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You and up to three friends must try to reclaim the realms. Explore, gather, trade and customise your hero to prepare for battle!
You and up to three friends must try to reclaim the realms. Explore, gather, trade and customise your hero to prepare for battle!
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Day 9: Choose your Adventure

Posted by Frank West (Creator)

Hey everyone, how’s your week going?

I’ve been having a fantastic time looking through all the photos and pictures you have submitted for the various day quests, some of you are very talented (and a few of you, well you tried!).

It's wonderful to see people of all ages playing The City of Kings
It's wonderful to see people of all ages playing The City of Kings

The campaigns now into it’s second week and we’re still gaining new people every day, thank you for joining us, it means everything to me!

For the past week we’ve been running the School of Games, which is our daily side quests to unlock more content for the game, which sits alongside the funds raised. I thought I’d take a moment to do a progress update!

Quest Update  

  • Day 1 – Complete, including bonus!  
  • Day 2 – Complete
  • Day 3 – Option A is complete, but we still need 5 more photos to get option B!  
  • Day 4 – Complete
  • Day 5 – Complete
  • Day 6 – Complete

Here's a selection of some of the fantastic drawings we received (I'll release more in future updates).

In total you've earned 16xp from quests (and 22xp from funding) which in itself has added several new scenarios to the game. Let's see what else we can achieve in the coming weeks.

New quests

Since the last update I have released Day 7 and 8 via social media, here they are for those who haven’t seen them yet.

For those of you thinking this isn't possible, here's a fantastic example that got sent over yesterday!

 Day 9 

Are you ready for the next quest?

A note on Brazil

Earlier this week I received notification that our fulfilment company could no longer ship to Brazil due to increased complications with customs. As such, I'm very sorry to say I can no longer offer The City of Kings to anyone in Brazil at this time. I will continue looking for options, but please note anyone from Brazil who has backed the project, may end up having their funds refunded.

Until next time

Tomorrow I am spending the day with Ian doing a World Building exercise to grow The City of Kings, I look forward to sharing the results with you soon!

- Frank

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    1. Nick "Grand Vizier of Kilforth" Hughes on

      "Greetings fellow Travellers I am Radicus the Bard, I am sure you have heard of me and I have heard of you, your travails against Vesh are becoming legendary and I would be honoured to bring your story and hope to the lands ..."

      Option A: Place the NPC token in your location and draw 3 Position cards moving the NPC token through the lands. If the Bard passes through both the Ageless Realms and the Azure Rise he has spread your deeds far and wide.

      Reward 2 XP

      Option B: Place the NPC token in your location and draw 1 Position card moving the NPC token through the lands. If the Bard passes through both the Ageless Realms and the Azure Rise he has spread your deeds far and wide.

      Reward 4 XP

    2. Chris Lane on

      Walking across the fields as you head back into the City you come across what appears to be a lost dog. It has been hours since you crossed the path of a house or cabin along the way and it’s curious that this guy would be out all alone. The dog is friendly enough but won’t give up on your attentions.

      Option 1: If you have one fish and one wood resource, feed the dog and throw the stick. The dog returns not with the stick but with something else hidden in the grass. Receive one equipment card.

      Option 2: Use an explore action. You wander around the near forest and come upon a man collapsed. The dog immediately runs up to him and licks his face, but you need to help him out. Discard one linen resource to bandage his wounds. He thanks you profusely and offers you his catch for the day. Receive 6 fish and 6 wood.

    3. Frank West 3-time creator

      We're up to 9 quests now!

    4. Daniel Korbely on

      Close the gate to an other dimension

      It is night in the kingdom. Lightning flashes through the dark sky and it is raining. In a distant region, these lightnings form a rift of dimension. The scholars foresaw this event. The rift must be closed before the evil breaks over us.

      Draw the 2nd card from the boss stack and spawn the boss (+3 green abilities) on any map tile within 5 distance to the city. Place 3 red cubed on the map tile. At midnight, 1 cube will removed and X blue dice (X = number of heroes) are rolled. For each skull, a corresponding marker is placed on the map tile. As long as there are cubes on the map tile, the boss can not be actively attacked and can not attack himself.

      Option 1
      Defeat the boss

      (2 XP , 2 Loot)

      Option 2
      Trade X*6 resources of your choise to remove one ability (starting with the highest number). If the boss has no abilities left, remove the boss from the game (without gaining XP).
      You have succeeded.

      (4 XP, 3 Loot)

    5. Draki McGrother

      Quest about building yourself a home: Take (the apropiate amount of) materials to a safe tile

    6. Frank West 3-time creator

      and we're up to 7 side quests, just 3 to go to complete day 9!

    7. Blaine on

      Day Trippin’

      Marching forward, marching forward, you are always marching forward to the next objective. Weary and downtrodden, you stop to take a rest against the gnarled root of a gigantic tree. As you doze off, you can’t help but feel you are being watched. You awaken to the humming of an old tune that you once knew. A mushroom with a smile and dreadlocks is staring at you. He offers himself to you as a sacrifice for the good of the City of Kings and the battle against Vesh. You oblige his offer and devour the mushroom. Just as you slurp up the last dreadlock, the mushroom’s brother enters the scene. He is visibly shaken.

      Objective 1: Leave the brother alone. You just ate a mushroom so you are trippin’. Draw 1 movement card, move and heal 1.

      Objective 2: This is getting crazy! Eat the mushrooms brother too. For the battle against Vesh! Draw 2 movement cards, move twice, and heal 2.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dean Gamble

      Funny what you can come up with when you see someone else's title and think "i know what would be a laugh!"

