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LA Makerspace needs 3D Printers, a Laser Cutter, and Open Project Time for Members to Innovate.
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Rewards Update

Posted by Tara Tiger Brown (Creator)

I am not really sure where time goes; I felt like I just updated all of you but when I looked at the time stamp from the last update it was May 15th, almost a month ago. At the very least you can't call me a spammer! I wanted to give you an update on where we are at with rewards.


* Passes: All of your day/month/annual/lifetime passes are recorded in our membership system, simply login to see your membership level, expiry date and all the fantastic benefits:

* Classes: Phew, we did it! Mark Frauenfelder's Arduino class, Kent Nichol's YouTube workshops, Jeff Geoffray's Tabletop Film classes and the G+ Hangout for interested makers. We also had that huge Robot party that was pretty awesome.

* Groups: Citizen Science and Interstellar Hitchhiker Makers Groups have met several times now. The space enthusiasts have heard about the Space Elevator, toured JPL, have the inside scoop on touring the Mojave Air Strip. The Citizen Science group talks about stuff way above my head so best you just join the group and send me the summarized version.

In Progress

* Thanks For All The Fish: Names are being added, people are being thanked. There are some very amusing names too, like "LED" and "Green Eggs and Ham."

* Digital Badge of Honor, Stickers, Buttons: We have the digital badges and will be sending them to you using Credly, so stay tuned for that. Stickers and Buttons - we have lots of physical logos designed by young makers, we just need to digitize them. Just know that we know that you know that we are still working on this.

* Interstellar Hitchhiker Makers Group: Still a couple more events to participate in including building rockets and delivery of "the towel"

* Laser Cut Thank You Cards: for some of our backers we owe these to you. We are awesome at laser cutting now so this should be done shortly!

* Safecast Air Sensors: They are being worked on. The team hit a snag so these are delayed.


I think I covered everything. If I'm missing something you are waiting on, please reach out to me.

Hearts and Hugs,


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