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LA Makerspace needs 3D Printers, a Laser Cutter, and Open Project Time for Members to Innovate.
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Officially Open Feb. 2nd!

Posted by Tara Tiger Brown (Creator)

Helllloooooo LA Makerspace Posse,

Sorry for the gap in updates. It's happening. IT'S ALL HAPPENING. In order for it all to happen we had to actually make it happen and that made my communications a little on the say, dry side. So sit back and get comfy, because I have jammed a lot of stuff into this update!

We are purchasing an Epilog Zing 24 Laser (60 watt). It will be in the space by next week. We got a wicked deal on it and are super excited. Here's what our precious looks like:

Our first printer will be at the Robot Party this Saturday. It's a Bukobot and locally and lovingly made in Pasadena. In fact, Diego customized it just for us! Here's the beauty:

We are currently negotiating for our second printer which may be an UP!

We are going to let our first 2 printers bake for a bit before we settle on a third. I know what you're thinking, 'what about a Makerbot?' Yes, that is a possibility, but they are also more expensive than a bunch of the other models so we are going to compare the two that we purchased with the Makerbots that our members own.

We just hired two awesome makers to manage open project time on Saturday and Sunday:
Saturdays 9am - 1pm = Eain Bankins (starting Feb. 9th)
Sundays 1pm - 5pm = Robin Sehler (starting Feb. 3rd)

Here's Robin showing off her mad power drill skills:

And Eain, hmmm, I need to find a pic of him. Just look for the tallest person in the room.

In addition one of our Board Members will be in the space during Open Project Hours either teaching a class or hopefully cleaning up the storage room (HINT). We will continue to work on adding more open project time as we work on logistics, budget, etc.

Speaking of, we have openings for Fellows/Apprentices that can work in exchange for a full membership. If you are interested, check out the current opportunities or propose something to me:

Our monthly group meetups are starting in February:
-Evil Geniuses
-Citizen Science
-Interstellar Hitchhiker Makers
- and more to come including a Hacker Scouts group that are all about showing off their mad skills. I still have my Girl Guides sash and all-round cord (Canadian version) and I take badge earning very seriously. Just FYI.

Group info is here:

All our scheduled classes and workshops can be found here:

I'm going to be honest, I think this is going to be a pretty big party. I underestimated how many people like robots in LA. We are going to be joined by a few organizations who will demo including ROBOTIS, Rolling Robots, Electric Imp, Robot Magazine, Wrylon Robots, Robots and Androids, LA Robotics Club, FIRST Robotics. Door prizes include Roomba or Mint, Recycled Robots, mini 3D printed Robots (they are so cute) and more. Activities include screen printing your own Robot poster, Bristlebots, Battling Robots, Robot Dancing, chillaxing and watching Robot movies and showing off awesome Robot Costumes.

If you are at least a one month membership and have not signed up for the party, you should definitely do that:

We are currently setting up our membership system and once that is done you will be invited to it. In the meantime we have a handy dandy spreadsheet with your name and your membership level. If for example you have a day pass, you can use that for open project time.

We still owe you badges and stickers and so forth, don't worry, we haven't forgotten!

Already members are working on projects. Last week we built furniture for the space out of pallets.

Next we'll be hosting a sewing session to make cushions, etc. We have quite a few more pallets and we need to do something with them. I'm thinking art easels, a shelf for air plants, some chairs...

The best way to get plugged in is either through the Google Group or G+ Community (links below) and keep an eye out on the calendar.

Definitely come out for the monthly open discussion night (first Wednesday of every month) to learn about what's being planned and voice your opinion. The next one is schedule for Wed., Feb. 6th at 7pm.

Thanks again for supporting this community that you are helping to build. I'm always happy when one of you introduces yourself to me at an event and asks lots of questions about the space. LA Makerspace is for YOU and it will become as awesome as you want it to be.

See you soon!

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