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A ROBOT that operates your camera just like a real CAMERAMAN, and upgrade your existing stabilizer
A ROBOT that operates your camera just like a real CAMERAMAN, and upgrade your existing stabilizer
A ROBOT that operates your camera just like a real CAMERAMAN, and upgrade your existing stabilizer
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    1. Taro Tech Creator about 18 hours ago

      Dear backers, we'll update this week, you could check more information about our progress. We couldn't begin the delivery in July, sorry to affect your schedule, @Iñigo Bernedo the refund has proceeded.

    2. Missing avatar

      Iñigo Bernedo
      1 day ago

      Could I get a refund? It’s take too long time to wait.

    3. Missing avatar

      Iñigo Bernedo
      1 day ago

      When is delivery scheduled?
      If the delivery date is extended to July, I would like to leave the project.
      Thank you very much

    4. Nick Martin
      2 days ago

      @Joshua - +1 What is the new delivery date please?

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua Long 5 days ago

      When is the estimated shipping date?


    6. Taro Tech Creator 6 days ago

      @Calvin Hodgson Sure, the compatible gimbals for the M1 would be listed on our site before the delivery.

    7. Calvin Hodgson 6 days ago

      Will the website be updated with a list of compatible gimbals for the M1?

    8. Taro Tech Creator 7 days ago

      @Hsu Yao Jen Sorry for that, we will proceed your refund.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hsu Yao Jen on

      Could I get a refund? It’s take too long time to wait.

    10. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Eric Sorry for that, we have proceeded your refund.

    11. Eric on

      Hey how do I get a refund?

    12. Mike Shaw on

      @Taro my daughter is here with my for the month and as you already know I would love to give her this awesome stabilizer as birthday present. I know you are doing your best to finish and I am glad you want to make sure your product works as you would like it to. But I am hoping your able to ship it out before she leaves to go back home. “Crossing fingers “

    13. Taro Tech Creator on

      @HomeDrone Basically, as long as it supports Bluetooth control, the M1 would support DJI Ronin S. Nevertheless, to ensure the reliability, we'll test this new product of DJI.

    14. HomeDrone

      @Taro Tech Will the M1 work with the new DJI Ronin S?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Chaine on

      Backer #386, my apologies forgot to include.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Chaine on

      Hello - thank you for the continuous updates...much appreciated. I would like to know how I could go about a refund?

    17. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Jan You select the wristband on and note us to combine the order together.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      Hello, I just wanted to ad/buy an additional wristband from your shop but how do I "add it" so I can proceed to the checkout?

    19. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Wiktor Wigge Grönlund Hey Wiktor, if you like to choose more add-ons, you could just go to We'll ship products together.

    20. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Mike Shaw
      For Facebook live, that's what we wanna compatible with. We'll check its API.
      For the next question, it's compatible with both iPhone and nano360, that filming experience could be amazing.

    21. Mike Shaw on

      @Taro thank you for letting me know. I have 2 more questions for ya.
      Question 1
      Will Taro work with Facebook live ?
      Question 2
      Will Taro work with Nano360 VR stick for iPhone?
      I think if it does that would make for a all new filming experience for me

    22. Wiktor Wigge Grönlund

      Thanks that’s awesome that it will work with my A200 :) I pledged a little extra for extra braclet etc but will we you send out a survey where we will be able to choose more add-ons or perhaps even a extra M1 unit before shipping

    23. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Mike Shaw Still remains 2 chips being tested, and related algorithms being redeveloped. We're trying best to solve the problem, we'll make an update soon.

    24. Mike Shaw on

      @Taro thank you and it’s nice to here you are in production mode. Does that mean you solved the algorithm problem and all bugs are worked out ?

    25. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Mike Shaw @Roberto Hi, we couldn't guarantee now, we'll check the production schedule this week and post an update.

    26. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Wiktor Wigge Grönlund Yes, the tracking module, M1, will connect to the Feiyu A200 stabilizer via the Bluetooth link.

    27. Roberto on

      Yeah guys I have some important work to do by 11 of August, if I could receive the taro before this date, I would really appreciate!!!!!

    28. Mike Shaw on

      @Taro it would be amazing if I could get the stabilizers before July 31st

    29. Wiktor Wigge Grönlund

      I backed the T1 and wondering if the M1 in that unit will work on Feiyutech A200 stabilizer.

    30. Taro Tech Creator on

      @MIke We're trying best to meet schedule, if everything goes well, hopefully, it would be late July.
      @andreas neubauer There's one wristband included in each bundle, for most of the scenarios it would be enough to keep you tracked all the time, including the fast movement up to 80km/h. Like we said, if you fiercely rotate sometimes, you could wear 2 wristbands on each arm, so tracking module would capture you all the time.

    31. Missing avatar

      andreas neubauer on

      @Taro did you mention it bevor that two wrist bands , would be better ?
      ( Bevor your answer to Joshua )

      And do we get only one wrist band , without any add ones ?

    32. Mike Shaw on

      @ Taro are you ready to ship for July ? I noticed on your Taro site you are shipping in July.

