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VT is a critically acclaimed iOS tank battle game. VT3 lets loose with multiplayer and amps the adrenaline up to 11! Kill your friends!

VT is a critically acclaimed iOS tank battle game. VT3 lets loose with multiplayer and amps the adrenaline up to 11! Kill your friends! Read More
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About this project



To make the next installment of Vector Tanks. 

Vector Tanks and Vector Tanks Extreme are currently NOT available on the app store:


Atari appears to be paving the way for a reissuing of their classics by putting the squeeze on hundreds of apps! Anything that has even a passing resemblance to an Atari classic has been issued a copyright infringement claim. 

So - thanks to their special relationship with Apple - Atari has successfully scrubbed the app store of their perceived competition. It looks as though Apple complied without so much as a rebuttal or independent evaluation. Tank games, asteroid shooters, and so on have all been pulled.

Vector Tanks and Vector Tanks Extreme! are just two victims of Atari’s gameplan. It doesn’t seem to matter that the game bears only a vague resemblance to Atari’s Battlezone. As of this week, you won't be able to download the first two apps if you haven't already got them.

What are we planning to do about this?
In designing The Visceral Adventures of Vic Vector (codename: VT3), our heavy vehicle battle takes place on a far away planet with Alien hardware.  In our storyboards, agile and deadly hovercraft and air based attackers had already replaced the slow moving tanks of vintage earth wars. Vic Vector truly is a ‘new classic’ that cannot fall under the Atari claw.

So - spurred by the competition and their heavy tactics, we’re making our game that much better, and Vic Vector’s universe that much sleeker and cooler.

“It all seems so much easier on the other side of the screen.”


What’s “Vector Tanks”?:

Vector Tanks is an iOS tank battle game comprised entirely of vector graphics - the same visual art form seen in Arcade games and home gaming systems of the 80’s and 90’s.  There’s just one key difference - the Vector Tanks franchise takes that nostalgic experience and kicks the adrenaline up to 11! 

VT’s high-octane gameplay, gorgeous vector visuals and High-Octane VO and sound effects rocket it miles above the vast majority of App Store titles. John St. John - the voice of Duke Nukem - adds his booming voice and  impromptu bawdy humor to the raucous mix. 

With its frenetically-paced action, unique controls and power playability, VT is one of those few great games that reaps full advantage of the iOS platform’s interface and speed. Played on an iPad, it gains a new level of immersion and pulse-pounding action that you have to download to believe!

What is the history of “Vector Tanks”?:

Vector Tanks has been on the app store since 2009.  Its followup, Vector Tanks Extreme! (VTX) amped up the action, speed and responsiveness, adding new enemies and the weapons to dispatch them with.  Both titles have received rave reviews from the app store and online publications:  

- at the top of toucharcades 2010 favorites:

- a 'glowing' review of VTX:

- and the original Vector Tanks:

Lone wolf programmer Peter Hirschberg envisioned VT while playing in his colossal home arcade. ( )

A few months after he was able to release VTX Peter fell on hard times.  A messy divorce sent his world into a spiral, saw his arcade sold off to cover legal expenses and Vector Tanks a dream disappearing in his rear-view mirror.

Now hope is on the glowing green horizon.  Peter has passed the baton to Black Powder Media - and we are pumped for action, ready to blow VT up!  We're bringing in reinforcements in the form of programmers and artists - we'll stay true to Peter's original vision and push the vector envelope even further.

What is the future of “Vector Tanks”?:

The game has grown bigger in scope and ambition. “VT3” is now just one Chapter (Chapter 4, to be precise) of several that chronicle “The Visceral Adventures of Vic Vector”. 

It’s the story of retired stuntman and part-time satellite repairman, Vic Vector, who is sole witness to, and survivor of, the destruction of Earth by marauding aliens. Vic sets about coolly dispensing his own brand of justice on the evil race that blasted his people to oblivion.

Revenge turns to rescue, as he discovers a way to go back in time.  Could he reverse the devastating events that led to the abrupt end of the human race?

Each chapter of this epic tale contains numerous classic style games rendered in the vector art style.

About this Project:

We’ve been kicking around the idea of VT3 for a while now. Our ambitious plans for the game include adding a multiplayer option with unique skins for different players, an all new vector visual interface and experience, new weapons, control schemes, game modes and much much more.

And that’s just for starters - our long-term goal is to bring you all 7 chapters and the entire nail-biting tale of Vic Vector’s adventures.


Funding Goals:

We don’t forget for a minute - this is YOUR money that we treat with love and gratitude, apply big doses of effort, talent and skill so that we can bring YOU the best possible product.           

The focus of VT3 is on Multiplayer and new game modes. 

Local multiplayer will allow anyone within bluetooth or wifi range of other players to link their iOS devices and battle one another, in teams or work co-operatively against AI.  We can attain Local Multiplayer within the 20K budget.  We would also create a mac desktop version of the game.   So a group could be in a room playing together on an iPhone, an iPod, an iPad, a Mac desktop and a MacBook (or various combinations thereof) - all simultaneously!

World Wide multiplayer is much more ambitious from a programming perspective.  If funding hits the 40K mark we will pour that extra resource into achieving World Wide multiplayer.  Fight your friends across the globe!  As well, a slew of extra game modes such as capture the flag, crush the flag, Headquarters Assault and Jack Rabbit will come online.

If funding makes it to 60k or above we will port the iOS title to the PC platform with an eye to bring it to xbox live arcade.


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    Bronze Sponsor Level - Free copy of "Vector Tanks 3" game for iOS (works on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad)

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    Silver Sponsor Level - THE ABOVE PLUS - One free copy of the Mac Desktop app. (you’re ready for multiplayer!)

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    Gold Sponsor Level ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS - Hi-Res (2550x1600) deskop image of artist’s visualization of the VT landscape. - 11x17 VT poster, autographed by the team - Special thanks mention in credits - Personalized Facebook photo - YOU in the game (see example under ‘Incentives’) - VT3 Keychain - Free copy of VT3 for Windows (Windows version at $60k funding level).

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Team Member Level - ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS - Special log-in code with starting advantage - when a Pledger activates this code they start out behind the wheel of a custom tank: The Bigtrak! The biggest dog with the most firepower will send enemies running for cover. During multiplayer all opponents eyes will be on the Big Trak... and it’s likely the last thing they’ll see. - Beta Test access - ‘Team’ title in credits

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    Pledge $1,500 or more About $1,500 USD

    Producer Level - ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS - invite to the premiere party in Los Angeles. - From, a “Bigtrak jr.” programmable Tank (miniaturized version of the famous 1970’s Big Trak) - Custom laser etched VT3 iPhone Case (the vector artwork GLOWS IN THE DARK!) - ‘Producer’ title in credits.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    Executive Producer Level - ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS - Custom 1/18-scale 3D print/cnc of a Vector Tank (molded in translucent green with LED illumination effects) - invite to the premiere party in Los Angeles with Red Carpet photo-op w/team and celeb supporters. ‘Executive Producer’ title in credits

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