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Taskbox turns your inbox into a task list, or as we like to say – a Taskbox. Clear your inbox and update your task list in 60 seconds.

Taskbox turns your inbox into a task list, or as we like to say – a Taskbox. Clear your inbox and update your task list in 60 seconds. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on October 25, 2012.

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About this project

Mobile email doesn't really do much.

iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys have brought email into every aspect of our lives. We check email from our beds, our bathrooms, at stoplights, and in line at the grocery store. And yet our mobile email experience isn’t all that useful in terms of getting things done. We “check” our email to see if there is anything new, but rarely organize or respond to most messages while on the go (for fear the guy behind us will honk). In fact, 80% of users move email messages out of their inbox and into folders while at their desk and yet only 10% of users move messages to folders from their smartphones. Why?  Because organizing and responding to messages just isn’t as easy on our mobile phones as it should be.

Some startups like Sparrow appeared to be making headway in improving mobile email. But with Sparrow’s abandonment of the project following their acquisition by Google, no independent innovation for mobile email seemed to be on the horizon. Until now....

Taskbox - Faster, Smarter, Better Email

Taskbox is building faster, smarter, better mobile email apps that allow you to quickly organize, prioritize, and respond to messages without skipping a beat.

FASTER - Clear your inbox in less than 60 seconds.

Taskbox uses the familiar swipe gestures on your smartphone or tablet to help you quickly separate important emails from unimportant notifications and spam. You can clear out and organize an entire day’s worth of email from your inbox in less than a minute - faster than any mobile, web or desktop email application on the market. 

Taskbox also helps send responses in a flash. Our Quick Response templates allow you to send common replies like:

“I saw your email. I’ll follow up with you shortly.”
- or - 
“Yes, I’ll take care of this.”

with one click, making you faster and more responsive to your customers and co-workers while you are on the go.

SMARTER - What’s newest isn’t always what’s most important.

Taskbox helps you clean out your inbox in record time--but it doesn’t stop there. Taskbox allows you to organize your messages intelligently, ensuring the most important message stay front and center, not just the newest ones. You can set priorities, apply due dates, and create assignments all without leaving your inbox. Gone are the days where a Groupon notification enjoyed equal status at the top of your inbox with that urgent email from your boss, simply because they arrived within 2 minutes of one another. By displaying messages by due date and priority, Taskbox makes sure the important emails don’t slip through the cracks.

BETTER - Track what you’ve sent, not just what you’ve received.

In addition to helping you quickly clear and organize your inbox, Taskbox also helps you better collaborate with your team. We recognize that the important emails you’ve sent are just as important to you as those you’ve received. You can now see all of the tasks you’ve assigned to others sorted by priority, due date, and assignee. Taskbox not only makes you more responsive and accountable to your own task list, it helps you keep track of your entire team’s action items.

With Taskbox, you can now file messages for later follow-up, send quick responses back to your clients or co-workers, assign a task to a colleague or partner, and keep track of all the items on your to-do list and and your team’s -- all without ever leaving your inbox. We are making the inbox you already use a more effective tool in the management of your day-to-day tasks.

Where do YOU come in?

The first beta version of our iOS application is ready for release to the iTunes App Store today. We are 100% bootstrapped and we need your help to continue development and ensure the product is a success. Your contributions will directly fund the development of:

  • Enhanced iOS features - We want to hear from you, our supporters, on what additional features are most important to you.
  • Broader email server support -  At launch, Taskbox will only officially support Gmail and Google Apps.  Your contributions will help us quickly integrate with other email providers.
  • Web application - We are building a web application that will extend the capabilities of our mobile email client to allow you and your team to collaborate on tasks and projects.  This is the next big step for Taskbox and your pledges will make the difference in allowing us to attack these features.

Show me the shwag... 

Getting to "Inbox Zero" doesn't make you any more accountable.  Show the world you're no zero... you're an Inbox(HERO).  Pledges at the $50 and up level can choose from any of the t-shirt options below.  By the way, we LOVE #inboxhero tweets. =)

Tell me more about this web app?

Task management is all about collaboration.   Keeping your own list of to-dos up to date makes you more productive and accountable, but the real power of task management comes from teams collaborating on tasks.  Our current iOS app helps you better handle your email and tasks but our web app will take this to the next level.  Our web application will allow users to collaborate on tasks updating status, priority, and due dates as a team.

What about Android?

We love all our mobile devices equally, but building an Android app means doubling our engineering costs.  We will build a native Android version, but our current plan has that coming after the iOS version.  If we are able to reach our stretch goal of $60,000 we can hire more engineers and move up our Android delivery to January.  You tell us, is the Kickstarter community hungry for Taskbox on Android?

Who are you guys?

Taskbox is a small, passionate team of entrepreneurs.  You can read all about us here:

Our team was also supported in this Kickstarter effort by our amazing friend Chris Justice at Sparksight. All video credit goes to Chris. Thank you so much for your help!

What's really important to you?

Taskbox is a socially conscious company and has been inspired by the "1-1-1" model pioneered by Marc Benioff.  We have teamed up with the Entreprenuer's Foundation of Central Texas to coordinate our charity efforts and encourage employees to volunteer their time and talents to the community.  Although our funds are limited at this early stage of our company, we have contributed 1% of the stock in the company to our charitable foundation through the Entreprenuer's Foundation.  As Taskbox grows, so will our charitable foundation and it's ability to positively impact society.


Risks and challenges

As with any software project, unforeseen bugs or compatibility issues could delay delivery of Taskbox. That said, we are very very close to releasing our iOS application. We have received acceptance for our first release from the App Store but have held off on sharing the application with the world as we finalize some additional features that our beta testers have told us are necessary for every day use. Our iPhone app WILL be delivered before the end of October and be available for download in the App Store. Our web and Android versions are a bit further out, but with the momentum we gain from launching the iOS version we know we will meet these goals as well.

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    Early Adopter Value Pack! Like being the first of your friends to adopt a new technology? Pledge $50 or more and reserve your early adopter Taskbox number, vanity url (, and a Taskbox t-shirt. We'll track your early adopter status on our website and we'll include an O.T.B (Original Taskbox) badge on your profile. You'll also receive a free copy of Taskbox for iOS, and we'll add you to the credits on our website and backer map. Please add $15 for international shipping.

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    Join The Team! Get a framed picture of you with the Taskbox team. Don't live in Austin? No problem--we'll super-impose you in (we won't tell if you don't!), and mail the photo to you, signed by the developers. You'll also receive everything listed in the "Bring some friends" level.

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    Party with the Taskbox team at SXSW! No one knows Austin like team Taskbox. Join us for a night on the town during SXSW, or any other time you're in town. *You must live in Austin or in the surrounding area or be traveling here. You'll also receive everything listed in the "Bring YOUR whole team!" level.

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    Make The Commitment! - Sign up for the long haul and really help us blow this out. At the $2000 level you will receive a lifetime subscription for yourself and 49 of your teammates. You'll also have a lifetime of gratitude from team Taskbox for your outrageously generous contribution.

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