    9. Missing avatar

      Dean Gamble

      That Witch Doesn't Kill You - You hear a sad hum emanating from a nearby cave on a cliff's end overlooking a swamp. Rumours of children going missing in these parts are spread through the villages like a wildfire over a forest. Most local folk believe it to be a Widow that resides in the swamp, snatching young ones that play in the trees akin to her evil husband who stole their children from their beds and fled in the night, only to trip in the fading light of the moon and be swallowed by the mud they tried to escape from. The more sensible villagers know it to be the harsh, natural disasters of the treacherous land that take children from their families. Upon entering the cave, you're surprised to see it was the former theory to be correct, in a fashion. For a woman, clearly a sorceress is dancing to a tune of her making whilst carrying the skeleton of a long dead child. She spots you and all previous actions are forgotten, "How dare you enter this place! You may not be young and innocent, but I WILL force you to bend to my will" She casts a spell on the priority target.
      Option 1 - The priority target is attacking the rest of the party! Defeat the priority hero. Gain XP equal to current level (not XP points) and lose 1 morale.
      Option 2 - The priority target is attacking the rest of the party! Roll all 5 luck dice, if you roll pips equal to or greater than the amount of skill discs on the priority hero's card, you hit them around the head releasing them from the witch's control and quickly slaughter her. Gain 3 XP, 2 item cards, and priority hero gains a stat point.
      GUIDELINES: On the controlled hero's turn he will automatically make one move and 2 attacks on the closest ally. Ignore all Special skills etc.

    10. Frank West 3-time creator

      We're at 5/10 on the quest writing, half way there!

    11. Frank West 3-time creator

      Bush: (Was tempted to do a Dexterity quest requiring you stack 17 wood, but that would just be silly....wouldn't it!?)

      New expansion incoming... As requested by Bush! ;)

    12. René Schultze

      We‘re still five quests short of reaching the goal. Come on, fellow Citizens! :)

    13. Itai Rosenbaum on

      That Which Doesn't Kill You...

      Within the tavern there is one table that seemed to have attracted much attention. After a short inquiry, you find that at the table is none other than Gideon Aynsenwin - a warrior who's said to have emerged victorious from the toughest combat pits in the realms. With an offer of mead and ale, you manage to spend some time with the warrior. While his training methods are questionable, you cannot argue with the results...

      One hero must suffer poison damage, fire damage and be hindered by ice in a single turn.

      Reward: 5 XP

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeff Clark on

      A Befuddled Gentleman
      As you're continuing on your journey an older man stumbles towards you with a big smile, glazed eyes and bare spindly legs beneath a fine tunic. He calls to get your attention speaking excitedly about jugs of ideas and drawings of refreshment and starts weaving towards you. He trips and falls head over heels and you’re quite embarrassed to see that he’s wearing nothing under that tunic.
      Option A: Pick him up making no mention of his lack of clothes and point him back towards the City of Kings for his safety.
      Rewards: 1 XP
      Option B: Spend 1 Heal Action to clear the man’s head, restore his balance and salve his bruises. He rushes into the woods, gathers a pack and returns with plans for a helpful piece of equipment. He thanks you and hums to himself as he heads off, still not noticing the breeziness of his tunic.
      Rewards: 1 Item Card
      Individual Quest - Decision

    15. René Schultze

      Rofl 🤣

    16. Bush on

      (Was tempted to do a Dexterity quest requiring you stack 17 wood, but that would just be silly....wouldn't it!?)

    17. Bush on

      The Garment Maker
      On your travels you pass an unusual stall, staffed by a haggered old woman standing under an ancient tree, that sways strangely in the breeze.

      "Come here, my dears! Look at these fine garments and linens, all the way from the Azure Rise. Everythings for sale!".

      Option A: You walk on by. Something tells you all is not as it seems.

      Rewards: None.

      Option B: You walk up to the stall. Suddenly, enemies leap from the tree and surround you! The old woman disappears, cackling.

      Take next enemy stat bar and place enemy on your current tile.

      Rewards: 3 Linen and 2XP

    18. Frank West 3-time creator

      Great start amadshade and René ! Thanks for posting your quest ideas.

    19. René Schultze

      The Trapped Beast
      As you scout the woods, you hear a tremendous bellow. You follow the noise and come to a clearing. There is a great bear caught with his hind paw in a dangerous looking trap. He's bleeding and roars his pain out at the world. Suddenly he notice you and growls (what disturbs you): "I need help, please..." Will you help him?

      Option A: You help him and he shows you how to catch fish. He thanks you but you are aware that your next meeting will be not so friendly...
      Rewards: 1XP and Four Fish and the next creature will get another green creature ability as the bear will be there.

      Option B: You leave him trapped, because he is obvioulsy a creature of Vesh.
      Reward: 3XP and one Attention on every visible resource location adjacent to the Quest tile. And the next creature gets a Yellow creature ability because the bear clearly hates you!

      Individual quest - Decision

    20. Missing avatar

      amadshade on

      You meet a woman on the road going towards the city. Her spear bows under her weight as she supports her charred left leg every other step. "I don't think I can make it much farther, but if you bring me fish scales and linen I know how to heal the burn," she says. The woman is already moving off to the side of the road to rest. "Well? Can you help me?"

      OPTION A: Bring the woman (this quest tile) 3 fish and 1 linen REWARD: 2xp

      OPTION B: Bring the woman (this quest tile) 3 fish, 2 linen, and accompany her to the city. REWARD: 2xp, 1 quest card, 1 item in the shop (lady is bossy but you get to make use of her city connections)

    21. Daniel Korbely on

      There is clue in play 😂

    22. Frank West 3-time creator

      Yep! I believe they said they managed 18 but didn't capture it on the photo. 16 should be pretty easy...!

    23. Missing avatar

      Fear The Clown

      Shoot that pic of the stacked wood is even more impressive, counting it I see 17!