. Zio Hal on

      "Smells nice" Ahahah it is always a pleasure! I also like to feel if a game smells nice!!

    6. Tea Time Productions Creator on

      Lars Rignell : We are looking in to dates, first focus is handling all the repacking and getting the games sent. We will have dates next week!

    7. Hugh Wyeth on

      Really nice looking final product!

    8. Lars Rignell on

      Looks great!
      When will you be having your release parties?

    9. Greg M on

      It looks great - can't wait to get it on the table!

    10. Missing avatar

      Vasco Nuñez on

      We want our copy right now!!!
      Thanks for your dedication to make a gorgeous game

    11. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      Fantastic unboxing!

    12. AcesofDeath7

      Very nice! Looking forward to having it on the table here.

    13. Darrek Olson on

      Awesome! So excited to get my copy in the USA! I've played a number of matches on straboga and I'm quite thrilled to try it in person!

    14. I'm wall-e on

      Looks gorgeous. Can't wait to get my copy!