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TCTS is a unique series of sonic, visual, & kinetic exhibitions that broadcasts to outer space using a custom-built Helical Antenna.

On April 15, 16, and 17, the first in a series of sonic, visual, and kinetic performances will be created into virtual time capsules for broadcast to outer space using a custom-built axial mode helical array antenna.  Without any affiliations to government, military, or educational institutions, this is one of the first space broadcasts to be transmitted by artists from all walks of life.  Designed to be received by extraterrestrials, time travelers, and the cosmic unknowns, Time Capsules to Space is an artistic and sociological collection of human interpretations regarding life on Earth. What would people “send off” to space given the opportunity?

Transmission #1 takes place at Here Art Center in New York City. Each night calls for a select group of artists to celebrate a different time of earth through their performances. The 1st night celebrates the Past, the 2nd night the Present, the 3rd night the Future. From audiovisual jams, to stick fighting demonstrations, to music and dance performances, each artist is asked to create a specific piece for the specific purposes of the broadcast.  Audiences have the opportunity to participate by leaving written messages through the website as well as leaving video messages immediately after the show.

For all three nights, the Time Capsule Antenna will broadcast the full performances to outer space live!  The helical array antenna is constructed of wood, copper, and various electrical components and should be about 2 feet long x 1.5 feet wide.  An array of 4 antennas approximately 17 inches in length will be used to maximize the signal strength, which will travel on a frequency of 5.8 Ghz.  This design will be able to transmit a signal into deep space, approximately 1-2 light years away from Earth!

Inspired by the launch of the Voyager Golden Record in 1977, Time Capsules to Space hopes to transmit interplanetary/interdimensional understanding and to inspire a deeper human appreciation of Earth’s relationship to the greater cosmic landscape.

The funds raised will go towards recouping the cost of building the Time Capsule Antenna as well as paying the efforts of all our artists and crew, a total of about 50, for this first transmission.


Funds raised will go towards:

* Personnel - Artist performances, Stage crew, Broadcast camera crew

* Time Capsule Antenna - Research, design, materials, labor

* Stage Design, Camera Rentals, Marketing Materials, Additional Gear 

This production is a part of the Spring Artist’s Lodge within HEREstay, HERE’s curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical and administrative support.


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