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45 color-coded communication flash cards to help parents reduce stress, build connection, and model respectful communication for kids.
45 color-coded communication cards to help parents reduce stress, build connection, and model respectful communication for kids. NOW SHIPPING! Get yours today!
45 color-coded communication cards to help parents reduce stress, build connection, and model respectful communication for kids. NOW SHIPPING! Get yours today!
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    1. Lori Petro Creator on

      Nathan and Taru, I'm so happy to hear it! Your feedback means the world to me. Thank you :)

    2. Nathan Winters on

      Got mine in Austria just a couple of days ago...
      browsed through them, and they are well made and easy to follow...
      No regrets. Delivered as advertised...

    3. Taru Kesänen on

      Got my cards today here in Finland. They are awesome! So glad to have participated in this campaign. Thank you Lori!

    4. Lori Petro Creator on

      Jennifer, I'm so glad to hear it! Thank you for your support!

      Who else got their cards? Would love to hear your thoughts. Share here or send us your pictures! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Trethewey on

      The cards arrived today. They look and feel great! Thanks so much for such a quality product!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Any updates? Thanks!

    7. Lori Petro Creator on

      Hi Everyone! It's exciting over here as I wrap up this campaign. Regarding the questions about the cards and availability - yes, we hope to offer the decks via my website and other channels once the cards are published. We will let everyone know when they are available via the Kickstarter update page! Thank you so much for all of your support!

    8. Lori Petro Creator on

      Hi @Guari! Thank you so much for your support! The teacher deck has not been created yet and isn't available with this kickstarter. We're going to use the extra funds to create the deck and will let everyone know when it is available!

    9. Missing avatar

      Gauri on

      So excited ! Congratulations. How do I get to purchase the conscious communication cards for teachers? I'm going to be facilitating workshops in a school on social emotional wellbeing and would love the resource�... thank you Lori for the brilliant work that you do...

    10. Missing avatar

      Tamra Snell on

      I would love to be able to get the full set instead of the 12 samples. Will I be able to order those in the near future? Thanks!

    11. Lisa on

      Congratulations, Lori... and THANK YOU!!
      I am super super excited to receive my deck down under (Australia!)
      x x x

    12. Arron on

      Hi Lori, would conscious communication cards be available for purchase in the future?


    13. Lori Petro Creator on

      @Leilani Thank you so much for your support and your note. I sent you a message about your question! We hope to be able to offer additional classes at the end of the campaign which you can add to your pledge via our survey forms that we will send out. In the meantime, I sent you a message with some options! Thank you so much fo your support! xLori

    14. Missing avatar

      Leilani A.

      Hi! Is there a way to add the 40 day transformation (tweens) and supporting sensitive children to my pledge (I pledged the Back talker, since I also wanted to Communication series). These look amazing and looking forward to being able to incorporate them!

    15. Lori Petro Creator on

      Hi Carrie, No, we won't be able to add the deck to this campaign as a reward because we won't have a timeline complete to estimate a delivery. But if we reach the translation goal, the plan is to make them available as soon as possible.

    16. Missing avatar


      If you make it to the 500% and do the translation to Spanish would we be able to add on the translated deck at the end?

      Our au pairs are native Spanish speakers and I would like to have 1 deck for my husband and myself and 1 deck for our au pairs so that there is less for them to translate when using these.

    17. Lori Petro Creator on

      I can't figure out how to reply to people with a comment under their name... so thanks for your understanding with my mass reply message :)

      @Sajid Thank you for your support! and yes, I agree and have ideas for all kinds of decks - for adults too!

      @Angela - Thank you!!

      @Andrea - Yes - and app is a stretch goal dream!

      @Lauren - Thank you and if you haven't already, I hope you check out my youtube for more communication tips

      @Erika - I think you got it handled already but let me know if you need more help.

      @Hannah - Thank you!! The PDFs are estimated for September. But, everyone who pledges $30 above (except for the Talk Therapy reward) gets a PDF and a deck - and you get the PDF in September and the decks in Dec.

    18. Missing avatar

      Hannah on

      Congrats on your super fast funding, Lori! I decided to do the PDF of the cards since the ETA for them to be ready was September, versus December for the printed cards. I'm wondering since you were fully funded so quickly, will the printed cards be available sooner than December? I'd prefer to not print my own but I need these things like yesterday!

    19. Lauren F. Ignacio

      I'm an in-home family psychotherapist and I can't wait to share your techniques with my colleagues and the families I work with. Thank you for creating these cards! I can't wait to read them.

    20. Missing avatar

      Erika Swinbourne on

      Hi I managed to contact u here,so big question how do u change my pledge??? ��

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrea Lampela Heinl on

      I think I read that there might be an app! Is this an add-on for later?

    22. Missing avatar

      Angela Campolla-Sanders on

      I'm super excited about these! Such a great resource and tool for parents, teachers, therapists, spouses and anybody really! They help build better connection, respect, trust and deeper love & understanding. Empathy folks! :)

    23. Sajid Fakir

      Cool project. Something like this should be made teaching us how to communicate with difficult adults.

    24. Lori Petro Creator on

      @Lauren Tucker: yes! You can change your pledge at anytime before the end of the campaign. You're not charged until then!

    25. Lori Petro Creator on

      Hi Lauren! Pledges aren't charged until the end so you can cancel or change your pledge at any time!

    26. Missing avatar

      Lauren Tucker on

      Can I switch mine from the $25 to $30 if I paid with ApplePay?