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Methven Rua is the next generation of showering that helps to cut water usage without compromising on the experience.
Next generation of showering that helps to cut water usage without compromising on the experience. Pre-order today
Next generation of showering that helps to cut water usage without compromising on the experience. Pre-order today
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    1. Methven Creator 2 days ago

      @Chien Neng Chang
      Thank you for choosing Rua! Let me check it with our delivery team. I will get back to you in a direct message.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chien Neng Chang 3 days ago

      Hi I haven’t receive my shower yet

    3. Methven Creator on

      I know we've already resolved this. But just in case you need any other help - feel free to contact us.

    4. Methven Creator on

      @Mat Foster
      Hi Mat, could you please send me an email to store at. ? We will help you with the return.

    5. Mat Foster on

      Hi Methven,
      Have sent several emails regarding a return without an answer. Can you let me know what is going on?

    6. Missing avatar

      Damir on

      I still didn't receive a package. I asked you support they promised to help but without any feedback since March.

    7. Ronald J Marlowe

      Full post-install review:

      First, let me start by giving a geographic orientation. I’m in the US, so our typical shower pipes point DOWNWARD from the wall, not upward. I anticipated this being an issue, so I ordered the version with the hose and figured there would be sufficient parts there to solve that issue. Nope. I had to order parts to make a work-around, but eventually solved it. So, if you are in the US, that will be a big bug-a-boo. Also the backflow didn’t work at all in either direction.

      Second, I have a water heater that throws sediment at the start. Within days, the new shower head was barely working because it was clogged with sediment in the water restrictor. Big time. This required a clean out and installation of a sand filter upstream in the shower head system. This oversight makes no sense — even cheap shower heads come with a sand filter. So I stole one from my old shower head and installed it. Problem solved.

      Third, I decided to test the unit without a flow restrictor, just for giggles. Removing the flow restrictor takes only a nominal amount of effort. Remove a small rubber o-ring with a paper lip or small pocket knife, then screw in a drywall screw into one of the holes just one turn and give it a tug. Viola. The EPA hates us, but it works. Suddenly, REAL water pressure.

      Overall, overpriced, but a nice feel, especially with full pressure.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Hawley on

      I've sent a couple of emails since the 17th, so far no reply.

    9. Methven Creator on

      @David Hawley
      Please contact us at We will be happy to help you fix this issue or replace the product.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Hawley on

      I received my shower head a while ago and have tried to install it several times. So far, I cannot get it to work at all. I get leaks - mainly from the hose-connector interface on the head end. It is totally useless to me.

    11. Methven Creator on
      Dear Maria, we will double check the status of your delivery tomorrow morning. If it's lost or on the way back to us - we will resend it to you (2-4 days delivery).

    12. Missing avatar on

      You took my money MONTHS ago. I still do not have my product. Confirmation number: 58b5dfd9303386845759c50698a55d3f

    13. Chris Conway

      @Methven: Thank you for your after-sale support with this product, my issue has been well resolved and I am happy with the contact and actions taken.

    14. Missing avatar

      Johnny Song Collaborator on

      @Mark Slingsby
      Please email us directly at with your shipping address. Thanks.

    15. Methven Creator on

      @andre cloutier
      Please email us directly at We will be happy to help you.

    16. Methven Creator on

      Our Russian-speaking colleague will contact you shortly.

    17. Missing avatar

      andre cloutier on

      bonjours j'ai toujours pas de nouvelle sur ma demande, mon produit ne fonction pas comme promis j'ai eu recourt a un plombier certifier pour l'installation et malgré cela, il me dit que c'est le produit qui est défectueux car il a des fuites d'eau. je trouve ca plate de pas avoir de réponse ou de solution de la compagnie.

    18. Missing avatar


      сторонник № 86. В Россию ничего не пришло.
      С уважением,Роман. PayPal.Me/Slenh

    19. Missing avatar


      Thanks very much for offer refund. I just send email.

    20. Methven Creator on

      @ET K
      We are sorry to hear about your experience. If you would like to refund your order - please contact us at

    21. Methven Creator on

      @andre cloutier
      Dear Andre, thank you for your patience. According to our records, your order has been delivered. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

    22. Methven Creator on

      We are sorry to hear about your experience. Probably, you will enjoy ore our Satinjet products. If you would like to refund your order - please contact us at

    23. Methven Creator on

      Dear Braxxan, we are sorry to hear that. If you want to refund your order - contact us at

    24. Methven Creator on

      @Tobias Evers
      Please, accept our apologies for the late delivery. As I see our team is already in touch with you regarding the flow inhibitor question. IN case you have any other questions - feel free to contact us at We respond way faster now.

    25. Methven Creator on

      @Pamela Kranz
      Thank you for your feedback. If you ever have any issues with the product quality - feel free to contact us. We provide a lifetime warranty on our products.

