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Fund Homeworld's return to gamers through Homeworld Touch on iOS/Android and Homeworld 3 for Windows/Mac/Linux!
1,318 backers pledged $58,644 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You! $50,000 with 50 Hours to Go!

Posted by teamPixel, LLC (Creator)

To EVERY Homeworld fan and supporter with us on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we are so deeply honored that you have brought us this far.

What began as a few nostalgic Homeworld-inspired gameplay prototypes has grown into one of the most notable fan initiatives to rescue the Homeworld series in years. We will do everything we can to fight for the survival of this beloved and legendary franchise, and we are humbled to have the support of so many fans beside us.

Your support and generosity will allow us to take the first steps in securing Homeworld's future, first by bidding in the THQ bankruptcy auction to acquire the Homeworld IP, and subsequently in full-fledged development of future installments. Your donations along with our other private and 3rd-party funds will fuel the transformation of the Homeworld 3 and Homeworld: Touch dreams into reality.

With 50 hours left, the challenge still remains to stay above our $50,000 funding threshold and shoot for our stretch goal. Every ounce of support makes a difference whether it be financial or even a message sharing your dreams for the franchise's future.

Thank you for taking this journey with us,

Your fellow Homeworld fans at teamPixel


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    1. teamPixel, LLC Creator on

      @The Great Goblin, the first round of bids are due April 1st. Second round bids are due by April 15th. Sales will be finalized by mid-May.

      @Chris, thanks for asking this important question. We have additional funds set aside to cover any fees and ensure that everyone gets a full refund. Right now, that totals to an extra $6500 out of our own funds. If $6500 were an issue for us, we wouldn't be pursuing the development of Homeworld.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Stinson on

      If you plan on refunding everyone their pledge, how are you going to pay the kickstarter fee?
      I dont think they will be as generous if you do not win the auction?

    3. Lee Crystal on

      I saw the $1 jump, I wondered how that happened.

    4. Andrew McDermott on

      When is the auction?

    5. teamPixel, LLC Creator on

      Thank you everyone.

      @Fox, this is a completely legitimate question to ask. We plan to refund everyone's donation in that scenario.

    6. Missing avatar


      I don't really want to be a downer here, especially since I loved Homeworld, but what is your plan if you don't win the auction?

    7. Missing avatar

      BRBonobo on

      SO EXCITED. I never would have been able to put something like this together, and I am incredibly happy that someone else put in the time and effort to make a real attempt at continuing the Homeworld franchise.

    8. Johan H. W. Basberg on


      Good luck with the IP bidding!

    9. ET3D on