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You and up to three friends must try to reclaim the realms. Explore, gather, trade and customise your hero to prepare for battle!
You and up to three friends must try to reclaim the realms. Explore, gather, trade and customise your hero to prepare for battle!
4,186 backers pledged £361,739 to help bring this project to life.

Day 27: The Plan is Set

Posted by Frank West (Creator)

Hey everyone,

We have reached the last few days of the Kickstarter campaign and what a month it has been! We have had thousands of people join us and already raised more money than our previous campaigns, so thank you for making this happen.

I'm looking forward to this last week, answering more of your questions and celebrating the last month. Speaking of celebrations, we have had more people achieve the Day 7 stacking challenge!

Fantastic job Patrick, Peter, Scott and Steiner for bringing us over 10 photos and finally completing the quest! Also, congratulations to Mark who took the time to find tokens from another game and attempt an equally difficult challenge!
Fantastic job Patrick, Peter, Scott and Steiner for bringing us over 10 photos and finally completing the quest! Also, congratulations to Mark who took the time to find tokens from another game and attempt an equally difficult challenge!

 I also want to celebrate those people who attempted the fan art challenge whose drawings haven't yet been revealed!

Thank you to Alexanders daughter for this awesome picture of Sesharra!
Thank you to Alexanders daughter for this awesome picture of Sesharra!
Also, thank you to Dan, Rene and Jason for trying!
Also, thank you to Dan, Rene and Jason for trying!
Finally, an awesome drawing from Kristian who gives us the Spleen Rippers!
Finally, an awesome drawing from Kristian who gives us the Spleen Rippers!

 We've had some amazing pet photos come in over the last few days and I'll be sharing more of them before the campaign finishes, but today a special thank you to my mother. She has been training guide dogs for the blind for nearly as long as I have been alive and helped change the lives of many people. Whilst she's currently waiting on a new puppy to arrive, she wanted to share some of her children alongside The City of Kings.

 The School of Games update!

You can find a full list of every daily quest along with details for completing them here:

So far, we have unlocked 8 scenarios, 3 seasonal scenarios and a standalone story, nearly doubling the amount of scenarios in the game!


  • Day 1 - Complete
  • Day 2 - Complete
  • Day 3 - Complete
  • Day 4 - Complete
  • Day 5 - Complete
  • Day 6 - Complete
  • Day 7 - Complete
  • Day 8 - 2 out of 5 received
  • Day 9 - 7 out of 10 received
  • Day 10 - Not complete
  • Day 11 - Complete 
  • Day 12 - Option A complete | 5 out of 10 on Option B
  • Day 13 - Complete
  • Day 14 - Complete
  • Day 15 - Not complete
  • Day 16 - Complete
  • Day 17 - 1 out of 2 received
  • Day 18 - Option A complete | 9 out of 10 on Option B
  • Day 19 - Complete
  • Day 20 - Complete
  • Day 21 - 11 out of 15 received
  • Day 22 - Not complete
  • Day 23 - Not complete
  • Day 24 - Option A complete | 6 out of 10 on Option B
  • Day 25 - 4 out of 5 received

Day 26

 Day 27

 It's amazing to think over the past 4 weeks we have received over 70 photos and drawings along with nearly 50 ideas for games, abilities and characters, it has been a lot of fun.

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with during this last week and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    1. Kickstarter Addict

      I backed this game not only because I have the 1st but to give my support to Frank. I don't think I ever saw someone so positive and energetic about their game. I just love how his enthusiasm is contagious after replying in the posts,streams and playthroughs. The art is amazing and game play so enticing. The campaign, best I been in. Community is going to be hard to be without once it's over. But like after the first one, Frank will be there. Thanks for everything you put and continue to put into this.

    2. Hackareatech

      I backed this game from a platform that I watched about 2 months before the original KS shipped. I tried to back it, late back it, find it, whatever I could, no luck. So, I was extremely happy when Frank posted the new KS campaign and I could get in on it. I loved the randomness, the replayability and the unique monster strategy.

    3. Morten on

      This game is just great, personally I am not much for high amounts of randomness, but here it just works, making every game different. Having done the first story around 4-5 times now introducing new people to the game, I have to say i love it. The game is quick and easy to get into, and finding the abilities in the quick reference book is so easy. And also gives you a feeling of "what will Vesh throw at us next". I feel that this expansion will give the game even more life and more depth to a world I can't wait to see Frank unfold before us.

