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WE ARE FUNDED!! (Woohoo and Thank You!) If you missed the boat, not to worry -- our ship is coming in. Sign up at the link below to get notified of our upcoming launch, and receive exclusive offers and mom-spirations. Go hands-free. Live hands-on.™
WE ARE FUNDED!! (Woohoo and Thank You!) If you missed the boat, not to worry -- our ship is coming in. Sign up at the link below to get notified of our upcoming launch, and receive exclusive offers and mom-spirations. Go hands-free. Live hands-on.™
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Hands-free leggings for the mom-life (and beyond)



 UPDATE JUNE 21: 10% of  every pledge will be donated to RAICES to reunite children with their families. Read more about this decision in the IMPACT section below. 


Motherhood is full of #allthethings – it is overwhelming and messy, and it is filled with moments of transcendent magic and grace; not always in equal measure, admittedly. But #qualitynotquantity.

TEAL urbanwear is about freeing up space for the magic, the moments, the grace. 

It is about letting go of the things that weigh us down, so that we can lean in to the humans that lift us up.


SPOILER ALERT: It’s about putting POCKETS where they finally belong -- on women's clothing, starting with the mom staple -- the yoga pant. We believe that we CAN have it all: uncompromising style, comfort, functionality, and all the magical moments. For moms who've got their hands full, having it all means we don't have to carry it all.

TEAL leggings are made in the USA, sourced in the Pacific Northwest, eco-friendly, and sustainable (read about our fabrics in the FEATURES AND FABRICS section; our Kendor fabric is made of crab and/or shrimp shells!). Each pair has a a deep pocket on each side, and an additional zippered pocket on the waistband with a loop for keys tucked in. Sizes range from XS-XXL. And we can always accommodate additional sizing. These are designed for the EVERY-woman.

At the risk of making husbands a footnote in human history: 
We're bringing pockets back. (Sexy is here to stay.)
(Handbag optional.)

As a mom, the struggle of never having enough hands is real amirite? I mean you’re carrying all the things: all of their things, all of your things (if you even remember your own things), toddler on hip… then there’s always the child who takes off her sweatshirt and flings it at you.  Because you clearly don’t have enough on your hands! 

No more forgetting your own bag when you leave the house because you’ve thought of and grabbed everyone else’s bags. 

No more laying your phone on the playground apparatus to help your little up the play structure, only to search for it quick so you can capture that delicious grin coming down the slide.

No more handing over your phone to the hubs to put in his pocket while hiking with the fam. Only to have to ask him for it every time you want to capture a breathtaking moment, or just a freaking cute goofy moment of squealing dirt-covered pipsqueaks. 

No more fumbling through your bag for your phone when you’re checking in for a long flight with toddlers. No more fumbling for your debit card when a snack at the gift shop is the only thing that stands between breakdown and breakthrough.

 It’s about lightening your load, Mama. Because it should be about the moments that lift you up, not the things that weigh you down. 

Overwhelm – on numerous levels – both emotional and physical – is a badge us moms wear courageously. Jennifer Senior has written an excellent book on the modern paradox of parenthood titled “All Joy and No Fun.” And it makes sense. We do it all, with our hands full, with an affected smile, and we keep going. But our spirits dull in the process. I want to reignite our spirits and our passion for having fun with our kids, not in spite of the mess, but because of it. 

 Reflective musings and creative writing have helped me shift from emotional overwhelm to gratitude, fun, and connectedness. 

 TEAL urbanwear is my way of addressing the physical overwhelm and facilitating the shift to freedom, playfulness, and connectedness. 
Both shifts – the emotional and the physical – align with a way of being and living with kids that is rooted in presence, and infused with joy – joy that includes fun. (You can check out my foray into fun-infused daily routines here:

Here’s what TEAL urbanwear is all about:
  • It’s about knowing what to let go of (the things)
• And what to hold on to (your people)
• It’s about the moments that lift you up
• Not the things that weigh you down
• It’s about filling your heart
• Not your hands
• It’s about leaning in to the mess
• And the grace
• It’s about fabulous 
• And functional
It’s about going hands free. In order to live hands on.™  
Because when you don't gotta carry sh*t
You can make mommy-moves
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"Besides the obvious functionality (which I can't overstate how amazing the pockets and keyring are!), I love how they fit. They're comfortable yet slimming, giving me confidence in my mom bod!" -- Shea Cope
"I LOVE these leggings. Being the mom of a very active 14 month old, I'm constantly finding myself chasing my daughter around! Having the TEAL leggings has made a huge difference because they allow me to chase her and not have to worry about losing my phone, keys or wallet while doing so. I've worn them to yoga, spin class, a 5k as well as grocery shopping and lounging around the house, They are the perfect any day, anywhere leggings!!" -- Kalie Strickling

