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An online video course that teaches you how to create iPhone apps from scratch!
An online video course that teaches you how to create iPhone apps from scratch!
656 backers pledged $54,626 to help bring this project to life.

New Updates #8

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Hello everyone,

This is the final update before the release of all of the content in just 2 days!

This update is just to give you a short explanation of how things will go down on the 30th.

First off, I'll be sending out an update on the 30th, which will give you a detailed explanation of the steps you will need to take to sign up and login to the course. Once you follow those steps, you will simply need to wait for a confirmation that your account has been verified and you will be ready to go with the course.

After the initial wave of account verifications, I will begin to respond to all messages and clear up any questions I've received so far.


The next time you will hear from me will be on the 30th, which is in 2 days from now. Make sure to check for the update then!

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    1. Jennifer Crowther on

      I've started two groups: One is specifically for this project that didn't deliver and one for ALL Kickstarter projects that didn't deliver. Please join both of them. We have about 60 members so far for this project-about 10% of us. iPhone app group:
      All Failed to Deliver Kickstarter projects group:

    2. Jennifer Crowther on

      Please join this facebook group so we can start talking about options.

    3. Jennifer Crowther on

      Here's a suit against crowdfunding. I'm going to see how it was handled and see if we can get a case :)…

    4. Jennifer Crowther on

      I just read through the rules. Sounds like we need representation (ie lawyers) to settle this case. Kickstarter releases themselves of any liability.

    5. Brad Magri-Olson on

      Refund us now... You do know that if you can't deliver the project the you are stealing from us... What goes around comes around!

    6. Finde Xumara on

      Is there any new updates? Otherwise I would like to have my refund.

    7. McNiel on

      Can't Kickstarter so something about this... What kind of site just let's things like this happen without repercussion. If this is allowed to happen Kickstarter has lost my trust and anyone I can alert, this should be intolerable

    8. Thomas Fry on

      Well it looks pretty clear this ahole isn't going to give our money back.
      But where do we go from here?

    9. Missing avatar

      Tay Wen Hao on

      i need my refund

    10. Ric Matthews on

      Has anyone started a lawsuit?

    11. Ric Matthews on

      I have asked over and over for my refund please!!

    12. Tenkal on

      Facebook group deleted and the forum website not active
      WOW just WOW

    13. Tenkal on


      Domain Age: 261 Days
      Website Speed: Average

      Owner: Taylor Beck
      Website Location : United States
      Alert ResultThis website is 261 Days old
      Alert ResultThe website expected life (365 days) is relatively short.

      Analysis Details:-
      Although being a new website, does not make it un-trustworthy, as with any new business you should be extra vigilant and do your own research before placing an order or making an investment.

      The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and fake selling websites. Please be vigilant and take extra care before providing any payment information.

      Yeah like everyone I want a refund

    14. Missing avatar

      Samish on

      I want my 99$ refund send via paypal at asap!!
      Can´t even finance my study and this guy is stealing it. So much hope for nothing.

    15. Missing avatar

      Leo Carcamo on

      @Thomas: what do you mean change? Is it all blank or something? I don't even recall the site anymore.

    16. Thomas Fry on

      Guys!! I just logged into the site and you wouldn't believe it!!

      Sweet f*ck all has changed. Give us back our money you scamming good for nothing lowlife.

    17. Bjoern Boye Skjoldhammer on

      Refund my money, I don't give a shit about further updates and the non existing product.

    18. Steve Scremin on

      Just give me my $99 refund like you said you would Taylor!! PayPal:

      I can't stand by as another online scammer gets away with it.

    19. Raul Sanchez Jr

      Still waiting to hear from him it's been 15 days now!!!

    20. Raul Sanchez Jr

      Process a refund for my pledge

    21. Paul.Hamon on

      if you live in the USA and have questions about this project and do not want to spend $100 to find out options you could try this web site I am

    22. Missing avatar

      Curt Stevens on

      Refund please.
      Can't wait for the inevitable next announcement that it will be ready Feb 30, 2015

    23. Missing avatar

      Shawn Foster on

      Requesting refund.

    24. Matteo Borea on

      "The next time you will hear from me will be on the 30th, which is in 2 days from now. Make sure to check for the update then!" Where are you? On holiday with the money of "your" community??? Please refund EVERYONE ASAP!

    25. Missing avatar

      Wilfred Wong on

      Hereby requesting a refund for the n-th time.

    26. Ace on

      This is a joke right?

    27. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Diaz on

      I have to say, despite all the difficulties I still had one tiny ounce of hope, but it's all gone now. You failed to deliver a finished product, continue to send meaningless updates, ignoring people's requests for refunds, and you still haven't sent the prizes to people that won the raffle.

      I too would like a refund.

      To everyone: The Complete iOS 7 Course - Learn by Building 14 Apps…

    28. Ka Dargo on

      What a fracking surprise!!!!

      Days of POINTLESS posts from this IDIOT!! About how close he is to finally releasing the course.... & then....

      Oh yeah that's right! He still can't deliver.... Hahahahaha what an ARSEHOLE you are TYLER!!


    29. Missing avatar

      Caleb Pesola on

      Someone should create a kick starter to fund a lawsuit against Taylor :)

    30. Steve Scremin on

      Taylor I want my $99 refund IMMEDIATELY! Legal action is my only option....

    31. Missing avatar

      Leo Carcamo on

      Pretty clear that this was a scam.

    32. Missing avatar

      JayKay on

      I have backed a number of Kickstarter projects, some of which, unfortunately, have ended in complete failure with no return on my "investment". I backed this project, like everyone, with the hope of learning how to create iPhone Apps. I have patiently waited for this course to be released understanding there are always setbacks and delays. Despite my inclination that something didn't seem right after the first few updates I have tried to remain optimistic. I have never understood why people work so hard to try and scam people out of money and ultimately accomplish nothing. How far is $54k really going to get you? The barrage of meaningless updates has finally led me to leave a comment. This is now my official request for a refund! Has anyone officially started a lawsuit yet?

    33. Raul Sanchez Jr


    34. Missing avatar

      Leo Carcamo on

      Hey Everyone - Taylor here!

      (insert meaningless excrement here)

      Stay tuned for my next disappointing failure and my lack of communication and abundance of lies.

      Taylor (Rooster lover) Beck

    35. Missing avatar

      Narendra Lohokare

      Refund Please.

    36. Jérôme de Boeck on

      Yow Tailor,
      Let me ask you to refund us all. We need that money to buy an other iphone app development course.