    33. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Joshua Long: Having 2 tags enales you to track under fierce rotation, which could be more suitable for the sports game.

    34. Missing avatar

      Joshua Long on

      Thank you for the response.

      Just to clarify you said two tags on each arm will accommodate fierce rotation. Does that mean having one wrist band will not suffice? Do I need two tags?


    35. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Joshua Long Thanks for your message. Here're the differences.

      Taro T1 is $600 cheaper than Solo Shot ($799), whether you're sports lover and vlogger, Taro could be a special cameraman for almost everyone. Meanwhile, Taro is much easier to carry with, you could handhold it and move, so more stunning moments could be captured.

      The tag signal of Soloshot is easily shaded, and you faile to track as shown in this video 1:24 (…), however in Taro, if you put 2 tags on each arm, it won't lose track even in the fierce rotation or fast movement.

      Third, Taro not only provides auto-tracking and filming but provide much more App feature, finishing lots of jobs only done cameraman.

      @Daniel Antal Yes, we'll proceed for you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Daniel Antal on

      Could I get a refund please? Backer 674. Thanks.

    37. Missing avatar

      Joshua Long on


      I recently spoke with a friend who invested in solo shot a couple months ago and said it hardly worked. Upon looking it up just now, it looks like it has the exact same idea as taro.

      Do you guys know what is wrong with the solo shot? And if the issues have been addressed in taro?

    38. Missing avatar

      Sean Sauber on

      I would like to have a refund please.
      Backer Number 655
      Thank you
      I wish you all the best

    39. Roberto on

      I just hope the wait is worth, I'm still believing in your good will, but please make a good product

    40. Samer Hijazi on


      I am not in the habit of posting negative comments on people and wish Taro all the luck in the world for a successful completion of their project, but unfortunately indications so far have been to the contrary.

      Furthermore, I'm not in the habit of making "fallacious attacks" either, and since you are not familiar with the details of what transpired either, should probably keep your opinions and remarks to yourself when it comes to other backers on this project. It's really none of your business.

    41. Taro Tech Creator on

      @Samer Hijazi Dear backer, we've been locked for the payment of our VISA, and it's simply not available now. We're contacting our bank to solve the problem. It's not because we still insist to refund to your early invalid card.

      Sorry for the misunderstanding we caused, we've sent you the message, and we'll proceed ASAP.

    42. Missing avatar

      Eli on


      Just like to point out a few points and suggestions:
      1. I believe Taro has refunded a number of backers who had requested for refund (please correct me if I’m wrong). They don’t have to do so but did it out of goodwill and they did so without causing much delay.

      2. There really isn’t a need for backers to vent their frustration or attempt at fallacious attack here e.g. a refund to the wrong card has nothing to do with whether the project can be fulfilled etc.

      3. To prevent any unnecessary herding, Taro might want to provide a separate channel for backers who wish for refunds.


    43. Samer Hijazi on

      I'm sorry to say that I lost complete confidence in this project and the future doesn't bode well for this product.Case in point: Taro couldn't follow a simple request (see my comment below), and still attempted to issue a refund to an invalid card, after I specifically told them not to!

    44. Samer Hijazi on

      I would like a refund please. I am backer #358. The payment method I used is no longer valid, but I have a new credit card. Please send me information on how to contact you privately for the refund.

    45. Taro Tech Creator on

      Sorry for we missed the delivery date in our update. As we mentioned in the early update, the delivery time would be in late July. We're trying best to make it happen. Anyway, from now on, we'll update at least twice a month to keep you informed, about the progress of solving the hardware issues, production, and the delivery date.

      Since we have OEM partner responsible for the stabilizer part, the challenging part we're conquering now is the IC chip inside the tracking module. By powering the inside chip, it's could be your AI robot cameraman rather than a simple stabilizer or a gimbal.

    46. Missing avatar

      andreas neubauer on

      @Taro like @Nick Martin would i like to know from which date are you counting the + 5 weeks ?

    47. Nick Martin

      So does this mean the delivery date is end of July + 5 weeks? Meaning first week of September for delivery? Or is it first week of July + 5 weeks? Meaning delivery will be first week of August? Please could you advise? Many Thanks.

    48. Missing avatar

      JPB27 on

      I do not like to be the one who says " I told you so"...IF we receive our product by the end of September 2018 we will be very lucky.... I am very doubtful that this will happen because TARO TECH has not been honest with backers on the development of this project. Even with this "New" update they will not commit to a final ship date "At least 5 more weeks" they say which means they can and will keep saying Taro needs more time to get it perfect. 527 Backers and $126,944.00 the backers have put in a lot of money and TRUST to a company who has not be honorable in their intent...Shame on TARO TECH......

    49. Missing avatar

      Hsu Yao Jen on

      Hi Taro,

      I read the updated, but what is your schedule for the end? Will be waiting for few month or year? I understood this product is perfect now, but 3C products is change and upgrade forever. Maybe you should set the dateline to close your first project. However will need to wait for long time. Right?

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