I am a mom of four kiddos, ages 11, 9, 4, and 2. I fold laundry to hood music, I swear way too fucking much, and I polish off the tub of ice cream after the last child has gone the F to sleep. 
I am a multi-passionate creative with a background in Education and Theatre. I’ve always been a paragon of paradox – the academic hip-hop dancer with the orange hair.

But what really came to define me and fill my life with purpose in a way that I didn't entirely expect was my experience in motherhood. Talk about juxtapositions and paradoxes: the mess and the grace right?

I mean one moment you're going batshit crazy trying to get the last child the F to sleep. The next you're stealing a precious moment gazing at your now beautiful sleeping angel.

I began to find meaning and expansive shifts in perspective when I opened myself up to what I could learn from my children, rather than what I could teach them. And I started writing and chronicling my experiences and musings on motherhood

I have a thing for shifting the perspective slightly so that that it shifts the experience significantly. I have a thing for identifying the moments of grace, the softening that lies within (or just on the other side) of the abundant mess of motherhood. (Those “bear-hunters” were right: the only way beyond is through). 

I also throw some pretty mean dance parties in my kitchen; because when week-ends with kids kick your ass, ain’t nothin’ better than to kick it ol’school!

This has been a process of taking baby steps during baby naps (#themompreneurlife.) Seriously though, I’m thinking I might need to have another baby because I don’t know how I’ll find time for anything once the littlest is done with naps.

Over the past 9 months, I have been dedicated to showing my kids that their crazy mama’s vision is worth pursuing, that big dreams and small consistent action matter. 

I have even succeeded in getting my 9 year-old tween to READ by taking her with me to coffee shops on weekends while I work away at my computer. 

Over the past 9 months, I have gone through the process of brining an idea to life through the stages of product development, the testing of multiple prototypes, and the facilitation of a focus group, wherein I gleaned valuable feedback. 

Moms spoke. I listened. I tweaked. 

And I am ready to present: the first round of TEAL urbanwear leggings, sourced in the Pacific Northwest and produced locally, in Portland, OR, USA. Because local, eco-friendly, and sustainable matters. 

WHY urbanwear?

I am committed to creating leggings that will make the everyday mom feel good and look good, whether she’s at the playground or at the playhouse, at daycare or date-night.
Leggings are generally categorized as active-wear and are designed for fitness activities like running and yoga.

But when your toddler is your cardio and your active consists of running after your child, not a marathon, you need a legging that will look good, feel good, and carry your things so that you can carry on mama. 

Whether you’re at the playground, strolling by the food-carts (we are, after all Portland-based), or having coffee with your hot-mess mamas, you want to be strutting the pavement in style, in comfort, and with frivolous freedom!

My vision was to purposefully design leggings that are simple, versatile, and sophisticated, to take you from daycare to date nights! Both the materials and the styles join to create an everyday legging that can be dressed down or dressed up. 

And most importantly: to carry your things so that you can lean in to your people.


All TEAL urbanwear leggings feature side pockets along the side-panel, an additional zippered waistband pocket with key loop, and a high-waisted wide reinforced waistband. 

Our sizing ranges from XS to XXL: Because clothes should fit YOU not the other way around.

As for material – I tested a couple different fabrics and then couldn’t decide between the two. They’re both fabulous. I hate to admit it took me quite some time to realize I don’t need to pick just one (genius outside the box thinking huh?)!

My first production run will feature two awesome fabrics, each with its own feel; one is more washed/matte, and the other has an added sheen. We’re all versatile, why should our fabrics be limited?

Zen and Dharma are the matte materials; the Dharma collection features a heathered effect. The Kendor fabric has more of a sheen to it. 

