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TealBot Designs is proud to present its first clothing line release. Come Support a Dream in the making.

TealBot Designs proudly presents the first release of TealBot Clothing. Based out of Denver, Colorado, TealBot was first created as an identity for me personally as a graphic designer. Once upon a time when I was knee high to a duck, a very large duck, I had a dream to create a clothing line. As a dancer I was exposed to many urban clothing lines that really inspired me. Many years have gone by and I still haven't found my niche into clothing. That's until 

TealBot was created

....and so the dream begins.

TealBot is based off the motto of Peace, Love, and Good Design. I wanted to produce designs that ONLY represented such things. I see clothing as a canvas for designs that only hold true to the modern aesthetics of today. We strive to offer something that everyone can be proud of wearing. Something nice, smooth, cool, righteous, urban, fantastic, suave, just plain freaking awesome. All the designs are created by me with love and I will continue this in the hopes that the world will see the same vision as I. That Peace, Love, and Good Design still exists.


When KickStarter is OVER you will receive an email that will ask what design/shirt you want ( so don't worry if it doesn't ask you after you donate ), shipping address, and other questions to ensure that you get what you want. My shirts and other Items will be printed near the end of THIS MONTH, so yes, I will have everything for you and ready.  

My Goal is above but the more I get the more I will be able to send you ( Secret Prizes and such ). I really want you to get the best of TealBot so Fingers Crossed.

This is where I need your help. Begin and make history in this dream of mine. Help send my message and vision out to the world. Only with the minds and imaginations of you can I provide a product that serves true to the bohemian beliefs of truth, beauty, freedom and love. Wait..... That's from Moulin Rouge. Okay that and the beliefs of TealBot. Peace, Love, and Good Design.

Thank you for everything and those who have brought the existence of TealBot to be. I promise I will do everything to bring our dreams farther than the moon and out towards our deepest imaginations.

Special Thanks to:

Michael Glover for filming

Juan Whomp Whomp Macias for editing 

Sara Jane Thompson at Indy Ink for all your support

Nicole Nicholas For EVERYTHING

With love,

Anukpon Eddie Viboolsittiseri aka TealBot!/tealbotdesigns


  • I offer sizes from sm to xl. When it comes to 2xl and 3xl it is an extra $5. For anything larger I would have to charge and extra $10. This goes for each shirt in that size. More material more cost to print.

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  • There is an extra $10 for international shipping.

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    That's a dollar closer to dreams coming true. When you pledge a dollar we will be more than happy to give you a very loving TealBot thank you and shout out from out Facebook and twitter. A TealBot sticker will be in store for you as well. One to stick on your car, bag, phone, pet, someone's hair or back just as a joke.

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    A great contribution full of pride and gratitude. Along with sticker package TealBot will also send you access to some beautiful wallpapers to admire on that marvelous device of yours. A thank you will also be in store. We would love to see your name on our site as well as you would love to see that your contribution meant the world to us. It really does.

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    You are moving closer to godliness with us. TealBot will lovingly make a custom thank you card for you along with what you see above. This also will allow you to take part in choosing our next design. We will now sigh with relief knowing that our love is mutual. Thank you.

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    Now we are talking!! With this power you will take your pick of what shirt you want and the size. Along with the packages above you are more than welcome to laugh at your friends and make fun of them for missing out. Feel free to make fun of their pets too cause we have your back.

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    May the shirt gods be with you always. Two shirts of your choosing along with the benefits above. We will also give you a custom poster signed by yours truly and of course you may choose which design you want me to print for you. Yes, all this power just for you. That's because you deserve every bit of it.

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    If you could see the tears from my face you would be complete for life. With this you can choose four shirts that you truly enjoy and of course the benefits of above will be yours as well. I want to do a special shout out for the people who do this pledge. I will make a video thank you along with the posters I will sign for you in appreciation to your contribution. This means more than the world to us and we want you to know that you will always be apart of TealBot. Thank you.

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    I bow to thee. TealBot is forever grateful to you. I am completely drenched in my own tears right now. All five shirts are yours along with everything above and to accommodate for your contribution I will make sure you will know the next season of designs before anyone and I will give you the one you want for free. Yes for FREE!! There is more that we can offer you personally and that even means making a shirt together for you and you alone. If there are multiple people who participate in this pledge we will do a drawing for the lucky individual who will help us design a shirt with their signature in the design. Oh if there are so many beautiful souls to take part in this, all of which will explode into glorious creation. Let's make dreams happen and Oh Yes I will make a video dedicated to you with much thanks and some good quality dancing!!

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