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$6,548 pledged of $25,000 goal

Update and Character Spotlight: “Bear Girl” and the Mecher


 Bear Girl is a specialist in electronic warfare, serving as Lady’s personal pilot until the arrival of Joanna. She uses her technical knowledge to jam, mask or otherwise disrupt the sensors of ships targeted by Lady, or one’s she’s avoiding. Though she is incapable of disrupting the sensors of space elf spaceships who have strange and vastly alien technology to humans.

Born mute, when she was picked up by Lady as an orphan in a remote human colony, she was given a bear head as well as rings and bracelets which translate her hand gestures into words emitted by speakers in the bear’s head.

The bear head also acts as monitors and for computing. She is able to link up to computer systems through a plug located in the bear’s ear, and using her bracelet/rings to type on a virtual keyboard in order to access computer systems whenever she’s off the ship.  

A woman of few words, she acts as Lady’s chief mechanic and engineer. Though her real name is unknown, she is usually called The Mecher or Chief by her crewmates. Any questions about her past are met with a cold stare and a shrug before she goes about her business, much preferring the company of machines to humans. She's most identifiable by her obsession with candy, especially bubblegum. Though she is loyal to Lady, she is completely intolerant of her eccentricities.


No major update, please refer to this mini-update for our concerns about the funding on the project!

Cause for Concerns: Mini-Update

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