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Fund Homeworld's return to gamers through Homeworld Touch on iOS/Android and Homeworld 3 for Windows/Mac/Linux!
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"What about Homeworld 3?"

Posted by teamPixel, LLC (Creator)

First and foremost, some sincere recognition to all of our contributors.  We've been fundraising since January of this year, and yesterday was our biggest day ever with an astounding $5,897 donated by 128 fans in a single day!  We can't thank you enough for the amount of support, both in donations and in writing that all of you are sending our way.

On a humorous note, YouTube decided to run our IndieGogo pitch video through their automated Closed Captioning service.  The results were less than stellar and have more to do with Lenin and Monkeys than Homeworld...  Still, we recommend giving the video a second look with captions turned ON:

Moving on to our update: The fans have spoken, and the resounding question is: 

"What about Homeworld 3?"

Up until this point, all of our demos have focused on Homeworld: Touch.  To a fault, this is largely due to a "Create and Show" attitude at teamPixel as opposed to a "Talk and Wait" attitude, but we agree with all of the messages we've been receiving that the fans deserve to know more about our ideas for Homeworld 3.  Given that Homeworld: Touch is a remake, while Homeworld 3 is a brand new creative challenge, there is simply more tangible material to show of Homeworld: Touch this early into production.  Unfortunately, we are not a massive game studio that has been funding and cooking up a Homeworld 3 trailer in secret for a year to reveal to the fans. With these challenges aside, we would like to share our conceptual plans for Homeworld 3 with you today, and we will continue to demo more tangible gameplay through videos as our prototypes come together.

What Homeworld means to us...

Our approach to a Homeworld game is largely defined by that special significance Homeworld holds for us, and the three main pillars of Homeworld which we believe should be upheld for future games.  Our Three I's of Homeworld:

  • Innovation - We see Homeworld as its own genre in the Space RTS universe.  It's fully 3D nature, immersively minimalistic interface, and deep gameplay define the perfect space RTS game to us.  We feel this is a genre that deserves to advance innovatively through the latest technology, modern input methods, and expanded gameplay creativity.
  • Imagination - From the first bone-chilling musical notes to the final cinematics, Homeworld presents a thriving universe where even the emptiness of space is filled with adventure and mystery.  We want gamers to be able to explore more of this universe, and through modding, we want gamers to integrate their own stories into the various corners of the Homeworld galaxy. (More on this later.)
  • Industry Meets Community - Homeworld is one of the industry's most historic examples of players connecting with each other not just as fellow gamers but also as fellow indie game developers.  Thanks to the modding community, the Homeworld franchise continues to receive fresh (and FREE) content 10 years after the last entry's release.  We want to continue and to expand this tradition by creating a Homeworld framework more open to customization.  We want to reintroduce veterans and introduce new players to Homeworld modding, so years from now, they too might graduate toward making their own games.

Engine, Framework, and Platforms

We are building what we are titling our "Entropy Framework" on top of the Unity3D game engine for the production of multi-platform Homeworld-genre Space RTS games.  Modularity and accessibility are being kept in mind very early in the process, so as much as possible will be open to core game bundles as well as mod bundles for customizing our games. Platforms including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android will be targeted as appropriate for particular game entries.  The demos we've been showing of Homeworld: Touch on the iPad actually already run on all of the platforms we just listed.  We've built-in traditional Homeworld keyboard + mouse controls along side the touch gestures.

Our Proposed Games

Most of our development efforts will go into the licensing and production of Homeworld 3.  Homeworld: Touch will use Homeworld 3's engine with assets ported from the original Homeworld.  If we can reach our stretch goals, we'll remaster the original Homeworld's assets up to modern standards. Last, we don't believe in punishing gamers for buying games; Our productions will be DRM-free on applicable platforms in addition to controlled distribution platforms such as Steam.

Homeworld 3 - A glimpse of our ideas...

Homeworld 3 is more than just another game. It's more than just a sequel. Homeworld 3 is a complete expansion of what it means to play in the Homeworld universe.

The core mechanics of Homeworld campaign levels and skirmishes will remain familiar to veteran Homeworld players, but with more polish and new opportunities.  So far, we've made advancements to ship physics and scripting that will open up new gameplay possibilities and combat tactics.  All movements in our engine are driven by physics torques and forces that ensure ships will properly respond based on their power, mass, and even nearby gravitational forces (be they natural or caused by weapons).  A lot of the awkward physics glitches and trickery seen in previous Homeworld games will be implemented instead with more realism and gameplay utility.

