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You and up to three friends must try to reclaim the realms. Explore, gather, trade and customise your hero to prepare for battle!
You and up to three friends must try to reclaim the realms. Explore, gather, trade and customise your hero to prepare for battle!
4,186 backers pledged £361,739 to help bring this project to life.

Fulfilment update, replacement parts and our shop is live!

Posted by Frank West (Creator)

Shipping Status: Complete!

Hey everyone,

How's your week going? Mine has been amazing so far, it's incredible to see so many people playing The City of Kings, Vadoran Gardens, painting miniatures and just generally talking about the games.

I've also been blown away by how many people voted for Rising Blades last week, we went from around 30th to 2nd place, Thank you!

Today I'm also pleased to announce our store is live, a place to buy upgrades, promos, limited edition prints, accessories and of course our games, but more on that further down the page.

Fulfilment Update

Fulfilment is complete and everyone's game has been shipped. It will still take some time for some of you to get your games but please be assured they are well on their way.

Today was the notification deadline, if you have not yet received a tracking notification then please feel free to email me using .

Please do not leave comments, or message me on Kickstarter! For security reasons, I will only send tracking information to people who request it from the email address their order was placed under.

Replacement Parts

If you need to request replacement parts, please use the form on our website:

I process these every 48 hours and will email you once your request has been checked.

Our Shop is Live

With fulfilment complete I have now closed BackerKit, removed our pre-order system and launched our store. For those asking, yes! You can now get the missing promo cards you have been waiting for.

You can also order any accessories or expansions you may now wish to buy, along with our limited edition art prints and the artbook.

Print & Play content

I am now working on getting the final files together for the P&P content unlocked via stretch goals during the Kickstarter. I'm a little further behind than I would have liked, mainly due to the shipping problems, but I am nearly there. I apologise to anyone who was hoping to see them sooner, they will all be released by the end of February and I will send out an update when you can get them.

Until Next Time

Well it looks like we are nearly done! There won't be too many more things to say in the coming weeks but I do have a few announcements I'll be sending out next week. So until then, have a great week and keep on adventuring!

- Frank


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    1. Matt Dark on

      My copy arrived last week, and everything is looking good.
      The new box is great too, got plenty of space to work with now, though I may look into getting some custom foam trays for storage, as the extra trays are good for the tokens, but I could do with something to help make it easier the store the cards and tiles.

    2. Notnek

      I punched everything out last night and had a really good furtle around in the rules and stuff. Looking forward to playing tonight.

      Everything is delightfully well put together. Nice job Mr. West.

    3. Missing avatar

      Styve on

      Just got my game :)

      The minis are great and the content of the box looks very fine aswell !
      I cant say much because I wait a friend to unbox in entirely :)

      The sad part is that the box is a bit damaged on some corners (I should say "unshaped" like it was squished a little) but probably not your fault at that poin, I suppose :)

      Cheers !

    4. Bolleten on

      @Frank West,

      Hello again. About the mold issue, I let the big box air for 24 hour but it still smells like mold :(. I only see one tiny dot of a dark patch on it) but otherwise everything is fine, really weird :(.

    5. Frank West 3-time creator

      @Michael Boehm

      I will look into this!

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Boehm

      Can we get an new achievement sheet for the stories of the expansions please?

    7. Missing avatar

      Nikolay on

      I dont have any tracking info on my package while deadline was set at 24th.
      Just to be sure I will post here as well.

    8. Trey Elliott

      Picked up the art book and promo cards! Can’t wait to see what you do next!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Tobias Andersson on

      Looking forward to the new announcements. Really enjoyed this KS campaign and the game as well. Really looking forward to your'e next project.

    10. Frank West 3-time creator

      Hi Bolleten, I'm sorry to hear that! It isn't something I've heard reported elsewhere or noticed myself. It's possible there was a little moisture or something in your box, if it does develop an issue please let me know and I'll sort it for you.

    11. Bolleten on

      Hello! I just got my package today with my "World pledge" + "replacement box". Everything looks fine and whole but when I opened the shipment package there was a strong smell of mold. When I unpackade everything from the plastic the smell dissappeared, but when I removed the plastic from the "replacement box" there was a new strong smell of mold.

      Everything looks fine and I can see no wrong with the product, but just wanted to give you a heads up about the mold smell of the replacement box.
      Anyone else encountered this issue?

    12. Karsten Spiller on

      Got my expansions today as well. Everything looks amazing and the quality is fantastic. The minis are stunningly beautiful. Can't wait to get it on the table!

    13. Missing avatar

      Greg Martinez on

      Thank you @Frank for making the promos available, order has been placed!

    14. Stian Haugen

      All copies arrived at my shop today as well! Perfectly packed and handled by GamesQuest!

      #RetailPledge <3

      Thanks a bunch for this, Frank!

    15. CobraMisfit

      Promos, you say?


      Love the game, Frank. Truly a work of art through and through.

    16. Philippe PETIT

      Hey Frank, I've just ordered the Promo cards! 😉

    17. Frank West 3-time creator

      Hey David, I plan to make that video as soon as we've setup our new studio, hopefully it wont be long!

    18. Frank West 3-time creator

      My pleasure Martin!

    19. David Hladky on

      My box arrived today Hurray! But a question: Will you make updated "how to put all into the box video"? The old one was really useful.

    20. Martin Montreuil

      Thanks, really wonderful game. Mon déballage :
      Martin / La Société des Jeux