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Feminine/Masculine Books is an edu-humor language series that teaches the grammatical genders of Italian, French and Spanish.

Fourth Dispatch from Scrapea (see Updates for previous dispatches):

Feminine/Masculine Books is a saucy little edu-humor book series that helps teach the grammatical genders of the Romance languages.

There will be three e-books in the series - French, Italian and Spanish. The first edition to be e-published will be Spanish with French and Italian to soon follow suit. This Kickstarter will fund all three books.

The books will have 50 pages and on each page there will be an image of a basic vocabulary word. Then to burn into reader's visual memory that the word is either feminine or masculine, a friendly peepee or vajayjay will be attached. 

The series is the brainchild of Taylor Baldry, who is a brainstormer, artist-designer and large-nosed person. Baldry had the idea for the project while teaching English in Japan. Being immersed in Japanese gave him a different perspective of foreign languages and inspired him to create a language series that didn't take itself too seriously.

Funding for this project will go to e-publication costs, such as purchasing ISBN numbers, file conversion costs and E-publisher fees.

Thank you for helping the Feminine/Masculine Books Kickstarter Project. Your contribution of any amount will help bring this series to life. Please email me if you have any suggestions, ideas or questions. Neat!

Everyone who contributes will be invited to a tentative series kickoff party somewhere in Minneapolis. I promise that as the host, I will be incredibly awkward.

Note: Since there are only 50 pages in the book, only 50 original paintings can be given away as rewards (see Rewards D-F). In the case of a high volume of generous backers, paintings from the second series will be created and sent as rewards.

Note: If you live outside of the United States, please be a peach and chip in a couple extra bucks for shipping. Also, consider visiting Minnesota. It's lovely.

Are these books meant to be used in schools?

You're raising money for three e-books - why not get them printed? I love books.
This series is somewhat non-traditional and does not have a big literary publisher to back it. I feel that e-publishing is an efficient DIY means of bringing it to life without a huge financial or production investment. With a grand, I'm able to produce three e-books for the cost of self-publishing one book. In the future, I plan to have analog-versions of the books.

Will the genitals have accessories?
Yes, all of the genitals will have accessories that more or less complement the vocabulary word. 

What will you do if the fundraising goal is surpassed?
First, in celebration, I will eat a bowl of chips. The excess funds will be put towards a second edition (Spanish II, French II, Italian II) of the series.

Has anyone told you that you look like Bill Nye?
Only every day! 

Director of Photography - Andrew Felicilda
Music - Shea Bartel
Cat Whisperer - Alli Glad
Cat - Scrapea

Thank you!


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    Reward A (E-book + Human Contact): Your choice of a French, Italian or Spanish edition of the PDF e-book. Great for reading if you want to appear busy so that no one will talk to you. ...but that's not all -- you will also receive your choice of a double high-five, a Top-Gun high-five or an Oprah hug. Note: due to a limited means of transportation, Human Contact is restricted to the Twin Cities.

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    Reward B (Your name in all three books): Your name permanently listed on the donor page in all three books. You're a dozen-dollar-donor, you deserve it! Ideal for showing off to your ex how charitable you have become since the break-up. ...but that's not all -- you will also receive Reward A. Note: see Reward A.

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    Reward C (A hand-painted rebus thank-you card): What's a rebus? A rebus is a representation of words with pictures. Like this - The cards are lovely and the picture puzzles are perfect if you need to keep children or seniors occupied for a while. ...but that's not all -- you will also receive Rewards A & B. Note: see Rewards A & B.

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    Reward D (A hand-painted page from the series): Receive the gift of original artwork from the series and you will have heads turning at your next pasta party. Painted on cheap 83 lb, 6"x8" paper with watercolors and love. Vocabulary text optional. Includes letter of authenticity and detachable genitalia. ...but that's not all -- you will also receive Rewards A-C. Note: see Rewards A-C.

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    Reward E (Your portrait in all three books): A crude watercolor painting of your head in the series' donor page. Ideal for surprising loved-ones as a gift (look Darling, you're in a book!). ...but that's not all -- you will also receive Rewards A-D. Note: see Rewards A-D.

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    Reward F (Two hand-painted pages from the series): You are getting two more pages of original artwork from the series. Holy Hannah - you're amazing! Let me break down your total rewards package (Rewards A-F): a PDF copy of one of the books, a double high-five, Top-Gun high-five or Oprah hug, your name in the book, a rebus thank-you card, your portrait in the book and three pages of original artwork from the series. Beeyah!

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