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A zany party game that will keep the whole family guessing and laughing.
A zany party game that will keep the whole family guessing and laughing.
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121 backers pledged $2,360 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ta-Te Wu 8-time creator on March 6

      @Raymond Mullikin: That's awesome and thank you so much for letting me know!

    2. Raymond Mullikin
      on March 6

      I received the game a few weeks ago and my sisters and niece played it and loved it!
      I haven't played it yet myself... I will eventually. ;)

    3. Ta-Te Wu 8-time creator on February 28

      @Tina gamberini: Hi Tina, I made a video and here is the link...

      Pls let me know if it works for you. Thank you for backing and hope you enjoy the game :)

    4. Tina gamberini
      on February 28

      My game arrived today. Thank you so much. Its very cute and i cant wait to play.

      I am wondering if there are any instructions for the origami though please. Its not a strength of mine.

    5. Ta-Te Wu 8-time creator on February 13

      @Johnathan Steven Solek: That’s great! Hope you enjoy the game:)

    6. Johnathan Steven Solek
      on February 13

      Got mine last night, looking forward to playing.

    7. Sheri Dieck
      on February 12

      Mine arrived! There was 1.87 postage due on it, so you might check and make sure you are weighing them properly. But it looks great!

    8. Raymond Mullikin
      on January 24

      Looking forward to trying out the game. :)

    9. Joey Vigour on January 18

      Congrats on funding Ta-Te! Let me know if I can help you with fulfillment or assistance with the next one.

    10. Ta-Te Wu 8-time creator on January 17

      @Man With Rabbits: yay!

    11. Man With Rabbits on January 16

      We'll share our veggies with the vegan fox. Let's get it!

    12. It's a secret! on January 12

      We are 3 hearts away from getting baby hound!

    13. Joey Vigour on January 8

      TWO MORE BACKERS to get the ballet chicken!

    14. Ta-Te Wu 8-time creator on January 4

      @Brad Brooks: lol thx

    15. Ta-Te Wu 8-time creator on January 4

      @Peter Vaughan: thank you Peter!

    16. Mandy on January 3

      Hi Ta-Te :-) What's the difference between the chickens? I pledged the fox level, which chickens does it include?

    17. Joey Vigour on January 3

      Congrats on achieving the goal, Ta-Te! Now blast it up bigger!!

    18. Brad Brooks on January 2

      Good Luck Ta-Te from all us chickens.

    19. Peter Vaughan
      on January 2

      I'll be the first comment. So cool that I inspired a game! Congrats on launching Kung Pao Chicken Ta-Te, and cheers to you in 2018. Happy to be a backer.