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The story of Captain John, a self-centered space pilot, and his sidekick Asimov, garbage can turned witty genius robot.
The story of Captain John, a self-centered space pilot, and his sidekick Asimov, garbage can turned witty genius robot.
273 backers pledged $13,249 to help bring this project to life.

NEW Mission Control Award, & Closing in on Stretch Goal 3!

We did pretty well over the weekend, and the numbers are closing in on the 3rd stretch goal - the printed version of Spare Parts! I've decided to reformat that book to be the same size as the graphic novel, so they will sit nicely together. Here's a mockup of the two covers:

As a BONUS, Steve Ogden has agreed to draw part two of "Payload" - the Lian origin story on Mars! This will conclude that story that was first published in my first book. The whole story will be included. 

Mission Control Award!

People have been asking for a bigger award, one below Genius Robot but above the $95 level. I've added something cool - be a part of the Mission Control team that sent John to Mars! I'll draw your headshot as a member of Mission Control, and give you a job title. You will be placed in the FRONT of the book as a top supporter of Marooned! This award comes in at $150.

PLUS - I will send you the digital, hi-res drawing to use as you like!

Here's an example:

Slip Cases?

Over the weekend there was some talk of getting slipcases made to fit the two printed books as a set. That would be cool - but I know it's expensive. I will be talking to my printer about it this week. 

Driving Toward Hardcover

We really aren't that far from the hardcover - another $1,300 will do it. Help me get the word out!

Add Ons!

The add ons are now listed! Grab an extra book, print, patch, or panel! 

  • Extra Book - $20
  • Print - $8
  • Patch - $7
  • Cut Panel - $6

To get an add on, go to manage pledge and increase the amount. At the end, you will tell me in the survey which item(s) you want. Also, you can watch this Kickstarter video which explains it on the video below (scroll down to "How can I change my pledge amount?")

The Ocuoctopod - Page 3

And of course... the next page...


    1. Tom Dell'Aringa Creator on August 5, 2013

      Yes! Sorry not to be clear. That should be in there too.

    2. NaNaJackJack on August 5, 2013

      Hey Tom-- not to be greedy, just to be clear: does the Mission Control tier also include a sketch in the book? I'm actually pretty excited about that piece!

    3. Tom Dell'Aringa Creator on August 5, 2013

      Yes, I forgot to mention, I will send you the digital file! I will add that.

    4. Missing avatar

      james chan on August 5, 2013

      Will we get to keep the original of the headshot?