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Fund Homeworld's return to gamers through Homeworld Touch on iOS/Android and Homeworld 3 for Windows/Mac/Linux!
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3D Movement on Homeworld: Touch

Posted by teamPixel, LLC (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter fans,

Thank you for a record breaking week! Together, we were able to raise $6,706 in a single day and $24,237 over the entire week! At this rate, we're solidly on track to hit our minimum goal of $50,000 and begin reaching toward our Homeworld: Remastered stretch goal.

In the meantime, we've put together a new demo for Homeworld: Touch that covers one of the most common questions we've been receiving: How do you issue 3D move orders in Homeworld's open environment?

Be sure to check out our past videos as well! - IndieGogo Pitch

Homeworld: Touch - Alpha Gameplay 1

More updates soon!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Ilia Tokarev on

      Happy to hear that the most part of funds are in the bank, checking the amount every day. Its so close!
      Watched the videos, controls seem very intuitive, much much more than the original system, honestly cant wait to try it out. Interesting to see how formation and behavior types (passive, agressive) will be organised, instead of right button of course.
      Sry for an offtopic, but maybe someone knows how to run Homeworld 2 on Win7? That's crazy because after watching your demos Im itching to play it :)

    2. teamPixel, LLC Creator on

      @Lee Crystal, Those are coming up. Simple tap attacks have been demo'd in our previous videos, but a lot of the more contextual commands are in a smart pop-up menu we plan to show soon.

      @MrSyxx, We've very excited for how naturally the controls work with multi-touch!

      @Disposable, Homeworld 1 right?

    3. Lee Crystal on

      Any video on how attack, defend commands work?

    4. Missing avatar

      MrSyxx on

      Very natural, I cannot wait to see more of the control interface optimized for touch.

    5. Disposable hero on

      I have seen that before but can't remember where....