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$6,548 pledged of $25,000 goal

Update and Character Spotlight: Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Solarin

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Cassandra was born on Earth in Nigeria and was quickly recognised from a young age as a prodigy. She attended schools for the gifted across Earth and eventually ended up attending the ADF Academy on Mars. There she met Tem and they quickly became friends. Eventually they became girlfriends, and were madly in love with each other. They spent the next five or so years together before Tem was posted to the Shooting Star. Reluctantly, she agreed they should break-up as the distance between them would be too much to maintain their relationship. She regrets that decision, however.

On first meeting her, most people assume Cassie is a bit of an airhead. It’s true that Cassie tends to be pretty bad at remembering anything that isn’t science, gym or Tem related. Not to mention the state her quarters were in until Tem move in and started cleaning up after her…

Much like Tem, she is obsessed with hitting the gym and working out. It was how they met and it was what gave them opportunity to become friends in the first place.

Despite her flirty nature, Tem was actually her first real relationship as she really had little interest in love before her. Outside of that, Cassie tends to keep herself busy with her research. She is friendly with everyone she meets, so she has a number of casual acquaintances which could probably become friends if she was willing to put the effort in (Maybe if they went to the gym with her they’d be friends…).


We've fallen behind very slightly this the other night, but we've also gained a lot of backers since then, and we are going to catch back up after today.

We have more waiting in the wings such as the Dakimakura previews coming later! We also added an update tracker to the main page. We are committed to getting 100%, in the very near future we plan to run an AMA on The Stargazers so backers and fans can ask any question they want, and also to get an idea of what we are planning to do.

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