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An automated tea brewing machine that uses ultrasonic extraction to retain up to 20% more antioxidants than traditionally brewed tea
An automated tea brewing machine that uses ultrasonic extraction to retain up to 20% more antioxidants than traditionally brewed tea
An automated tea brewing machine that uses ultrasonic extraction to retain up to 20% more antioxidants than traditionally brewed tea
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      Gary on

      Hello! Are we still on time for sept delivery? As I meant this for a birthday gift, would like to know if an alternative is necessary in case of delay. Thanks!

    2. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @A. Irish-Currently we don’t have de-caffeinated tea in our tea farms. We may include these de-caffeinated tea into our tea platform in the future. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on

      Will there be de-caffeinated tea for tea makers who don’t want any caffeine in their tea? Thank you. A. Irish.

    4. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @Gino, Thanks for your comments!!! Your support is greatly appreciated!!!!
      @Jerry, We didn't forget about your comments and feedbacks. Sorry for not able to get back to you with our answers. Simply because we are looking for the best solutions. We are working on the touch screen and will send out update and pictures soon.
      @All, Please trust us that we do value your feedbacks and welcome any comments you may have to help improve our product.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gino Culpepper

      The most important part is seeing you are moving forward and keeping us informed with
      Pics and updates..greatly appreciated and it keeps us backers in the loop.
      Anxious for the product.
      Keep up the good work.

    6. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @A. Irish-TEAMOSA tea machine is good to make good quality of black tea or green tea. It can be used in making Kombucha tea. Howerver, it is NOT able to put Kombucha tea starter culture into the tea machine. Thanks for your question!

    7. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on

      Hi I wanted to know if you teas can be used to make Kombucha - a fermented ted tea please? I wouldn’t want good beverages to go to waste. Thank you. A. Irish.

    8. Missing avatar


      @Teamosa - One last comment about the control panel - if you must put any graphics near the clock and the thermometer icons, instead of small and large dots with the gray background simply put small up and down arrows (curved to fit the dial) above and below both the clock and the thermometer icons. That would look better, be more intuitive, and appropriately minimalistic in keeping with Teamosa's refined aesthetic. The current dial is just too crowded which makes it look more complex and confusing than it needs to be. Thanks

    9. Missing avatar


      @Teamosa - Thanks for the update, I also appreciate the video. Please clarify one thing - I can see when you adjust the temp the readout shows you numbers but when you adjust time it only shows you dots on the left side which increase as you lengthen the time. You said Ethan adjusted the time to 4 minutes but when he started brewing there were only 2 dots. Is each dot 2 minutes? If so, doesn't that seem limiting? I would think you want to be able to adjust brew time more closely (for example, in no more than 15 sec increments). Why didn't you allow the numerical readout to be used to adjust time similar to temp? Lastly, after seeing the control panel actually in use I still feel removing the gray bars at the periphery of the control panel would make the unit look much better. Please take my input as constructive not criticism- I appreciate how hard you are working and I want to see you put out the best product possible because that's how you will succeed. Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar


      @Teamosa - Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your listening to constructive feedback. I think if you make the cosmetic changes I suggested (which involve only printing changes on the touch panel membrane - no actual engineering changes) many more people will find the appearance of Teamosa more attractive (it's much closer to your original design as presented in your campaign video). Thanks

    11. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @Jerry, First of all, We apologize for the late response to your comments. We were en route to the World Tea Expo after we sent out the update. That's why we couldn't response at the first minute.

      We wish we could have more resources to keep the LCD touch panel. The reality push us to change the design. Also, the display lights are white. I didn't make it clear in the comment. The video was a testing one to show you the sensitivity of the touch panel. We value your comments so much. Already passed along your comments to our engineers and we will get you back if we can change our design in the next update.
      We do have the TEAMOSA app. It will be demonstrated in the video over the exhibition. We were too rush to get the model out and running that we didn't have time to film any video. We will share some more videos in the next update. Thanks again!!

      TEAMOSA Family

    12. Missing avatar


      @Teamosa -
      I also meant to ask one more question. In your update you said " In the beginning, we plan to have TEAMOSA as a stand alone machine that users will be easily to control your brewing time and temperature.". Please clarify - are you now saying when the machine ships it will only be able to be controlled manually (ie, users will not be able to control Teamosa using the app)?

    13. Missing avatar


      @Teamosa -

      I appreciate how hard you are working and that there have been challenges but I hope you are open to constructive feedback.

      I really wish you had not removed the LCD touch panel - unfortunately the new touch panel design is a major step backward - the original was so much more beautiful and refined - the new design is just out of character with the machine’s aesthetic - so much so that I doubt I would have pledge for Teamosa had I known I would receive the updated touch panel design. Also because the new touch panel is much bigger than the LCD version unfortunately it stand out even more.

      Will the displays lights be green as in your video or white as in the two side photos (please make the lights white - the green is very unattractive).

      At this point you should make the touch panel blend in unobtrusively rather than doing anything that makes it stand out - specifically, on the black model you should remove the light grey bands at the periphery of the touch panel. The white model’s touch panel looks much better because the entire background is the same color. On the black model the clock and thermometer symbols would show up fine simply by printing them as white symbols on the dark background. Also, please remove the small and large dots above and below the clock and thermometer symbols - they are unnecessary and clutter the design.

      These are easy cosmetic changes to make - a white light, a uniform background (without those unattractive curved bands), and fewer symbols (large and small dots above the clock and temperature) will make the touch panel much less obtrusive.


    14. Lewis Tso on

      Hi, I am not sure did I provide you the address for delivery. I am worried that great machine sends to the wrong place because I just moved. How can I check or update the address detail? Thanks!