    26. Methven Creator on

      @Simon Vanderzand
      Dear Simon, thank you for your patience. According to our records, your order has been delivered. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

    27. Methven Creator on

      Unfortunately, we had issues with all shipments to Russia. Our team will contact you directly with the details.

    28. Methven Creator on

      @Samuel Klein
      We are sorry for your experience. Our team will contact you directly regarding the refund process.

    29. Methven Creator on

      @Leigh Thal
      Thank you for backing our project! We are happy that you enjoy your Rua!

    30. Methven Creator on

      @Kristian Atkinson
      Dear Kristina, please accept our apologies for responding slow. There was a miscommunication in our team that resulted in a delay in your shipment. Your order has been shipped two days ago.

    31. Methven Creator on

      @Bryan Jenner
      We are sorry to hear. Our team has contacted you directly. We will send you a refund shortly.

    32. Methven Creator on

      @Wolfgang G.
      thank you for your feedback and for backing our project!

    33. Methven Creator on

      @Heather Binns
      Please send us a video of the spay at

    34. Missing avatar

      Heather Binns on

      We are having issues with our Methven Rua. How do we get support as it is not spraying properly? Thank you.

    35. Missing avatar

      Billy Heath

      Hi. I have not received my items! Please inform me of any reason why? Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang G. on

      I've installed it 2 weeks ago:
      + We like the spray pattern, feels good.
      + Seems to save some water.
      -> The main promise is fulfilled.
      + Nice design.
      - Spray should be wider, too narrow.
      - Feels a bit cheap because of light plastic - we expected something different.
      - Hose too rigid, I hope that will change over time.
      - Hose should be longer.
      - Expensive, even on Kickstarter.
      I'd buy it again for 79$. Or wait for a improved version, regarding above critics, and buy that for 99$.

    37. Missing avatar

      Bryan Jenner on

      Hi guys. I have tried contacting you through you website and via kickstarter. There has been no reply. My shower head is not suitable it sprays down the back of my bathtub and cant be used.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kristian Atkinson on

      Still no responses or delivery...

      Whilst I understand the risks of projects getting up etc and the nature of Kickstarter. When you have delivered what seems to be a majority of your orders and still not mine and again with no response, I now expecting a full refund please.

      Please issue immediately as you were quite happy to take additional payment for add-ons after the Kickstarter completion as well.

    39. Leigh Thal on

      After a month I'm very happy with how the head performs. For a water saving shower, I quite enjoy the spray pattern.

      Hope everyone has there's soon.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kristian Atkinson on

      Have waited two weeks now guys for an update on where my order is? I posted here on January 14th and have seen nothing?

    41. Missing avatar

      Samuel Klein

      How do I go about receiving a refund? I've sent numerous emails and messages, to no avail.

    42. Missing avatar

      Damir on

      I haven't receive too. Please tell me how I track my parcel .

    43. Missing avatar

      Simon Vanderzand on

      I haven’t received mine yet either. It was expected by Christmas. I didn’t need for Christmas gift but I’m worried it will never arrive. By the sounds of everyone’s comments I shouldn’t be looking forward to it?

    44. Missing avatar

      Pamela Kranz on

      I received my shower head last week. I would have to agree about the finish. I’m keeping my fingers crossed all the parts that screw hold up, since they’re not metal. As with all new shower heads, the hose is stiff, but I’m sure it will loosen over time. I do like the spray. It’s a gentle force.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tobias Evers

      I have been trying to get in touch with creator through messaging on Kickstarter and through their official support. No response, three weeks and counting.
      Agree with others here that the product is of a cheap make and doesn't produce a satisfactory water spray.
      Seems to me the company behind it took the money and ran.

    46. Missing avatar


      I have installed and been using this shower head for 2 weeks.
      I will remove it and put my old shower head back on.
      Unfortunately, I believe this product to be extremely overpriced
      for the materials it is made of and for what it actually does.
      I feel extremely disappointed.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kristian Atkinson on

      Hello, can you please tell me why I have not received mine yet?

      Have not even received shipping confirmation?

    48. Missing avatar


      If I can I m happy to return it

    49. Missing avatar


      Got mind today and install and use it. Material is ok look good but I don’t think it waste of pay 169$ or retail 259$ for look. Use it water so weak and nothing surprise of using it compare with my original free shower head from buy house. I think nebie is more cool than this from look and what it can do.
      I won’t buy it again or recommend to anyone if anyone can get refund is very lucky because it is not worse to pay for it. Cheap 20$ shower head can do better can change water to many different kind. That is for me. Maybe other think different.

    50. Missing avatar

      andre cloutier on

      bonjours j'ai toujours pas reçu le produit. il y a t'il un numéro de traçabilité pour le suivre? merci

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