    4. Kieran Briggs on

      I backed this game because I saw a play though and it’s just the type of game that I’ve been looking for. Really excited to get on it. Plus I get to have majors this time too 😄

    5. Karsten Spiller on

      I'm backing the expansion because of the sheer amout of fun i got (and am still getting) out of the base game by playing with friends and family (and cats) or solo. Can't wait to get more content and i'm quite happy to be able to get some stuff from the 1st kickstarter.
      And i'm not going to miss the chance to get Vadoran Gardens.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kendra Baratta

      Brian Lewis brought his copy to game night and I fell in love with the art and gameplay. So it was a no brainer for me to back once i could.

    7. Mikkel Øberg

      I backed the expansion because the base game is the only game, among the 440 BGG claims I own or have owned, that can rival Mage Knight in the epic feeling without being bloated. The tension, the opportunities, the exploration - it simply works.

    8. Daniel Korbely on

      I backed this game , because i love games which are solo playable.

      In my german youtube channel ( )
      i prefer games like this in my Playthroughs.

    9. Nick "Grand Vizier of Kilforth" Hughes on

      I backed as since the original KS game arrived it hasn't left the table (no seriously, albeit a table in the study). I've mastered the scenarios and 5 of the stories with the same two heroes solo but I want more (not to mention some of the bling I missed out on last time). It really is a great game.

    10. Sauce

      Became interested after City of Kings hit the hotness chart on BGG and the chatter in the forums was overwhelmingly positive. Frank’s patience, professionalism and friendliness in answering questions on the forums was also a huge plus. I didn’t hesitate to back once I saw the new KS campaign land.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jordan Haimes on

      I backed this because of the amount of fun we had playing. My brother's boss invited us and our housemate to his to play the game, we all fell in love with it right away, I can't remember the last time that we all had that much fun playing a board game. I remember years ago when we were in highschool, playing World of Warcraft, and a bunch of other MMORPGs together, and this game teleported us back to this time, I think we were all nostalgic of that period as we played through the game. Well done to the creators, your game is awesome, and I can't wait to see what other games you have in store for us in the future!

    12. Jedit on

      I didn't back the original campaign, but got interested later. Picked up a barely played Deluxe from a god-benighted sinner who didn't like it/nice gentleman who sold it to me at cost [delete as applicable] and enjoyed it a lot, so I backed for the expansions.

    13. Drew Moulster

      I backed after trying it airecon and had to have it!

    14. Zar Peter on

      Backed the original game for the procedural monster generation. Was drawn in by Franks enthusiasm. Wasn't disappointed by the game, want to get mor lore, the minis, Vadoran Gardens and to support Frank.

    15. Cabel

      I had the base game. More stuff!!

    16. Missing avatar


      I backed this as I thought it looked amazing and would go down well with the friends I play with. I even had a recommendation from one of said friends after I had backed it. I can't wait to play :-)

    17. René Schultze

      @bigwoof: What of Slorchie? ;)

    18. Piet Wenings

      I like the lore and love to explore solo. I really like storytelling in my solo experience and TCoK will deliver.

    19. Louis Roberts

      The MAIN reason I backed (there are several) is because I love the monster generation system!

    20. Missing avatar

      William Thomas Beck

      Liked the original game and I wanted to get my hands on those minis and paint them

    21. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      You crazy Frank if you need a comment as to why ;)

    22. Stéphane on

      I backed this game because playing it is always great and I want to see it successfully expanded.
      Also The expansions looks great and in line with the game.

    23. Rocket Pig Games on

      Its always the art for me

    24. Russonc

      I backed for more of a fantastic game. I backed the original because Frank's passion came through and overall it's a great success story (well I hope Frank feels it's a success..)!
      Looking forward to many more adventures out of Frank and the City of Games!

    25. Jason Winterfeld on

      I backed this game because of @Rolling Solo’s playthru.

      But then I hit a financial crisis and had to pull my pledge.

      But I am backing again because @Frank published my STICK FIGURE ART!!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Frank Simonelli on

      I backed this campaign for multiple reasons.
      1) I only just started backing kickstarter games a month ago, and only just discovered this game recently.
      2) Having watched the way it plays, it looks awesome, and seems to have incredible replay value.
      3) It's co-op, will probably go over well with the board games group I'm a member of, but also looks like it can be played solo on a rainy day.