    15. Michael Hoevel on

      new updates we always like . And if you are a company which is very detailed and you seems to be then you suceed!

    16. Missing avatar

      yong en on

      Hi, can the 'cup sensor' be turned off? This is because it will cause serious problems if it malfunctions - the whole device would not work and the user will not be able to get the device to pour out the tea. I hope you give this option to turn off the cup sensor. Thanks!

    17. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @michael, we will have a warranty plan and all details will be announced later on too! thanks for your support and please stay tuned with us. thanks.

    18. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      hi @Jerry, thanks for your questions. we are gathering more pictures (bamboo tray and touch panel) to update again in another couple of days. so that you have pictures to know better. please stay tuned with us!

    19. Missing avatar


      @Teamosa - Thanks for the update, you're making excellent progress, thanks for all your hard work. One input - the bamboo tray shown in your update photo, though it looks like it would be easy to clean, doesn't look anywhere near as nice as the bamboo tray in the original campaign video. The new one does't have that "authentic" look which was so nice with the original. There's something about marrying the looks of the new with the old that is very attractive and you achieved that in the original design. Any chance you might go back to the original bamboo tray design? Is that what you meant by you were not satisfied by the quality of the sample bamboo tray? One last question - you mentioned the touch panel has been redesigned - does it look and operate the same? Can you share the new design with us so we can understand how it differs in appearance and function (if any)? Thanks

    20. Michael Hoevel on

      Looks exciting and i have high hopes in your Product .Question how will you and your company do any "after " service . How if certain part do and did break ? like you tea live or such . Are there be items available to replace incase of breakage
      ? now not that i say it will happen but it could ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Taylor-Chong

      Great last update. Exciting times :)

    22. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      hi Carlos, Sorry for the delay. yes. we are sorting out the warranty plan. we will update sooner we have it all plan out. thanks for your question.

    23. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @Abraham, yes. UK will be 220V. Thanks!

    24. Carlos G. on

      I don’t know if this was ever answered but do these come with a warranty of any kind?

    25. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on

      Hi can you ensure I get a 220V for the United Kingdom please? I stated my country of using the unit in the survey. Thank you. A. Irish.

    26. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      hi all, 110V will be for 100~120V. 220V will be for 200~240V. It's a range. We asked for which country you will be using the machine, it's because of the power plug. different countries might have different power plugs. Thanks for your responses!! We look forward to getting all your survey responses.

      @Thomas, You will be 110V for USA.
      @Chris, UK will be 220V.
      @Jason, US will be 110V.

      Thanks again!!!

    27. Jason McCracken

      Yes, please clarify the voltage. I’m US and it’s 120v. Will 110 Work?

    28. Chris Mead on

      Hi there, voltage in the UK can go as high as 240v. Will Teamosa work with these higher voltages safely? Regards.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Smith

      I'm unsure which voltage for US, it's said 120 voltage for US but choice are 110v or 220v. Help?

    30. Missing avatar


      @Teamosa - Thanks for the update. Good luck with the rest of production. I'm looking forward to enjoying some excellent tea!

    31. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @Lisa M: We have two different voltage versions: 110 V and 220V. You need to specify either one. Thanks.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lisa M

      Will the units be made with region specific Voltage plugs or will some customers need adapters?

    33. Carlos G. on

      I wanted to make sure that teamosa came with a warranty of some sort? Sorry if this question was already asked.

    34. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @Benson Kwan: thanks Benson’s question. We are gathering pictures. Please allow a day or two!! :-) thanks!!!

    35. Benson

      Hi, when are you going to post the updated mentioned 6 days earlier?
      Please consider including the utensil set in our perks.

    36. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      hi Bart, Thanks for following up with us!! YES. we are about to send out backers-only updates! :-) more pictures will be included this time! ~C

    37. Bart Guns on

      Hello, I am curious to know what the status is of Teamosa. Could you give us an update?

    38. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @John. Welcome to Taiwan, our hometown and definitely welcome all backers to visit. :-) hope you are having a great time there. Meanwhile, we are focusing on manufacturing. We will keep you all updated very soon!! :-)

    39. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      Hi @Saeed, thanks for your question. Our CTO is now in Taiwan and have been discussed with a couple manufacturers in Taiwan. He has arranged his trip to Shenzhen as well. We target to deliver in September 2018. We will send out updates sooner we have some more information. Thanks.

    40. Missing avatar


      Excited for this. I'm in TW as of the moment. I'll be hoarding and stocking up on some more tea and try to find the best ones. I've heard Ten Ren's Tea is a good brand.

    41. Missing avatar

      Saeed Al Rais

      When do we expect your delivery?

    42. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @Michael Hyland: If you want to purchase more cups, you can buy it from Indiegogo. It is optional. Kickstarter still has a better deal. Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland

      This just got confusing??? When is survey going out? Can one not add the add ons then? Or is indiegogo price going to get better?

    44. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on

      Thank you. A. Irish.

    45. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      @Abraham irish: Please order extra cups in our INDIEGOGO pre-order. We will combine all cups with tea machine in one package. Thanks.

    46. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on

      How can I add the add-ons without having to affect the shipping cost already applied to my present order please? I was thinking of maybe 4 more cups. Thank you. A. Irish.

    47. TEAMOSA Inc. Creator on

      Hi Abraham,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes. We now moved to indiegogo. and you will be able to get extra accessories! Please let us know what we can help further. Thanks!!!


    48. Missing avatar

      Abraham irish on

      Hi I’d like to purchase extra cups so I can make tea for visitors please? If these can be purchased as add-ons, not affecting my current order and shipping costs - then I’d be happy to purchase these before shipping starts? Thank you. A. Irish.

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