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Over A year ago, I (Tobias P. Alexander) found myself listening to my teenage son (Cornelius J Alexander) age 13, who I raise as an single-father, telling me he wanted to create a web series called“My Problem Came Found A Solution!” In this web series it would reflect  problems in everyday life for us, and  solutions to our problems. Along the way, we both took notice to what problems are being produced in today's younger generation, In which is partly factored from negativity in music and videos. With that being said, it lead to my son, following up with his passion as being a Positive Music/Video Producer, Director, and Photographer, Targeting Kids Battling Depression. Later on it lead us to starting “Level To The Ground Productions. In a short period of we've accomplished teaming up with our Church Food Ministry Pantry At,” Abundance Praise Deliverance, Located “2710 N. Armistead Ave. Hampton, VA. 23663” For Spiritual support on our Mission. We here at “Level To The Ground Production, Have a mission to open an Center For Arts In the future for teenagers called the “Level To The Ground Center.” In which this facility will give children  who are less fortunate a opportunity to exercise their creativity in a positive environment. “But This Dream yet still have milestone's !” With little financial support, We've managed to publish our first singles from our mix tape in which is now playing on internet streaming services globally such as Itunes ,YouTube,and Spotify. Yet still we struggle with the income needed to fund the purchase of quality production equipment, or a marketing budget for songs we have produced like, “You Make Me Better, Gods Open Doors For Us, Or Within Reach!”

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 We needed your help accomplishing this mission. 

With your support, you will be the key factor in solving this problem.  

In conclusion, we are reaching out to the community for financial backing  in our Fund Raising Campaign. With a Goal Amount of $3,500. With the First 20 backer received , those individual's  will receive Our Up and Coming Album "Within Reach"  , Project Release Date 3/15/18!

It is critical, that  we may have your support in this Project. With us reaching this Goal, it will allow us to  purchase quality production equipment, and continue on making a positive impact in our community, and world through music production/ video production   It will allow us to continue on much stronger in our Mission "Helping  Others Up"  Through our work published.

  We truly believe In the God, and our community. Therefore we submit our call of action to You!

Thank You So Much

God Bless You! 

Risks and challenges

The Main Risk Of Completing Our Goal Would Be, Living a extraordinary life, as well as positioning ourselves into public figures.In which we have come to agreement with in the begin of this journey working together to make a positive impact in the community/world. So fourth, we continue to worked on our craft together. Knowing there is a risk along by its self, just walking outside of your home in these days and times where living in. For every risk there is conclusion, a lesson to be learned, therefore we took in consideration of the well known fact that people would not support what we are doing. But we remedy those thoughts with still making efforts Just to make it happen each, and everyday. In Search Of The Capital needed to get us quality production equipment is a challenge for us.

But with this challenge, still manage to Publish 12 singles
so far. Now playing through internet Streaming services. (itunes, spotify,google play, youtube ) etc. Until My Contract from my employer has ended therefore me as a single- Father has been struck with the fact my son dreams my be crush!

Our Challenge is Obtaining The Funds to Get the better equipment for my son. Therefore, he can continue to build his dream of being a successful music/video producer.
It is very trying, just to make this possible by my self looking into my sons eyes and telling him trust God. But God will Somehow Bring everything in perspective through people who we still haven't meet yet!

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