    27. Missing avatar


      I backed this campaign because I have been backing the first campaign, and all the components I have received were top notch. Also frank did the best possible job on that campaign. That was on one side being pro active with the community and answering all questions here and everywhere else on the internet. Also that carried on until this campaign started and did not stop after the campaign. So frank is not only the creator of the campaign but also the first backer. Which means he delivers a product which he loves. And I like to support this.

      Oh and tcok is one of the best games I have played in a long time.

    28. Andre Tardiff on

      + backed the first one
      + fan of the designer
      + want to keep my copy of the game 'complete'
      + hoping for a legacy game one day :)

    29. Philomorph on

      I backed this campaign because I'm excited for more heros and more quests. I also love sorting Frank because he's such a great, dedicated, and talented developer.

    30. Missing avatar

      bigwoof on

      I backed because Olok is in the game and needs a starring role..

    31. Jussi-Pekka Jokinen

      Duh, I backed this because I missed the first KS. :)

      Bonus points for awesome looks and solo possibility!

    32. John Merkle

      I backed this because I backed the original and love it so far! Looking forward to the additional content.

    33. Missing avatar

      Liam Mulvey

      I'm having because I'm always on the lookout for solo and scalable games. City of kings totally scratched that itch. I've got the deluxe original and I can't wait for expansions.

    34. Jon Farrell

      My wife and I love the base game and have been eagerly awaiting more content! Can't wait for new stories and missions, plus I need to paint those minis!

    35. Missing avatar


      I backed because the game looks awesome, has positive feedback from current owners, and can be played solo or with company. Kudos for such effort and love put into developing this game!

    36. Missing avatar

      Todd William on

      To complete my collectors edition.... of course!

    37. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I backed this because my girlfriend and I love the game and we want to have more :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Clive Sutherland on

      I backed this project because I'd heard it was comparable to a table top version of World of Warcraft and I haven't been disappointed! Looking forward to the new material.

    39. Ephimerus

      I backed this project because the art looked awesome and I thought it could be a great game!!

      I backed this new kickstarter because it IS a great game and the comunication with the creators is great!!

    40. Mitchell

      I backed the project because the game looks awesome and I have a major case of FOMO. Oh, and it has solo mode.

    41. Missing avatar

      Burc Kayahan on

      I backed the project because i wanted to get the base game (since i was not aware of the earlier KA campaigns when they ran), but then i saw the expansions and deluxe material so i was sold on the whole deal :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Andréanne Berthelot on

      We backed the project because boardgames is what brought me and my bf together (we spent our 1st date at a restaurant where we can play games!). We especially love story driven adventures, and we think this game will be right up our alley!

    43. Missing avatar


      There have been so many people who have recommended this game I knew I had to back this and have the opportunity to join the lucky gamers who own a copy!

    44. Bush on

      I backed this project because:

      1. I backed the original and it is genuinely one of the best games I have played in my (relatively short) board gaming life. Not that it needs more content, but I couldn't miss out on adding to it!

      2. Frank and his team put on the best KS campaigns I have experienced, without question. You could sell me overpriced peanuts on here and I'd back them, just to see a smoothly run, well communicated campaign with a friendly, open group of followers.

      3. The Calamis mini! I didn't want them, until I saw them. Love that guy.

    45. Missing avatar

      Adrian Hindseth on

      I just backed this project today after falling in love with the basegame.
      Love the system, the puzzle and the dedication to quality and customer satisfaction from Frank. I'm very proud to be one of the original backer and really eager to try out the new characters.

    46. Ben Turner

      I backed this project because after 3 games of my copy, I'm hooked on the system, and want to see more content for my game. The campaign for the first was delivered so well, with such high integrity, it would be hard to not want to jump in for more.

    47. Akroatis

      I backed this campaign because why not? I mean, endless possibilities, amazing sculpts, cool wooden bits, excellent artwork, hundreds of components and incredible people behind this game. This was a no brainer.

    48. René Schultze

      I backed this project because I really wanted the expansions for the game, to meet old and new backers of the project and because the old project was one of the best I‘ve ever seen: no hard words, friendly jokes and - not least of all - Frank who is one the best and most committed developer I know of. So, nuff said ;)
      Nice Sunday