Beyond your ships, your environment will play a much larger role than in past games.  Constructing defense towers atop immense space platforms, occupying derelict space ruins, and colonizing nearby planets may define some of your battles.

All of these game elements and more are being woven together into a powerfully-driven cinematic campaign that will serve as the traditional backbone of Homeworld 3's story.  So far, we've written 11 chapters posing a variety of conflicts, environments, and personas for players to encounter and we continue to revise and expand.

But this is only just the beginning of our vision.  We're taking an open-galaxy approach to the Homeworld 3 universe, and while players will have a core campaign arc to follow throughout the galaxy, side missions will open up as players progress, gain requisite ships/technology, and trigger events.  These missions will be a combination of deliberately written side arcs as well as procedurally generated skirmishes and mini-arcs.  We'd like to open this story branching system up to the modding community as well, so players can mod their own variety of stories, ships, and scenarios in their own corner of the galaxy for other players to discover.

Now, it doesn't always sense for your entire fleet to arrive in full force for every mission. (Suppose your mothership may even be unavailable in certain circumstances.)  When selecting a mission to play, your Deployment Manager screen will allow you to choose which available fleet resources to commit to an operation whether it be a small strike fleet or your command ship and her mighty fleet.  Be careful, if you fail, you may not get your ships back; however, the rewards may justify the risk!

All of your accomplishments will bring advancements to your fleet as a whole, and your mother base (whether it be a mothership, station, and/or even a planet) functions as the central hub for all fleet decisions and deployments.  Your playing style, successes, failures, and choices will all play a role in customizing your fleet strengths and specializations as you make your way through the campaign.

Usage of Funding

To clarify for a very common question we often receive, the majority of our funds and effort will go into licensing and Homeworld 3.  Given the nature of Homeworld: Touch's assets, that project is actually a much smaller endeavor which is easier to demo early in production.

We thank you all for your generous support!  Please continue to send us your feedback.  We are listening, and your ideas will help drive the future of this project.


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    1. Missing avatar

      IcicleTrepan on

      I miss homeworld so much, glad to see this project.

    2. Missing avatar

      trekker99 on

      Another way you could fit in side missions is to force a split in the forces you have. The success/failure of this side mission where a portion of the forces is sent will dictate how well you handle the next main mission. Even the time spent in the side mission could be factor. If you finish fast enough, this force could even make it to the main mission. If you skip the side mission, you might lose out on some benefit, on the other hand, you might suffer terrible losses in the main mission. I you lose the side mission, the game continues but you have lost all the assets commited to that mission.

    3. woolenthreads on

      Pacing was the only issue for me. I loved HW though I was never able to win the last conflict. I thought HWC was much better though. I never finished the second mission of HW2 because it felt like I was being pushed too hard to jump in and destroy things. This is probably because I like to consider my approaches and my preference is for games which allow for stealth alternatives which didn't seem to be an option in HW2.

    4. teamPixel, LLC Creator on

      @Ilia, you are absolutely correct. The thing that excites us most is not the raw technical advancements that have occured over the past 10 years, but rather the opportunity to explore more of the Homeworld universe that has been waiting there all along. Despite any new ideas we have, we will always come back to the core question, "Does this still feel like Homeworld? Are we properly respecting the legacy of the work that's been done before ours? Are we adding more value to this universe than was there before?"

      @Disposable, thanks for taking the time to give us such detailed feedback. It really does matter to us what the fans think. Please understand, it's very early in the development of the project, so there is still a lot of open-endededness as well as a lot of room for accidental miscommunication. Here's some clarifications on our ideas:

      Our current storyline is set as a sequel to Homeworld 2. The exact timing has not entirely been pinned down. We've had a lot of creative ideas for prequels as well that might explore the history of other races such as the Progenitors or the Bentusi, but we think Homeworld needs to make a big return with the players as Hiigaran's. We also plan to maintain that feeling of progression through the game as it builds upon a story in a way that you earn the ability to move forward.

      At the same time, we don't like making assumptions that all gamers want exactly the same thing. The tactical nature of Homeworld has always been about variety of choice. In a single mission, you have almost infinite possibilities for achieving your goal often whether it be all out combat, stealth, special abilities, salvaging ships, attacking early, attacking late, etc. Just as you have always had the choice over what to build, when to attack, and how to research, we believe it's possible to bring this same variety to the game as a whole in its mission structure. Please understand, there will be a core campaign that fits right in with the traditional Homeworld experience, but we also want players to have the option of more to do and alternative aspects of the story to explore than previous games. The Homeworld universe is a big place, and so much can happen. Any space-faring race is going to be defined by some kind of fight for survival.

