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Tea Cuvée - We deserve better's video poster

It's just not okay to give people bad tea! Read more

Boston, MA Food
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It's just not okay to give people bad tea!

Boston, MA Food
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Evy Chen
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So, we have been quite busy...

Hello friends, sorry for being quiet for the past few weeks.  We have been busy pushing Tea Cuvée to production, and I am proud to say, Tea Cuvée is now a reality! So, here is what has been going on:

First of all, we finished the final bottle design! 

Thanks for those of you who voted. Tea Cuvée has a new label design.  We decided to feature the leaf on the front of the bottle and give it a golden shine. 

Then we had our first photo shoot!

Then we had labels made, bottles purchased, and teas brewed (with 100 gallon buckets)!

And here we go! The final product!

June 17th-19th, Tea Cuvée had the honor to attend The Fancy Food Show in Washington DC along with hundreds of world's premium food/beverage brands. It was the very first time Tea Cuvée was presented to the public and we have received a lot of interest from food/beverage professionals around the world. 

Now we are preparing for our first pitch with Whole Foods.  Please wish us luck! Soon, Tea Cuvée may be found on store shelves near you!

Thank you for your support.

Love as always,