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$6,548 pledged of $25,000 goal
$6,548 pledged of $25,000 goal

Cause for Concerns: Mini-Update


We have a proper update planned for later today, but I wanted an additional update to talk about the KS in general and what's going on, our plans, our contingencies.

We've planned out the KS remarkably well in terms of the content we're posting each day, with spotlights on things like Dakimakura's and T-shirt designs all coming in a few days. However we're lagging behind by a lot this week and we're trending towards not hitting 100%, let alone the VO stretch goal.

There hasn't been a large negative reaction, it simply looks like the timing has been terrible. In the US which is principally where crowdfunding is coming from, Texas was hit by one of it's largest hurricanes ever, the Cascade Mountains in my home state are on fire and filling the air with smoke and ash, and cat5 hurricane Irma is about to hit Florida. The US is right now facing 3 extremely large natural disasters and it is a terrible, absolutely terrible time for crowdfunding anything. It's only natural people have been prioritizing things like donating to the Red Cross. 

So unless we receive a huge PR boost, we likely will not even reach 100%. We have planned for what happens from there. And we encourage those who are just hearing about us to:

Follow us on Twitter @Lupiesoft and to help RT our campaign.

Check out and like Lupiesoft on Facebook

In the event of Kickstarter failing, you can check us out on Patreon, 100% of funds goes to developing our games.

We have an interview with MangaGamer coming soon, and we may speed up and show some of the Dakimakura designs earlier than usual which will drive interest. We've gotten articles which have lead to a good amount of pledges, however it seems largely due to how inconvenient the timing has been that we are lagging behind so much in funding.

We will do the best we can, and remain hopeful that things look up by the end of the week.

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