      @Asmon, you hit the nail on the head with some of our perspectives on prequels as well as the modding. We would like to open up more of the level configuration and scripting such that users can create new playthroughs with any mixture of modded scenarios/stories from other players. Perhaps players will even be able to curate "playlists" of level combinations to install that will create even new styles of gameplay on top of the core story. It's totally up to the player whether they want to stick to the core campaign like a classic Homeworld game, or enjoy the expansive flexibility modding has always offered. Level designers will be able to say that their levels require certain ships, or are only available at a certain point in the story after a given event, etc.

      While we can't vouch for the playing style of other players in multiplayer, we believe that good level design will offer players a variety of ways to succeed. If a level can only be beaten with twitch-keystroking, then the level design is a failure.

      Stay tuned for more gameplay updates and clarifications in future updates. Thank you all for writing us.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ilia Tokarev on

      And I would ask to save the spirit of the both HW1 and 2, to save the original feeling. The physics of flight, textures and other technical improvements are great, but would not be quite enough. The Homeworld universe is huge, the history of the galaxy has so secrets inside... HW2 ending opens the door to a whole new world. Logically, there should be ancients, traces of Bentusi, remainders of Vaygr and Taiidans, and maybe even beast or Ragnarrok-like ships and/or massive ship graveyards. Or maybe giving a hint to other galaxies, there would be a mystery (and danger of course) at absolutely another scale.
      The game itself has a unique, thrilling and eye-catching imprint of visual, sound and game design. For example, black and white cinematics, partly animated - they re excellent, my proposition is to work on them, polish to the maximum, so is with the music theme (Eastern rhythms and motives fit well, sounding totally epic in such environments).
      To sum up, if you are reading this, in my opinion the main goal is to preserve the style that was given to original games by Relic, but to make something mind-blowing, in nearly endless sea of possibilities.
      Thank you guys for giving this truly exceptional game a second life, will be keeping an eye on your productions, best wishes!

    6. Disposable hero on

      You understand me :) (my english is horrible and ty to translate my though is also a hard thing ^^)

      I fell the same way for the Taiidan, as they maybe in the same situation as we start with the Hiigarans (by default in the game) in the first game. So yes, a prequel would be a really great story, but I don't want to stay in the past, I want to go further in the story with Hiigrarans (or not, I love Hiigarans because of theyr design) and discover a brand new galaxy. I think the prequel would be a better choice as stand alone, in addition to the third (I have the heroes of might of magic series in mind to illustrate my words. I talk about the 5 opus, which is sufficient in itself, but they add two adds on to finish the story)
      About the choice of mission, in the core of the idea I'm with them, but I don't want to add 999 possible side quest to the main story, it's a game killer for me. Modding is great, but it is just it is : modding.
      If we may choose between different mission, as I said before, we must prepare ourself to the consequences of a fail or a not-so-good mission. But don't get me wrong, I don't want another FTL.

      And to finish, you quote one of the segment which made me see red. Okay, we can construct some structures huge as a moon that can protect the mother ship, but for what purpose ?
      Again, I want to play Homeworld, not a random starcraft or sins of solar empire (even is this game is a good one, but far below Homeworld series in my heart)

    7. Asmon Lacroix on

      @Disposable Hero
      So, if I understand you correctly. You want the story to be a fight for survival where one wrong move will be fatal. Would a hardcore mode, where your game gets deleted if you die, help you feel the heat? Team Pixel has not released details about there story. But I certainly would like to see a prequel. Has there been any official lore about the Hiigarans before they got exiled?
      Personally, I'm not sure the story needs to be about the Hiigarans? If there hasn't been official lore before Homeworld, the Hiigarans could have very well been the antagonist. Maybe the protagonists this time around could be the Taiidans. First fighting for survival, but since the road to hell in paved with good intentions. They became the evil empire of Homeworld.
      One thing I like about there proposal, is the possibility for choices, consequences and multiple endings. Also, the possibility to add mod content (side missions) directly in the main story.