Zen: Zen is Ultra Soft, Breathable, and has Wicking Treatment properties. All of these performance wear qualities make up this beautiful, stretchy fabric. Zen also has quick-dry qualities that leave your garment feeling fresh. 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex

Dharma: Heathered fabric, this stretch fabric is stylish, durable, wicking treatment and has a fast recovery with great stretch. 88% Polyester/12% Spandex

Colors: Heathered Grey, Heathered Denim, Blue

Kendor: Recycled Hi-Count Polyester, ChitoSante is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic treatment that is made from crab and/or shrimp shells! ChitoSante makes your garments breathable, durable, fast drying, pill resistant, anti-bacterial and odor resistant.
Colors: Forest Night (green), Eggplant (purple), Black
Having everything you need so that you can do anything you want? FREEDOM! 
I wanted to celebrate the sense of freedom that the side pockets engender by focusing on the side-panels. The side-panels are the brand. 
(They also happen to be super slimming by the way: BONUS!)

They are inspired by an urban vibe that celebrates diversity, strength, softness, and tattoo art (hey, I’m doing my part to keep Portland weird!) 

While the designs are attention grabbing, the color schemes and tones are muted. I’m committed to delivering leggings that are versatile and go with anything. 
That said - pops of color have been proven to add bursts of playfulness and energy to the wearer (yes add scientific research to my belt!)
Ya know I gotcha covered:
My goal is to collaborate with vibrant and emerging artists on the designs and to continually bring to life interesting sophisticated one-of –a-kind designs. 
Here are some art-spirations from future collaborators:
I’m super stoked about tapping into the universe of creative energy and collaborating with other visionaries, all the while keeping you styled, comfortable, and hands free – so that you can seize the moments that life throws at you – hands on!

Did I mention I'm Portland-based? 

So how sick would these tatoo-inspired designs be for the side-panel prints? 
Any tatoo-artists out there? Hit me up yo! 

Our signature side-panels are made to hold your essentials and keep you leaning in while looking GOOD in one of three styles: 

1) Streamlined -- Stitching only: This style offers a darker side-panel stitching to complement the body of the legging. It is classic and timeless.
Stitching onlyon the following variety of leggings: 
 in Heatherd Grey, Heathered Denim, Forest Night, Eggplant, and Blue. 

2) Sleek -- Solid color side-panel: 
This style offers a solid side-panel (black, heathered grey, or heathered denim). It is sleek and sporty. 
Solid side-panel options: 
Solid strip: heathered grey, heathered denim, black
Leggings: Black, Blue, Eggplant, Forest Green, Heathered Denim, Heathered Grey

Additional options: 
Heathered grey legging with red side-panel
Heathered denim legging with navy side-panel

3) Funky -- Print side-panel design: This style offers an artistic printed side-panel. It is fun, flirty, and funky. 
Print side-panel combinations: 

 Black with black/white zebra print
Forest Night (green) with denim mandala print
Heathered Grey with black/white words print 
Blue with grey tribal print

Eggplant with grey aloha floral print

Heathered denim with blue floral print

Heathered grey with red leaves print


I was walking with my kids downtown after the March For Our Lives demonstration on March 24th, and we passed by a homeless woman with a toddler sitting beside her and a baby in her lap. It brought tears to my eyes, and Liliana (my 9 yr old) later asked if we could turn our tiny BNB unit into a homeless shelter.
I have always made it a priority to discuss social issues with my children and to cultivate a strong sense of empathy and compassion in them. I am so eager to model this principle and to create real impact in our community. 
Homelessness is a significant problem in Portland and it is a social issue that is close to my heart. I am committed to doing my part and donating a proceed of sales plus product to the women in Portland’s shelters. Pockets can go a long way, and comfort and style is every woman’s birthright. 
Moreover, I am determined to build a structure for social enterprise within my emerging business. Inspired by Leila Janah’s seminal book “Give Work”, which outlines the value of giving work rather than aid, as a way to create a more sustainable economic environment, I am working on a plan to “give work” to low-income single moms through an affiliate program, as a way of putting money (and thereby sustainability and growth) in their pockets.

In light of the horrifying, divisive, and abusive treatment of families on our borders, I am compelled to update this section. 
I feel heartbroken, I feel defeated, I feel distressed, I feel outraged (FUCK TRUMP!!!!)
And while I don’t have the capacity to move from tears to laughter with the mercurial speed that my children do, I am learning from them to lean into the emotions. 
Anger and sadness are there to guide us; we can’t skip over them or hide under them, the only way out is through (“bear-hunts” anyone?) 
I know that my tears and despair alone will not make a difference. But they will help guide me to making heart-centered choices. 
The entirety of my business, my brand, my passion, my philosophy, is anchored in families together. TEAL urbanwear, at its core, is about celebrating family. It’s about connection, about playfulness, about holding close and leaning in. It’s about supporting moms who’ve got their hands full to lean into the magic in the mess.
#familiesbelongtogether and I cannot stand by in silence. I will be donating myself to RAICES, but have also decided to donate 10% of pledges backing my project to reuniting children with their families. 
Praying for saner more humane days and hoping that I can take some part in getting there.
  I truly believe that the surest way to grow – on every level -- is through giving: be it in our relationships, our businesses, our personal development. When we give, we grow.


