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By Tattoo Club
$1,518 pledged of $3,250 goal

Meet the Creators: Bob Flynn

Think of your favorite monster creators. Go ahead: think. Who’s on your list? Ray Harryhausen? H.R. Giger? Well, if Bob Flynn isn’t on your list, then it’s time to bump someone off and make room!

Bob is the Director of Animation at a children’s media studio called FableVision. Driven by an obsession with everything weird and cartoony, he keeps busy doodling creatures and characters to spin into comics.

He is the co-creator of Heeby Jeeby Comix, featuring goofy, bizarre, and nonsensical comics for all ages. His work appeared in Nickelodeon Magazine, and he also writes and creates stories for SpongeBob Comics.

Tattoo Club are proud to announce that Bob Flynn will be joining the roster of creators in doodling all-new creatures for our first pack of Monster Tattoos!

Check out Bob’s website here

Follow on Twitter @bobjinx


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