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Uuni. It's like a traditional wood-fired pizza oven but it doesn't cost the earth. And it's much smaller and lighter. Powered by wood.
Uuni. It's like a traditional wood-fired pizza oven but it doesn't cost the earth. And it's much smaller and lighter. Powered by wood.
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Pop-up and progress!

Hello Uuni -backers!

Here's a quick, and long overdue, update on where we're at.

Since the last time, I've been meeting with manufacturers in the UK and Finland. We've decided to go with one in Finland as they have the flexibility to work with us on the final design, and also the capacity to produce more of them in the future. I visited them in February and came back with a couple of prototypes they made.

As soon as I got back, we took part in Restaurant Day and opened our home to diners. We had 35 people over for pizzas and dessert. I've never made so many pizzas in a day and turns out that running a restaurant is tougher than it looks. Still, it was a fantastic event and everyone who came seemed very happy so I think we'll definitely do it again!* (Check out the photos on our Facebook -page here.)

After the pop-up, and working closely with my new prototypes, I decided to try a slight design change to Uuni.

Part of what makes Uuni work is a mechanism that pushes the hot gases through the oven chamber into a floor cavity and out from the back. That enables it to heat the pizza from below. (This is part of our patent filing and hopefully explains why I haven't talked about it before.) To push the air we previously used a small fan behind the spot where pellets are burned.

We’ve now begun working on a new way of doing the same without a fan. Basically this involves a very low tech invention known as a chimney:) It will generate a draft that'll suck the air (and hot gases) through the oven rather than being pushed by a fan. (It’s worth mentioning that whilst the chimney is quite long- it comes off and packs inside the oven so you won't have a big tube sticking out of it all the time!) The benefits of this are many, for one, it won't need any electricity (the fan would happily run 6-8 hours on four AA's, so it wasn't a massive issue) making it even better for camping and parks etc. Also, there’s a few enquiries about using Uuni in developing countries so powerless operation would be ideal.

Where are we now? The two things I'm looking at now are the optimal length/diameter of the chimney and best way of mixing air into where burning happens. The manufacturers are standing by so as soon as we're ready, we'll hit the green button and start making them.

We’re still blown away by the attention and backing Uuni has been receiving. We look forward to paying all this generosity back by sharing the pizza love across the globe.

Till next time,

Kristian and the Uuni Team

*It was suggested that we'd do one for backers only and I think that's a great idea. I can't promise when we can arrange it but it's likely to be in June.

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    1. Creator Stuart Chapman on March 11, 2013

      Thanks for the update. Will these changes affect the anticipated delivery date?