Here is the timeline for the production and fulfillment plan, outlining the journey from I to You:
The $12,000 I ask for here covers the cost of the first run of production, as well as the cost of pattern development, grading, and sourcing:
But if I get even further, I have SO many visions for where this brand can go. You with me?


A lifestyle brand for moms who've got their hands full will not stop at leggings. Leggings are my starting point. 

But there are times (summer summer summer summertime) that we want to feel light and flowy and flirty, amirite ladies? Can we get a "hallelujah/hell yeah" for dresses and skirts with pockets??!!

Also -- while us moms know that pockets are a game-changer, we are also always thinking about our kids right?
Moms know that girls need pockets too; whether for sticks and rocks, or sprinkles and confetti. 
Let’s celebrate the mama-daughter moments with mama-daughter leggings! If I exceed my goal, I can begin design and production on #motherdaughtergoals.

Liliana (my 9 yr old) has already started sketching the designs for girls’ leggings. You'd better believe there's pink and sprinkles in the mix. 
She’s not getting an iphone to put in hers for another couple years (at least!) but a tween and her lip-gloss are inseparable.  

Badass Dad leggings!!

Say what? Stay with me here. 
My husband is the schmeckmaven in the family. He’s the fashionisto and design connoisseur. He sometimes carries a purse (it’s European!) and swears that the next big trend is leggings (with pockets of course) for men. 
If I exceed my goal, I can begin development for leggings with extra room in the thigh and calf that also provide for the comfort and support of certain anatomy.

To be the first to know when all this badassery becomes available, be sure to sign up to our mailing list:

** Last but not least: TEAL urbanwear -- THE MOVEMENT: 

At its core -- TEAL urbanwear represents a lifestyle/freestyle. There is SO much juiciness to this y'all:

My vision for TEAL and its subsidiary "Lean in Mama" -- a community of badass hot-mess big-hearted moms -- encompasses a dynamic integrative lifestyle movement: a movement that submits that the magic is in the mess and aims to simplify and elevate the #momlife through an amalgam of physical products, creative content, and live events. Each of the components is aligned with the intention of finding the magic in the mess, and cultivating a sense of lightness, playfulness and connectedness in the experience of motherhood. 

Keep your eyes peeled for some incredible live retreats in the works – for moms and children together. I’m talking a team of transformational coaches guiding us in creative play, spiritual expansion, and of course epic dance parties: collecting moments and building unforgettable memories. TOGETHER. 

Think summer camp (or better yet -- glamp!) for the whole family. 

Because why should the kids have all the fun? Get on my list (link) for updates.







Jennifer Alyse at for the amazing lifestyle shots. 

Ian Stout at and Robin Vada at for their amazing work on the video. 

ALL. YOU. BACKERS. -- for joining the "hands-on" movement!!!

p.s. Here’s the very first video of me talking about how the idea was born with a baby that’s not so much a baby anymore that only wants to nurse rather than "sit still look pretty". (Here’s me leaning into the mess; and finding the moments of grace.)

Risks and challenges

Well MY biggest challenge throughout my mompreneur journey has been wrapping my head around wearing ALL the hats. Talk about mindset explosion. Seriously, the mindset piece has been my biggest challenge and my biggest reward.

As far as risks and challenges that might concern YOU –
I’ve worked myself into a frenzy to try and mitigate them.
I have laid out a realistic manufacturing timeline (see above) and included extra time to allow for issues that may arise along the way.

I’ve developed a solid relationship with my local manufacturer here in Portland. Yes, the costs with domestic production are significantly higher, but quality control, employing local citizens, and nurturing relationships are high on my set of values.

Furthermore, having a nearby manufacturing partner will make it easier to oversee production, ensuring quality and on-time fulfillment.

Most importantly, I am committed to open communication; I promise to be transparent throughout the process. You will be the first to know if anything comes along that may affect this timeline.

Now let's get this hands-on party started!

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