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Producing and filming a 40-woman seminar, teaching them how to get tech jobs in male-dominated fields.
Producing and filming a 40-woman seminar, teaching them how to get tech jobs in male-dominated fields.
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We need your advice. DVD organizing: by subject or chronologically?

Hi, all!

We're very close to printing the DVDs, and are working with the final edits now. We need to put the sessions on the DVDs and set up the menus. We've described the internal debate we're having and have a poll up to ask your opinion here:

Can you all please (especially if you're getting a DVD or the digital download) give us your opinion via that poll? You can also offer suggestions via comment on that post.




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      Deni Luna on January 16, 2013

      You did a great job of covering a lot of topics in the conference -- solid, comprehensive advice. Congratulations on GREAT work!

      I did not vote. Either one would work. Grouping by subject is good, but more structure and categories would be good). Grouping by the conference schedule has a nicer flow with unrelated topics. But no quick access to topics.

      You could produce a chronological DVD, but list both options. This is similar to the previous comment left on this site.

      I have a third way that tweaks both. Here's how it might play out:


      Women at Work:
      Career Strategies (Corporate, Startup and Freelance)
      Women on the Job

      Lady Coders:
      Certifications & Skills
      Coding Session –Project Plan
      Coding Project

      Presenting Yourself Well:
      Non-Verbal Image/Skin Deep
      Public Speaking – The Art of Introducing Yourself

      Landing the Job:
      Resumes, Interview Preparation
      Meet your Interviewer
      Lunchtime Interview Date
      Power Lunching & Networking
      Teaming Up for Project Ideas, Mock Interviews
      Cocktail Hours & Socializing at Work
      Presenting to Recruiters


      --- Hope this helps. Congratulations and good luck on your wonderful product!

    2. Malcolm Marcy on January 16, 2013

      Ha ha - OH GEEZ is that a hard decision. Once I finally decided (chronologically) the results were 6 for each!! Since DVDs allow chaptering, you might chapter the subjects but record the DVD chronologically. Best of both worlds. I'm so happy you all got to make this - I can't wait to see the finished product!