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Comedy short film following a curmudgeon (Michaela Watkins, "SNL") plagued by insecurity who's saved by her hero, a local doctor (Matt Walsh, "UCB").


You are supporting a comedy short film about a lame lady named Wooly (Michaela Watkins "SNL") who is plagued with insecurity and jailed by the full body girdle that she purchases after being wooed by the above advertisement. Wooly is saved by her hero, a doctor (Matt Walsh "UCB"/ "Role Models") who she fell in love with after seeing his local medical clinic commercials.


Do you bloat after you drink a glass of milk? Do you struggle with gassy tummy after a generous serving of yogurt? Do you continually ignore your lactose intolerance? What the hell is wrong with you?

Anxiety. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be in therapy, but you can’t afford it and that’s OK because now there’s new and improved short film written and directed by Lake Bell called “Worst Enemy” to help you with all of your intestinal and psychological needs.

Because here’s the good news: your life? It’s not as sad as Wooly’s.

Wooly is your bland neighbor. She’s the moderately pretty girl you see walking her ugly dog. She’s the young curmudgeon who’s profile you want to submit to one of those make-over shows. She’s the misanthrope that apologizes to you and argues with you in the same breath. Wooly is not you and, Wooly is not me. You may never meet her and there’s very little you can do about that. But here’s what you can do: watch Wooly navigate the week of her life where everything became lucid. Itchy, scratchy, milk-drinking Wooly becomes emotionally and physically so wrapped up that she is literally extracted out of her tornado of neurosis with the help of the kind eyes, healing hands, and dry logic of a hero in the form of a regional medical clinic physician.

Remind yourself what’s its like to be un-original, un-extraordinary, and un-loved. Because if you can remember what that feels like, you will, in turn, feel better about yourself. You don’t need therapy, you have Wooly. She’s her own worst enemy and hence, your best friend.


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    You'll get an awkward production still (photo) from the film.

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    You'll get a DVD copy of the short signed by the director, star and also a "signed" headshot of the doggy actor that plays "Poof."

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    You’ll get a DVD copy of the short, signed by the director, cast and a personalized thank you note in the form of a page of weird but somewhat poetic doodles.

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    You’ll get a signed fancy print of a "Wooly - Endangered Species" painting.

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    You’ll get an original painting of an endangered species by Wooly herself. And, a Special Thanks credit at the end of the film.

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    Your name will appear 3 times in the film in either subtle or more obvious ways. And, a "Special Thanks" credit at the end.

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    You'll get a signed DVD copy of the film, an original Wooly painting, and an "Executive Producer" credit. So, good for you.

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