      @Team Pixel
      I dusted off my old box copy of Homeworld. One thing I enjoyed then and still do. Is that I can take my "time". Yes, I admit it, I'm a turtleler!! And I like it! I don't like the obligated rush of modern RTS. It's not even strategy anymore, it's keystroke automation. You only have the time to evaluate your surroundings and your already get attacked. WTF!!! I know some people like it that way, but I don't. So how will you address this problem Team Pixel? Will there be different gameplay types in the main campaign?
      [Quote]Constructing defense towers atop immense space platforms, occupying derelict space ruins, and colonizing nearby planets may define some of your battles.[Quote]
      Could you plz explain in more details these 3 concepts in the next update. Especially the planet colonizing, because I'm not sure how it will fit in a linear non static campaign.
      To return a bit on what Disposable Hero said. It's true that the campaign looks more like a crusade than a fight for survival. Could you give us some hints on what the story will be?

    8. Disposable hero on

      Hello guys
      I don't like the way you want to go, I'll explain. Bellow are my thoughts on the game, but the next paragraph sum it

      Put it as simple, I want a game set after Homeworld 2, where the Hiigarans reach another galaxy and search for a planet to colonize. The game must be a survival one, like Homeworld 1, where there is no option to turn back, in any way. We must explore a big sector of this galaxy, meet another race, hostile or not, fail in some searchs, win the right to go further. And in final, settle peacefully (or not if have not the choice, chasing by an hostile race), on a planet. The end for this new book.
      If you have another ideas, I'll put an impartial on it, it's your project after all, but for me (and for modders, evne if I'm not one them) this is alos our game, our hope.

      Homeworld is, over all, a book, an interactive book with stratégies and tactics, but a book.
      Why ? Because it's telling a story with chapters. The player must interract, live with the exiles (for both games, the "faction" we play is always send in a sort of exile in deep space) and win the right to read the next chapter. Each chapters hav main objetcives, and some optionnals, but we, as the commander of the fleet, must focus on the main objective to survive, fail is not an option. If you fail, the story (and in some way, the "faction") die.
      This is how I see the Homeworld franchise.
      As I understand in this update, you want to explore a galaxy. Right. But first, where do you plan to start the game ? As a prequel of the series ? After Homeworld 2 ?
      Second. You plan to add optional mission (with and for the modder community). Okay.
      I read my book, and if I'm bored, take another one, read a chapter of this one, and return to the main book. Isn't a little silly ?
      Franchise (and universe) like Homeworld can't support this kind of logic. We don't play a rpg or warhammer or another rts game, we play Homeworld. And in Homeworld we don't have side mission. Its a matter of survival in a mortal (but magnificent) space.
      If you want to incorpore side mission (each chapter is a mission), it must be a matter of choice. We have the possiilty to search an old abandonned ship in another sector, but we must go the our next goal quickly if we don't want to fail. Choose to investigate the ship and prepare for a hard next main mission if this option is a fail. Choose to go the next main mission and perhaps miss a strong opportunity.
      That's how I see the optional mission option. Again, we don't play skyrim, we play Homeworld.
      [Quote]Now, it doesn't always sense for your entire fleet to arrive in full force for every mission. (Suppose your mothership may even be unavailable in certain circumstances.) When selecting a mission to play, your Deployment Manager screen will allow you to choose which available fleet resources to commit to an operation whether it be a small strike fleet or your command ship and her mighty fleet. Be careful, if you fail, you may not get your ships back; however, the rewards may justify the risk![ quote]
      For this, you're right and wrong. Okay, in mission we can't have the support of our destroyers because there is some abnormality that cut off their engines. Right. But why in the world we want to let a part of our fleet behind if we can manage to survive ? You can answer by the will to colonize a planet and so protect it. Hu, this was not the end of the game ? This is not another part of the Homeworld story, another book ? I'm a little rude on his example, because in Homeworld 2 we protect Hiigara, but we don't depend directly of it.

      I'm an old monkey and I assume it, and as old monkey I want to retrieve the feeling of the Homeworld series, with is deep and immersive story/music/gameplay. But I want some new thing too. You talked about physics, there is some ideas to find in it : distort it, add new ones, etc..
      And about the ships. In the series, only cataclysm take the risk to enhanced the possibilites of the ships, by combining. It was a good idea even if don't use it a lot. I want special ships (or special modul that can be attached to a ship), like a mass distorder (who can alterate the mass of place, where fighters can't escape and explode if trapped), or a cutter (a big blade attached on the front of the ship, to cut fregate series ship), and etc...

      Thanks for reading it to the end ! ^^